American Socialism

American socialism, 2018

By Michael N. Mattia

The 60-year experiment in the progressive government-run educational system in this country has cheated and defrauded not only those it purports to educate, but also the taxpayers who funded this sham.  It is apparent that no longer are American history, values, and civics taught.  Rather, in their place, the students at all levels of the educational system are being and have been indoctrinated with the communist-socialist-progressive philosophy of hatred of capitalism, envy and jealousy of the successful, denial of individual responsibility, and the belief that government can solve all of life’s problems.

Let us not forget that the German movement headed by Adolf Hitler was called the National Socialists (Nazis).  How reminiscent that the Antifa- and Democrat-supported rioters of today are dressed in black, many with face masks, like the blackshirts of Fascist Italy.  The only thing lacking are the logo armbands with the appropriate symbol.

Unfortunately, this radical philosophy and activity is being accepted and adopted by more and more so-called mainstream Democrats.  One needs simply pay attention to the daily news to become aware of these facts.  The Democratic appeal for violence against those who oppose them becomes louder and more strident every day.

Throughout history, this type of political activity has been embraced by basically two types of people.

The first is the person who seeks unbridled power over others and will use any means to achieve that end.  These people use the power of envy and jealousy to persuade, convince, and motivate the gullible to do their dirty work in order to gain power.  They will lie, cheat, and use the media to influence the masses by repeating over and over the “Big Lie.”  Once in power, they will resort to violence, re-education camps, and “disappearing” of opponents.  Some of the first to “disappear” will be their most dedicated initial supporters.

The second group is the vast majority of ill educated dupes who refuse to admit the base level of human nature and are naïve enough to believe the utopian siren song of “free everything for everyone” the leaders of the movement keep singing.  Too late will they come to realize that there is no such thing as “free” anything and that someone has to pay for it.  Only when they spend hours if not days in line to purchase a loaf of bread or a quart of milk that may not be there will they come to realize the fallacy of their beliefs.  By then, it is too late.  These people are the cannon fodder of the manipulators and potential dictators, who, because of their lack of knowledge and understanding of history, will be sacrificed by those who take the reins of power over the great unwashed masses.

When we try to highlight the dangers and pitfalls of socialism by whatever name is currently in vogue, we are not heard.  Despite pre-war Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, and even now the chaos of Venezuela, the young have been so indoctrinated and taught not to look at history that trying to reason with them is an exercise in futility.  Attempting to change their way of thinking, philosophy, or ideology in time to make a difference in their November voting preferences is really a waste of time.

The only solution to the problems they will cause is to somehow raise the awareness of conservatives and other true patriots at every corner of the country and convince them to get out and vote in November in massive numbers.  Defeating the socialist Democrats at the ballot box before they retake power is really the only hope for the country.

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