Mueller caught in a trap

Mueller caught in a trap of his own making

By Thomas Lifson

Special counsel Robert Mueller looks likely to face a huge humiliation in court and a massive public relations disaster.  And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.  Unless a Trump-appointed judge bails him out and grants an exception to federal law, trampling on the rights of the defendants he indicted, Mueller will have to go into court to try a case he doesn’t seem to think he can win – or else face the humiliation of dropping the charges he brought against 13 Russian entities (some of which did not exist at the time of the alleged crime) with great fanfare.

Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller asked a federal judge Tuesday to reject the four-decade-old speedy trial law in the case against 13 Russians and three Russian companies and has asked for an indefinite delay to the Russian collusion trial.

It is the second time Mueller tried to delay the trial.  Judge Dabney L. Friedrich, a Trump appointee, rejected the earlier request without comment and ordered the case to go forward.

One of the Russian companies – Concord Management and Consulting – entered the U.S., hired American lawyers, and demanded a speedy trial. The Speedy Trial Act is a 44-year old federal law that dictates that a federal criminal case must begin within 70 days from the date of the indictment.

If the defendant is demanding a speedy trial, there ought to be a very good reason for denying that right.  And Mueller’s excuse is – let’s be blunt – not merely lame, but due to his own misbehavior. …

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2 Responses to Mueller caught in a trap

  1. Napolitana Napolitana says:

    Mueller has a history of shady prosecutions. When he had the “Antrax” case he knew he was going after an innocent man but that didn’t stop him. He is corrupt to the core.

  2. Harley-Q Harley-Q says:

    One of the companies Mueller indicted didn’t even exist at the time. What kind of shady legal work is that. Shameful.

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