There’s Nothing to Investigate

Ford vs. Kavanaugh: There’s Nothing to Investigate

By Tom Trinko

The fact that Christine Blasey Ford is refusing to testify before Congress makes it clear that even she doesn’t think she’s credible.

But wait, you say: she’s willing to testify after an FBI investigation.

The problem with that is that there is nothing to investigate.  Christine Blasey Ford’s claims don’t involve rape; that’s just her opinion of what was going on.  She wasn’t even undressed; her clothes weren’t ripped; and once she got off the bed, the alleged rapist just let her walk away and eventually leave the house without any further problem.  That’s the worst-case scenario, assuming she’s not lying.  That sure sounds more like a drunk kid clumsily hitting on a girl who he thought was interested than a kid intent on raping a girl.  It’s bad, to be sure, but it’s not “destroy a person’s life decades later” bad.

Forget that for a moment.  Let’s assume that everything she’s said is true.  What could the FBI investigate?

The bureau would have to find every house in the area where there had been a party for teens over a period of several years and see if anyone remembered anything.  Remember: not only doesn’t Christine Blasey Ford remember the house that this amazingly traumatic event occurred in, but she’s not even sure what year it was.

But what could any of those people remember?  If Christine Blasey Ford isn’t lying, there are only three possible witnesses: herself, Kavanaugh, and Judge.  According to Christine Blasey Ford’s account, whoever else – the number seems to be changing with time – was in the house would have no way of knowing if something had happened, since the stereo was too loud for anyone not in the room to hear her screams.

What Christine Blasey Ford is asking for is for the FBI to spend literally years tracking down every party anyone at Kavanaugh’s or her high school went to over a span of several years decades ago.  Then, having found nothing more than what we already know today – there are only three people who can be witnesses, according to Christine Blasey Ford, and we already know who they are – then and only then might Christine Blasey Ford be willing to testify.

Every sane person realizes that decades after an event such as what Christine Blasey Ford describes, the only evidence is the witnesses’ testimony.  We can’t do a rape kit when there was no rape.  We can’t check for DNA when there was no sex.  We can’t check phone records when there were no cell phones.

Whether it’s now or after an FBI investigation, it all boils down to the witnesses identified by Christine Blasey Ford.  Kavanaugh has never been accused of such behavior before in his life and says it didn’t happen.  Judge says it didn’t happen.  And Christine Blasey Ford didn’t even mention it to anyone for decades.  When she did mention it, her claim was contradicted by the notes her therapist took.  Which is more likely: he didn’t understand what she was saying, or she desperately needs to change her story to attack Kavanaugh?

What Christine Blasey Ford and her Democrat enablers are asking is that we should allow her charges to go forward without her actually having to expose herself to perjury charges until after a years-long FBI investigation.

The FBI looked at her claim and said there was nothing to investigate.  Either the Democrats have to say the FBI is incompetent, which will really undermine their war on Trump, or they have to accept that there is nothing to investigate.

It’s clear that the Democrats are just trying to delay the vote so they can keep the Court as a tool to make up the laws that Democrats can’t get passed through the democratic process.

It’s time to end this farce.  In every valid #MeToo case, the perpetrators harassed several women, and they harassed in the present, not just decades ago.  All the Democrats have is one politically active leftist woman who can’t even remember where the alleged assault occurred.  She has a lot of incentive to lie and, until she is forced to testify under oath, no reason to tell the truth if it doesn’t support her attack on Kavanaugh.

For those people who say we must believe the “victim,” we can only point to the many cases where women have lied about being assaulted.  Take the stripper in the Duke Lacrosse case, the college student in the Rolling Stone story, and Nikki Yovino.  While leftists think we should just presume that every non-leftist man is guilty based on the uncorroborated claims of one woman, that’s not how justice works.  Women aren’t always honest, and men aren’t always rapists.

Everything about Christine Blasey Ford’s actions – wanting to be able to accuse Kavanaugh anonymously, refusing to testify, not remembering the facts necessary to check her claims, waiting until after the last minute to come forward – is fundamentally different from the other #MeToo cases we’ve seen.  Further, Kavanaugh is completely different from the perpetrators in other #MeToo cases.  Women say he’s a gentleman.  No other accusations have surfaced since he was in high school.  There is no pattern of harassment – only the word of one politically active woman who hates his adherence to the Constitution.

Ignoring for the moment the double standard that let Ted Kennedy to murder a woman and stay in politics but demands that Kavanaugh be cast into darkness based on the uncorroborated, denied, and full of problems claims of one woman, if Kavanaugh isn’t appointed because of this, no conservative will ever be appointed again, because there will always be a leftist woman willing to lie so that she can make sure Americans can keep killing their unborn babies.

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