“Black lives don’t matter,”

When Racist Illegals Murder Americans

“Black lives don’t matter,” shouts Mexican cop-killer Luis Bracamontes.

In October 2014 in Sacramento, Mexican national Luis Bracamontes, a repeat deportee and career criminal, gunned down police officers Danny Oliver and Michael Davis. The case reveals the failure of California’s ruling Democrats to recognize the violent racism of false-documented illegals.

After shooting Danny Oliver in the head with a 9mm handgun, Bracamontes attempted to commandeer the car of Anthony Holmes. When the African American Holmes refused, Bracamontes shot him five times. Holmes survived but Bracamontes also brandished the AR-15 rifle he used to kill Michael Davis, and he wounded another officer before being captured.

The murder of two police officers is a serious matter but the violent attack prompted no statement from California governor Jerry Brown or attorney general Kamala Harris. Both failed to lament the “gun violence” on display in the case.

In the early going Bracamontes admitted killing the cops but in his current trial in Sacramento he took it to a new level. “I wish I had killed more of the motherfuckers,” he boasted, adding, that he would “break out soon and I will kill more,” so “there’s no need for a fucking trial.”

The criminal Mexican also shouted “fuck you all,” toward the Oliver and Davis families and said “Fuck Danny Oliver! Fuck Michael Davis!” The criminal illegal also called witness Anthony Holmes a “nigger.”

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