Promise to Veterans

Trump Keeps His Promises to Veterans

By Larry Alton

When President Donald Trump was running for office, he made countless claims that he would care for the veterans of this country and do something about the neglect previous administrations have shown for their well-being.  As of now, he seems to be living up to his promises.

Trump’s 10-Point Plan to Reform the V.A.

Candidates for this country’s highest office make lots of promises during campaign seasons and election cycles.  In fact, they make so many that it’s often hard to keep track of what they say and hold them accountable once they take the helm of the White House.  But it would take an awful lot of amnesia to erase Donald Trump’s promises to reform the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (V.A.) from our collective memories.

Trump didn’t just make vague promises – he outlined a 10-point plan for how he would reform the V.A. and bring dignity back to the lives of veterans all over the country.  It was an integral component of his campaign to Make America Great Again.  Among other goals, the plan touched on issues like:

  • Appointing a V.A. secretary whose sole objective is to serve veterans.
  • Using the powers of the presidency to remove and discipline federal employees who violate the public’s trust and fail to carry out their duties as they relate to caring for veterans.
  • Create a commission to investigate all fraud and wrongdoing that has taken place in the V.A. and present these findings to Congress.
  • Launch a private 24-7-365 White House hotline with real people answering veteran complaints so that no issue, regardless of how small, falls through the cracks.
  • Increase the number of mental health care professionals in the V.A.
  • Ensure that every veteran has the choice to seek care at the V.A. or a private service-provider of his choice.

Ultimately, the goal of Trump’s V.A. reform initiative has been and continues to be to ensure that veterans get comprehensive care – not just physical care – that allows them to live happy, healthy, and successful lives. …

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