Misreporting the rise in homicides

Misreporting the rise in homicides

By Thomas Lifson

CNN bemoans rising homicide rate but in a classic example of media dishonesty-by-omission / misdirection, leaves the impression that loosened firearms restrictions are behind the trend, and completely omits the most rudimentary analysis that implicates #BlackLivesMatter.  John Hinderaker of Powerline busts them on the dishonesty.

…what is remarkable about CNN’s article is that it completely ignores the elephant in the room. It never tries to explain what caused the rising homicide rate, beginning after 2014, merely quoting another expert to the effect that “What is most volatile over time and space is gun homicides.” Not really: the homicide rate, which mostly means the gun homicide rate, had been


falling steadily since the 1990s, until 2015. While not trying to ascribe a cause, CNN does acknowledge that the uptick beginning in 2015 has been concentrated in a handful of cities. (snip)

The obvious cause for the increase in murders during the last years of the Obama administration was the Black Lives Matter movement, which was enthusiastically endorsed by the White House. It led to numerous unfair attacks on law enforcement, which in turn caused officers to police less aggressively. When police officers are afraid to do their jobs for fear of career-ending charges of racism, criminals prosper. Baltimore is the most notorious example, but the same phenomenon has happened in other cities where law enforcement has been besieged by the Left.

Obviously, CNN is not going to blame its pet movement and its favorite administration for rising violent crime. But its suggestion that the solution somehow resides in more gun control is pathetic. It quotes a Johns Hopkins professor:

“We now have 12 states for which you can carry a loaded concealed gun with you or in your vehicle with no license or no vetting, no nothing.” He noted that these laws apply only in cases in which the armed person is not a convicted felon and doesn’t fall into other prohibited categories.

Does that have anything to do with the recent spike in homicides? Were carry laws loosened in Chicago, Baltimore, Kansas City or St. Louis prior to the increase? Are the states where murders spiked after 2014 the ones where the law permitted residents to “carry a loaded concealed gun with you…with no license”?

There has been a huge human cost in lives of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and the entire weight of the mainstream media is being deployed to obscure that fact. Given the reality that it is mostly black people who are vicftims of this rise in killing, it is clear that leftist politics are not about helping African-Americans, but rather exploiting them.

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