CNN on the invasion ‘caravan’

CNN’s laughable reason for shielding viewers from pictures of the invasion ‘caravan’

By Thomas Lifson

The Democrats’ exploding cigar that is the procession of thousands of Central Americans headed for our border is really hurting their electoral chances, so the story must be kept away from the faithful.  The worst thing a propaganda agency could do is let Americans see those thousands – reportedly 80% of them military-age males – because they look just like the columns of purported “Syrian refugee” military-age Muslims who invaded Europe at the behest of German chancellor Angela Merkel and proceeded to make going out after dark a dangerous excursion for young German women – and, incidentally, tanking voter support for Merkel’s coalition.

So CNN needed to come up with an excuse for not showing pictures of the invaders.  The job fell to Anderson Cooper, perhaps because his white hair is believed to give him credibility, a characteristic in short supply at the senior news net.  But how to proclaim that ignorance is bliss without triggering peals of Orwellian laughter?  A half-second of consideration reveals the answer.  That’s right!  Blame Trump.

Real Clear Politics has the video.  For unexplained reasons, it refuses to embed, so follow the link for the video itself.  The gist is summarized by RCP:

“We’re not showing wall to wall video of that caravan itself because whatever you think about the people in it, there’s no evidence they are, as the administration suggested, an invading army infiltrated potentially by terrorists moving on the U.S. border,” Cooper announced on the Tuesday broadcast of Anderson Cooper 360.

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