Military on the border?

Would you use the military on the border?

By Bob Weir

If an enemy were plotting to destroy the most powerful country in the world, what strategy would he use?  Knowing he can’t beat the country economically or militarily; what other options are open to him?

Here’s an idea!  Suppose the enemy were able to mobilize millions of people from the most poverty-stricken countries in the world and have them invade our country, using children as their shields.  Suppose further that those massive numbers of people just started walking toward our borders in open defiance of our immigration policies.  What would you, running the United States, be willing to do to stop the invasion?  President Trump says, if necessary, he’ll use the U.S. military to shut down the border.

That will work if the military is prepared to take confrontational action against those who defy our laws and try to force their way in.  If the invaders employ their usual tactic, children will be in the front lines of the invasion.  Will the American public be willing to accept video clips of our soldiers pushing children backward to keep them from entering our land?  If the invasion becomes violent, will we see children being trampled and killed as layers of humanity move forward over the bodies of the fallen?  What our enemies are counting on is that Americans will be appalled by such scenes and call Trump a monster.

Let’s look at what would happen if these invasions aren’t stopped.  If a few thousand people were able to walk from Central America through Mexico and into our country, what’s to stop millions more from doing the same?  China, India, Pakistan, and other countries with large populations could find ways to fracture our borders and flood our country with wall-to-wall humanity.  The poverty rates in those countries, when compared to ours, make us the most prosperous and envied country in the history of the world.  But we can’t continue being prosperous if massive numbers of low-skilled and under-educated people are dumped into a social welfare system that is already bursting at the seams.

From the perspective of the invaders, the United States is the answer to their plight. Nevertheless, their plight, if transferred to our country in the form of millions of needy people, will ultimately destroy our economy and turn us into a third-world country.  Since they’re fleeing countries that have lost their ability to provide jobs, security, and safety for their people, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by coming here.  They’re not concerned about our future; it’s all about theirs.  That’s why we have to come to grips with the most serious threat to our survival.  We must ask ourselves if we have the will to use force against an army of invaders who will play upon the sympathy of teary-eyed Americans, hoping it will erupt into a plethora of bleeding-heart opposition to Trump.

Therefore, we must arrive at a time in which we, as Americans, decide that if we don’t protect our borders, we’re no longer a sovereign nation.  Moreover, we must decide if we’re going to have the backbone to stop the invading hordes from capsizing this ship of state.  We must not fall victim to the false accusation that we’re a greedy country unwilling to share our bounty with the “less fortunate” of the world.  On the contrary, our generosity has propped up nations, fed tens of millions, and provided medical care to the most disadvantaged on the planet.  We have been able to do that only because of our prosperity, which, if we don’t take steps to preserve it, will go the way of Venezuela.

All of the foregoing leads me to ask the question: what are we willing to do to stop the invasion?

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