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It’s not socialism. It’s free stuff

By Earick Ward

I, for one, am thankful for the elevation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic Socialist, to the National stage. Progressivism has always been premised on deceit. Progressive Democrats for a century have operated in the shadows, increasingly expanding state services in exchange for votes.  We now have a clear delineation between our respective ideologies — constitutional republicanism, premised on free market capitalism, versus democratic socialism.

Of course, democratic socialism is socialism (or, more particularly Marxism), but for the sake of clarity it is important that we understand the distinction and its appeal, in order to defend against its rise.

Who doesn’t want free stuff?

Free healthcare? Sure, why not.

Free tuition? Where do I sign up?

Free/Subsidized housing? Yeah!

Universal basic wage? $1000 per month of free money. Who do I need to vote for to get this?

We, informed, reasoned people know where this ends — destruction (as it always has), but to the vast collective of ill-informed, predominantly millennials, the draw to free stuff is strong. Again, who doesn’t want free stuff?

We speak of socialism having never worked, but we need to define what success means. Socialism has worked swimmingly in helping collectivist politicians secure authoritarian power (see: Cuba and Venezuala). Socialism worked great for Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. For the people of Cuba and Venezuela, not so much.

We can’t compete with free stuff on an emotional level. Trying to reason with the ill-informed against the current of lying media and our manipulative social media platforms will be a heavy lift, but it is a fight that we must be fully prepared to engage, for our future (as a Republic) depends on our success.

With Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez coming out of the shadows and being described as the future of the Democrat Party, the fight-card has been set; socialism versus free-market capitalism. Socialism versus constitutional republicanism. Socialism (authoritarianism) versus Self-rule. In short, bondage versus freedom.

We should be thankful that the DNC has embraced their true intentions, as we have, for too long, been punching shadows.

How, though, do we fight against free stuff?  It is important that we expose the ill-informed to the end of the road, not the utopian beginning.

Do you want free health care? Are you prepared to contribute 10-15% of your future earnings to grant the government permission to manage your health-care choices?

Free tuition? Are prepared to contribute 5-10% of your future earnings for the right to go to college for free?

Free housing? Are you prepared to contribute 10-15% of your future earnings in order for the government to provide you a place to live (of their choosing)?

Universal basic wage? How much of that “free money” will you have left after you’ve paid for said free stuff above?

Lastly, and most importantly, are you prepared to give up your freedom, your liberty, your free market choices, in order to empower gubment bureaucrats to make those choices on your behalf?  The end of the (Socialist) road, is well, the end of the road. Are you woke now?

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