For the deplorables

A wake-up call for the deplorables

By Alicia Colon

Sometimes it’s important to preach to the choir, because I’m pretty sure only the choir shares my political opinion.  It is absolutely imperative that the deplorables come out in force in a few weeks because they will be able to do the impossible.  Just imagine what will happen in the midterm elections if the most powerful Democrats are ousted from office.  In California, that means Dianne Feinstein , Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters; in New York, that means Andrew Cuomo and Kirsten Gillibrand, and New York State would then have a Republican governor and senator.  Impossible, you may say, but if all who voted for Trump in 2016 came out in force and voted straight Republican, this might happen.  Unfortunately, with less than a month left, the RNC still hasn’t admitted that it hasn’t worked hard enough for GOP candidates in New York and California.

I had to look high and low to find out who was running for governor in New York for the GOP.  Actually, it has a very good candidate in Marc Molinaro, and I donated as much as I could to his website.  Likewise, Chele Farley, another good candidate, is running for senator against Kirsten Gillibrand.  I get frequent calls from the RNC urging me to donate, and I patiently explain that until the RNC starts supporting candidates in my state, I will continue to donate directly to their campaigns, not the RNC.

I have sent Twitter messages to the president asking him to campaign here, but so far there’s been no response.  His son, Donald Trump, Jr., is in Texas for Ted Cruz, but why is he ignoring his home state?  Since we can’t depend on the GOPe to drain the swamp, it’s up to us deplorables and…what was it Biden called some of us?  Oh, yes: the dregs of society.  That means we have to do our homework by supporting with donations those good candidates who need to air ads to combat the lies the Democrats are airing.

Ironically, it is the progressive website Politico that has summarized what the Democrats want to do if they take over Congress.  Like the Trump tax cuts?  They’ll be gone.  Like the increase in military funding?  Well, they plan to cut defense spending.  They will abolish ICE, so who will be arresting the MS-13 thugs in your neighborhood?  Woohoo, debt-free college and Medicare for All (even illegals are eligible), and you hardworking blue-collar workers will be paying for it.  Comparing the policies between the parties should be a slam dunk, but the ignorance of the electorate voting for socialist candidates is appalling.

So how does one combat that lack of knowledge?  Television ads on the networks that the low-info voters watch should have some impact, but these are highly expensive.

It’s up to us, to the millions of us, to donate even a little to the brave candidates opposing the swamp.  Here are their names and websites:

And wouldn’t we love to have this man in the Senate – John James?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who should be gone, will be facing not a Republican, but another Democrat, Kevin de León, as the California primary system makes the top two vote-getters advance to the general election, regardless of party.  Frankly, Feinstein is actually more moderate: de León is pro-sanctuary city status.

It’s up to us deplorables in each state to hunt down the worthy candidates to drain the swamp.  I haven’t included all, but feel free to add their names in comments, and let’s roll in November.

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