Assault Behavior Is Not a Weapon”

“… So the usual suspects in the gun control zoo, like early man who worshiped and feared inanimate objects, focus on the weapon used, an AR-15, and lament that if only we could rid the planet of each and every one, then the lion would lie down with the lamb.  This is welcome news to the people in Nice, France who were slaughtered by a jihadi driving a truck.

After considering the Oklahoma office worker whose head was hacked off with a knife, the New York cops attacked with an axe, and the Paris assault with a knife, it dawns on one that assault is a behavior and not a weapon.  Ever since Cain slew Abel, it has been possible to kill people without using an AR-15.

I once saw a movie depicting a time and place and place where only police and the military had guns.  It was called Schindler’s List.  Only the Nazis had guns.  One wonders how history would have been different had Germany had a Second Amendment and every storm trooper knocking on the door at midnight had met a Jew with a gun. ..”



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