The dangers of ‘socialism’

Trump issues 72-page report warning about the dangers of ‘socialism’

By Monica Showalter

Like measles, or smoking, or homelessness, or Nigerian credit card scammers, President Trump’s White House has issued a 72-page Surgeon General-style report warning of yet another scourge plaguing the country:


And it’s about time. According to CNBC:

The Trump administration released a 72-page manifesto articulating the ills of socialism on Tuesday on the heels of President Donald Trump’s recent claims that his political opponents will turn the U.S. into “the next Venezuela” if they succeed in the upcoming midterm elections.

The report published by the Council of Economic Advisers warns that “socialism is making a comeback in American political discourse,” and zeroes in on proposals to enact “Medicare for all” championed by progressive lawmakers.

The press and its commentators, as you can imagine, were aghast:

“It is not unusual for the White House to issue statements that reinforce the political themes the president’s party is campaigning on before an election,” said veteran election attorney Brett Kappel, a partner at Akerman. “But it is very unusual for the Council of Economic Advisers — a supposedly nonpartisan body of experts — to be used for this purpose,” he said.

Economist Kevin Hassett, author of the report, denied that, saying it wasn’t political, it was simply analysis.

And well, he’s right. Socialism fails every time you try it, and that’s not politics, that’s just reality, and the Trump administration, going much further than the Reagan administration or the Bush administrations, is finally laying that out as a fact.

Yet incredibly, socialism’s adherents persist, quite possibly because they have been coddled for so long and told their views weren’t poison on the body politic, but just a slightly different worldview, valid as any other.

Now that some of them have managed to infiltrate the universities, where they’ve enforced political correctness, and others, such as Bernie Sanders, have managed to run for office, it’s worth a paper.

Trump’s move is an important move to change the narrative and challenge socialism to its foundation. Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world has been awaiting a reckoning for the odious 19th century ideology, in the same way Naziism was rubbed out by World War II’s conclusion.

Maybe this will be the reckoning.

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