What a whack job.

Prof Goes ‘Mental’ During Class, Campus Panics as She Spread ‘Active Shooter’ Warning

Leftism is definitely a mental disorder.

Trey Sanchez

On Monday afternoon, reports of an active shooting on the campus of the University of Southern California sent students and faculty into a panic, especially after the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas the night before. As it turned out, the hysteria was caused by a faculty member having a “mental breakdown.”

Professor Amy Granados, an adjunct teacher of management communication, started yelling, “There’s a shooter! There’s a shooter!” inside her class shortly after it began, students said. She told everyone that she had heard many shots and suggested they barricade the door and hunker down. The students complied.

One student told CBS Los Angeles, “She says to me, ‘Thank God you’re okay,’ crying. I’m so confused. Me and my friend are just looking at each other. We’re like, ‘What the heck is going on?’”

Another student said she was rambling about her friends being injured or involved in the Vegas shooting. She demanded everyone in the class to call campus police and one of them handed her the phone. Granados told the dispatcher that she had heard gunshots “from everywhere,” according to one student. A campus-wide “active shooter” alert was texted to all students and they were advised to shelter in place. Campus police and the LAPD set traffic into gridlock as they responded, fearing the worst. Some students burst into tears as the panic spread.

A SWAT team arrived in the classroom where students were filming. You can hear one of them say, “She crawled out, sir,” referring to Granados, who had left the room. She was later located and arrested by campus police and handed over to the LAPD for questioning.

Students of Professor Granados’ class said she often teaches through skits to see how they might react and so, many students thought this was one of those skits. But once they realized there was  no shooter, they thought “she’s just going crazy and having a mental breakdown.”

LAPD states that she was detained to “determine her mental health status” and “to decide if any charges will be brought.”


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  1. Harley-Q says:

    What is it with the teaching profession. They are Socialists/Marxists, pedophiles, a huge chunk of them make up ANTIFA. Just a bunch of whack jobs.

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