Time to call out Democrats

Time to call out Democrats for the liars they are

By Tom Trinko

Amazingly some conservative/ Republican sources are acting as though Christine Blasey Ford isn’t either delusional or lying through her teeth.

If the Democrats and the left had a history of being honest, believing that there might be a shred of truth in Blasey Ford’s statements would be understandable, but given the simple fact that Democrat politicians, left-wing commentators, and the entire fake news media do nothing but lie, it’s insane for anyone to treat Blasey Ford better than the Democrats are treating the woman who is accusing Keith Ellison.

We all know that Anita Hill was a liar because the fact that she followed Judge Clarence Thomas when he moved to a new job shows that she wasn’t that offended by anything he did.  The Democrats have learned their lesson, so Christine Blasey Ford is someone who apparently only met Kavanaugh once and who doesn’t remember any details about the event that could be used to discredit her charge.

Anyone who thinks that the Democrats won’t produce a woman who will claim that whoever Trump nominates tried to rape them is clinically insane.  And if Trump nominates a woman they’ll find some other fake charge, like she belongs to a “cult”, to smear her.

It’s time to call out publicly and repeatedly the massive lies of the Democrats and their propaganda arm, the fake news media.  Republicans should take a lesson from Trump; don’t pretend that modern Democrat politicians are decent, honest men who disagree, rather call them out for being the racist liars that they are.

  • Democrats lie about caring about blacks. Democrats do nothing to end the slaughter of blacks in Democratic-run cities.
  • Democrats lie about global warming. The climate models are all wrong because data shows the earth warming 2.7 times slower than the rate that the climate models claim.
  • Democrats lie about Trump colluding with the Russians.  They knew from the beginning that the Steele dossier was a bunch of unverified gossip from Russian sources.
  • Democrats lie about abortion. Science tells us that the unborn are human beings but Democrats lie about that all the time.
  • Democrats lie about the transgendered. Democrats just want to empower this insanity even though people who have sex-change surgery are much more likely to commit suicide than sane people.
  • Democrats lie about gays. Democrats tell us that the gay lifestyle is great and in the next breathe tell us that we must spend billions on curing AIDS.
  • Democrats lie about what Trump says.  Trump condemns fake news media and the media says that he’s condemning the idea of a free press. Trump says that some illegals are criminals and the Democrats say he said all illegals are criminals. 
  • Democrats lie about welfare. They continue to push the same old failing welfare programs long after it’s clear they’ve failed.
  • Democrats lie about caring about women.  All of the monsters who have been outed by the #MeToo movement have been Democrats.

It’s time for every Republican to declare that it’s a sad day that we can’t trust a woman who claiming to have been assaulted because of the nonstop lying by Democrats on every issue under the sun.  We need to shout from the rooftops that the clearly political staging of Blasey Ford’s claim undermines the public’s trust in women who were in fact assaulted and as such Democrats are working hard to undermine women.

We will not win if we continue to act as though modern Democrats and their fake news media propaganda are good people. Because if we don’t stand up and shout out the truth the average American won’t realize the mendacity of the Democrat politicians.

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