I believe President Trump is doing a good job so far. I’m glad I’m not alone.

Boom: 70% of Obama voters who switched to Trump still approve

by Paul Bedard |

The Democracy Fund Voter Study Group reported that 70 percent of the ticket switchers still approve of the job Trump is doing, despite constant attacks from Democrats and even Obama.

“Perhaps most notable are the Obama-Trump voters,” said the survey. It found that 22 percent of the Obama to Trump voters disapprove, however, twice as high as Trump’s core support.

Among the traditional Trump voters, 88 percent still support him and approve of his job. Just 9 percent have bailed on the president.

Said the survey, “Trump’s approval rating remains high among those who voted for him in November, based on their stated preference in the December 2016 survey. Eighty-eight percent still approve of the President while just 9 percent disapprove. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of Clinton voters (96 percent) disapprove of Trump. Third-party voters are more divided. More disapprove of the president (59 percent) than support him (25 percent). Only 2 percent of third-party voters strongly approve of him.”

It did find that few Trump or Clinton voters regret their choice in the November election. One exception, however, were Obama to Trump voters. Some 16 percent regret their vote.

It also found expanding divisions over Trump, with anti-Trump movers more intense than his backers, according to the poll: “The intensity of Trump disapproval is stronger than the intensity of approval. Trump supporters are almost evenly distributed among those saying they ‘strongly’ and ‘somewhat’ approve of him, while Trump detractors mostly say that they ‘strongly disapprove.'”


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