Bernard Kerik on the FBI

Ex-NYPD Boss: Be ‘Scared to Death’ of DOJ, FBI Corruption

 By Bill Hoffmann    |   Wednesday, 27 Dec 2017 04:45 PM

The Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation might be operating under a cloud of corruption and Americans should be “extremely concerned” – even “scared to death”  – by it, former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

“This doesn’t come from innuendo or rumor or some nonsense,” Kerik told “America Talks Live” host Ric Blackwell. “This is from . . . subpoenas and [reports that there is] some kind of conspiracy within the Bureau and Justice to interfere with the election, and it appears to be the overthrowing of a president.

 “This is factual stuff. There is evidence, tweets, text messages, emails. This is bad stuff . . . You hear this stuff goes on in investigations around the country from time to time, but to hear about it at the highest levels in the FBI, in the Department of Justice is more than frightening.'”

The Washington Post revealed Sunday that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and other Republicans are considering writing a report alleging corruption at the FBI.

Such a report would focus on the conduct of FBI officials during the probe into Russia’s meddling in last year’s American presidential election, according to people familiar with the plans, The Post reported.

It comes as President Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress intensify their attacks on the FBI – seen by many as a way to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller, the bureau’s former leader, and bring into doubt his findings in the probe into Russia’s 2016 election meddling should they be damaging to the Trump administration.

 But Kerik, who also served as interim minister of the interior of Iraq, told Blackwell he believes the reputation of the FBI is “at stake” because of sinister maneuvers at the highest levels.

“[It’s] in question at this point, not by the rank and file agents – the everyday agents who go out and do the job and put their lives on the line – but by the leadership,” Kerik said.

“If I was any American, if I was any member of Congress – both sides of the aisle – I would be extremely concerned by the conduct and by the appearance of corruption within the bureau and the Department of Justice. Every American should be scared to death that this is going on.

 “If they can do it to the president . . . and interfere with a presidential election, they can do it to anyone. And we’re supposed to be worried about Russia? I’m not worried about Russia. I’m worried about our own government doing the things that could really have a negative impact on this country.”

Kerik said Congress is investigating the possibility of corruption and “I think the president and the attorney general have to have a mandate within the Department of Justice that this stuff has to be looked at.”

“There’s plenty there. Like I said, this isn’t rumor and innuendo, this is real stuff. Real emails, real text messages, real evidence of improprieties, and unethical behavior, if not criminal. Why aren’t they looking at it? The attorney general has to do more,” he said.

 “Whether they’re a Democrat or a Republican, this should scare the hell out of everybody. This is the highest levels of government where we’re seeing this internal corruption. It can’t happen. It’s got to stop and somebody’s got to put a stop to it.”
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