FISA memo to be released today

Washington set to explode when FISA memo released today

By Rick Moran

An administration official told Reuters that the FISA memo detailing abuses by the Justice Department and the FBI would be released today. The memo, prepared by Republican staff members of the House intelligence committee, will reportedly show that at least one FISA warrant issued by an intelligence court judge was based on the infamous “Trump Dossier,” written by former British intelligence agent Richard Steele and paid for by the Clinton campaign working through the Democratic opposition research firm Fusion GPS. The FBI has been unable to corroborate most of the information in the dossier.

Democrats claim the memo is a partisan document, skewing facts to fit a pre-conceived narrative. They have written a “counter memo” to rebut what’s in the GOP version. Democrats are demanding simultaneous release of both memos, but Republicans say that the Schiff memo must go through the same process of review as the Nunes memo.

In a bid to discredit the memo prior to its release, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House intel committee, is claiming that the Republicans are not only spinning facts to suit their political agenda, but have actually altered the memo before sending it to the White House.

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