Trump on ISIS: More winning

Trump and the demise of ISIS

By Peter Skurkiss

One of the many areas where the liberal media is loath to give President Trump credit is the demise of ISIS. 

To recall, this group of Islamic psychopaths expanded its domain in short order to include wide swathes of Iraq and Syria under the Obama administration. Showing his ‘sophisticate worldly’ grasp of the situation, President Obama dismissed ISIS as a ‘junior varsity’ and then watched impotently as ISIS gobbled up ever more ground and committed one unspeakable atrocity after another. The cancer of ISIS was spreading so fast back in 2014 that ‘informed opinion’ had it that these fanatics would capture enough oil-producing parts of Iraq to make them a permanent fixture in the Middle East.

Back in those days, a dear friend of mine, a liberal and NPR devotee, was so upset by the continual outrages of ISIS that she asked in frustration, “why doesn’t God just destroy those barbarians?” An understandable sentiment.

Now, nobody would mistake Donald Trump for God, but he seems to be the answer to my friend’s prayers. In ten short months, the Trump administration has put ISIS on the verge of total collapse in Iraq and Syria. Just last week, ISIS lost its capital and stronghold at Raqqa. The tide has so completely turned that the International Red Cross is now concerned that all the captured ISIS militants might not receive humane treatment at the hands of their captors.

Imagine that.

One of the main reasons the U.S.-led coalition has had such success against ISIS is that President Trump and the staff he has assembled (like General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis) have abandoned many of the asinine politically correct rules of engagement of his predecessor and made it open season on ISIS militants. Leadership counts. 

Don’t get me wrong. The defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria does not fix the Middle East. Nor does it mean that remnants of ISIS won’t pop up somewhere else. When President George W. Bush invaded Iraq and engaged in nation building, this was like Humpty Dumpty being pushed off the wall. And just as all the king’s men couldn’t put the splattered Humpty back together again, neither can all the American blood and taxpayer dollars bring stability and peace to that area of the Middle East.

Problems will continue to beset the Middle East, some of which are seemingly intractable. But ISIS will be a minor one of them, if one at all. But don’t expect the liberal mainstream media to give Donald Trump any credit for this. The media will downplay the significance of the ISIS defeat which is another form of how it peddles fake news. The Democrat narrative will be that ISIS collapsed under its own weight or that its defeat was inevitable. Is it any wonder then that fewer and fewer Americans trust either the Democrats or their lapdog media?


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