All this nonsense about our National Anthem.

I find it disgusting that liberals have selective amnesia when it comes to slavery. I was listening to a liberal pundit earlier on how he supported the protest of our National Anthem because it was aligned with slavery. Funny how Democrats have selective memory when it  comes to the party that supported slavery and started the KKK. I also love how the liberals seem to think that slaves were only black. Slavery has nothing to do with skin color. You can travel to Saudi Arabia today and buy a slave in any color you wish.



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2 Responses to All this nonsense about our National Anthem.

  1. OCCBqueen OCCBqueen says:

    If you talk to the young kids these days they will tell you that the Republicans started the KKK. The liberal teachers have done a great job of brainwashing our future generation.

  2. SecondWhip SecondWhip says:

    The Muslims were the biggest slave traders in the world. These still trade in slaves.

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