What to do about McCabe?

By Richard Jack Rail

Online discussion rages on the advisability of immunity for Andrew McCabe. Some say we’ll never get to the bottom of it all without immunity. Others say he ought not get away with anything since he, himself, was so deeply implicated.

My own thinking has elements of those two. I say give the bird immunity and let him sing. Yes, it will keep him out of jail but also offers the chance to take down the really big crooks and expose the complete disaster for America that the FBI, not to mention the federal bureaucracy itself, has become.

As for getting away with his crimes, this will destroy McCabe’s standing with the smart set, which is the most important thing to all these crooks. No more Georgetown parties with moonstruck, half-naked ingénues admiring his brilliance and courage. No more playing the cool head, knowing secrets only the select few get to know. No more getting to drop lines of the form, “At the White House this morning I brought up…”

Everywhere he goes Andrew McCabe will be silently shunned either for his crimes or for not maintaining the code of omertá common to all mobs and gangs. His family will not be welcome anywhere. After an interval, somebody may put out a hit on him. Those once on his side will think him a traitor. Those on the other side already think him a traitor.

And nobody wants to hang out with, or even be seen in a grocery checkout line alongside a traitor.

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  1. DBprincess DBprincess says:

    I hope the crook rots.

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