Trump vs. the Democrats

Trump vs. the Democrats: Aces Galore!

By Elad Hakim

Have you ever watched a tennis match where the server consistently loses the point because the player returning the serve is simply better, smarter, and more talented? After a while, the server gets desperate and begins to throw everything over the net in the hopes that something works.

Welcome to the modern-day Democrat. Like the server, the Democrats have tried to throw everything against President Trump and/or Republicans, hoping that something would stop his/their momentum. Despite their efforts, each attempt has been swatted away and/or returned for an ace.

First, Democrats tried to pin President Trump’s triumphant election victory on alleged Russian collusion, the nature of which they have been unable to prove despite a long and costly investigation by Robert Mueller. To date, the investigation continues, additional money and resources are being wasted, and no evidence of collusion has been found. As a matter of fact, the investigation reeks of bias given the fact that the FBI agent who originally put the investigation into motion couldn’t stand the president (and wanted him to lose) as disclosed in the IG report.

After the tragic events in Parkland, the Democrats then turned their attention to the Second Amendment and politicized this tragedy because Republicans were not necessarily willing to severely limit their right to bear arms pursuant to the Second Amendment. In response, some Republicans, including Governor Rick Scott, addressed some of their concerns by signing new gun regulations. This was not enough for the Democrats, who called for an all-out ban on semi-automatic weapons (this would cover many handguns, etc. today). Fortunately, the Second Amendment remains strong. As Democrats saw that this issue was losing steam, they moved on.

Democrats then seized on the North Korea issue. President Trump was scheduled to meet the North Korean dictator in a history-making summit. While this was an incredible accomplishment, some Democrats criticized President Trump for making certain concessions during the negotiations and/or expressed displeasure with the way that the president described the release of several prisoners who were being detained by North Korea. Chuck Schumer stated:

“We can’t be fooled into giving the North Korean regime credit for turning (over) Americans that never should have been detained in the first place,” Schumer said. “It is so troubling to hear President Trump say that Kim Jong-Un treated the Americans excellently.”

Obviously, the summit took place and, while a lot of work remains to be done, the two countries have better diplomatic relations now than they had before President Trump took office. This was yet another Democratic misstep.

Democrats then turned to immigration as their next hot-topic issue. They argued that President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy tore kids away from their families. Of course, this was the law before President Trump took office, but that was a “technicality” that the left was willing to ignore to score political points. In response, President Trump issued an executive order keeping children and families who entered the country illegally together. Of course, even though this directly addressed their initial complaints, Democrats criticized the executive order because it allowed illegal immigrants to be held “indefinitely.” To their dismay, the Supreme Court also upheld President Trump’s travel ban. Once again, Democrats were on the losing end. They needed something else.

Recently, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced that he will be retiring from the Supreme Court. Upon hearing this, Democrats immediately began to attack President Trump’s potential list of nominees before he even narrowed down the list of prospects. For example, Chuck Schumer threatened that no Republican nominee would be confirmed from Trump’s list of twenty-five potential candidates.

Democrats started painting a picture that a Republican-leaning Supreme Court would overturn Rose v. Wade, take away a woman’s right to choose, limit the rights of immigrants, etc. President Trump is scheduled to announce his nominee on July 9, 2018. Even though Democrats will likely refuse to confirm a Republican nominee, Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, can always resort to the “nuclear” option if need be (this does not create good precedent, however). Time will tell what happens in this chapter.

Although this piece only covers several issues, many would argue that the set and match ended long ago. Democrats are suffering losses everywhere, including in the courts, within their own party (e.g. the #WalkAway movement), and in the important court of public opinion. Americans want results, which the president and Republicans are delivering.  So long as this continues, it should be game, set, and match for the president, Republicans, and their followers.    

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