Move To Strip Citizenship

Feds Move To Strip Citizenship From Diversity Visa Winner Who Funneled Cash To Terrorist

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday initiated legal action to strip U.S. citizenship from a naturalized immigrant who illegally funneled charitable donations to a designated foreign terrorist.

In a civil action filed federal court in Missouri, prosecutors alleged that Sudanese native Mubarak Ahmed Hamed lied about his illegal activities on his application for naturalization and in an interview with immigration authorities. U.S. law allows the government to strip citizenship from people who naturalize under false pretenses.

Hamed used his position as the CEO of the Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA) to divert tax-exempt donations from the organization’s account to parties overseas in violation of U.S. sanctions, according to the complaint. Hamed moved more than $1 million from 1997 through 2000 to an account in Jordan controlled by Khalid Al-Sudanee, knowing that Al-Sudanee would transport the funds into Iraq.

As Hamed was applying for U.S. citizenship in 2000, he continued to funnel money to Al-Sudanee. During a naturalization interview in May 2000, Hamed denied ever having engaged in criminal activity for which he was not arrested, according to the complaint.

 The U.S. Treasury Department named Al-Sudanee as a specially designated foreign terrorist in 2004.
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