Clintons’ Last Pre-Indictment Memorial Day?

Was Monday the Clintons’ Last Pre-Indictment Memorial Day?

Latest treasure trove of ‘pay-to-play’ Hillary State Department emails is full of bad memories for America’s best-known crime family

by Charles Ortel | Updated 29 May 2018 at 8:30 AM

Just when the Clintons thought they might open a new chapter in their lives, shining at a fundraising gala for their “foundation,” hell has broken loose and is assaulting the family from myriad directions.

On the worse-than-tawdry side, New York state and federal prosecutors are ramping up criminal cases against sex ghoul and Clinton family pal Harvey Weinstein, whose horrific practices against Hollywood starlets Hillary only belatedly and half-heartedly condemned; she profited politically for years from Weinstein’s direct and indirect financial support.

Making matters even worse, the FBI just released extensive files on its investigation into another Clinton pal and financial supporter, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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Bad as these latest developments are, however, they pale in comparison to looming negative consequences now that the State Department has begun dribbling out more than 30,000 missing Clinton emails, together with supporting attachments. …

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