Leftists’ Lack of Patriotism

#Spygate and Leftists’ Lack of Patriotism

By Tom Trinko

Leftists, despite their continual condemnation of America’s values and their steadfast insistence that all international problems are due to America, become incensed if their patriotism is questioned.

The reality is that all that matters to leftists is obtaining the power necessary to control the lives of all Americans.  If you doubt that leftists feel they have the right to control the rest of us, remember that when they have the chance, leftists are eager to tell us how much soda we can drink.

If they truly believe they have the right to control what we eat, can there be any doubt that they also believe they can control more important aspects of our lives?

Not really, given that they have said Americans should have only freedom of worship, not freedom to live their faith.  Leftists think it’s fine to use the power of the government to make Catholic nuns cooperate in abortions or to force Christian bakers to participate in gay “weddings.”

The ongoing fake-news Russia-stole-the-election meme that the leftist establishment has been peddling since 2016 is a great example of how leftists put their own ambitions for power ahead of what’s best for America and are thereby unpatriotic.

Leftist lies about the impact of Russia on the election and Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia to steal the election have done far more damage to American’s trust in our electoral process than anything the Russians actually did.  But the leftists continue to lie about it, because they don’t care if they destroy democracy in America so long as it means they get more power.

If we look, we can see that there is no evidence to support leftist groupthink. …

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  1. Napolitana Napolitana says:

    The left has never been patriotic, they swoon over communism. If they only realized the misery under real communism and socialism.

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