Trump and the Press.

I don’t believe that there is anything that President Trump can do that will ever please the corrupt liberal press. They will never forget that their liberal darling Hillary lost to him. Trump, by his mere presence has fully exposed for all to see the lunacy, and malevolence of the left. The KKK was started by Democrats, and groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are all leftist groups. They are of the same cloth and hate our country. They have as their mouth piece the corrupt liberal media and they cover for them. Fake news at its best.


Trump Isn’t Attacking the Free Press

By Tom Trinko

Many people are attacking Trump for supposedly objecting to the free press. In reality, Trump is not objecting to a free press at all. After all, Trump has called out Fox News as a good news source even though more than one commentator on Fox gives Trump grief.

What Trump is doing is calling out the Democrat party’s propaganda machine, formerly known as the mainstream media.

The job of a true free press is to speak truth to power and to reveal the truth so that the voters can decide which representatives — not leaders — they wish to elect.

The MSM is not a free press because its self-proclaimed job is not to arm the voters with truth but to manipulate the voters using lies and misrepresentations to do the will of the ruling elites.

If you doubt that, listen to what a leading liberal commentator said:

“He [Trump] is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts,” “And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think.”

“And that, that is our job,”

During the campaign and continuing to the present the MSM has covered up for Democrats and lied about Trump unceasingly. The “free” press which could never ask Obama a hard question — “Mr. President you promised that if we liked our doctor we could keep our doctor and that’s not true. How do you explain that?” — is making up things to condemn Trump for.

But even when Trump says something rational, all violence is bad, the MSM attacked him and declared that left-wing violence is not only not bad, it’s actually patriotic. Never mind that if a bunch of conservatives physically assaulted Communists because Communism is bad, we would hear nothing about patriotic violence.

The MSM is like the standard government propaganda machine found in all fascist states. Those organizations’ job is not to provide facts to enable the people to exercise their power through the ballot box but to help maintain the oppression of the people by the ruling elite.

Whether it’s the media in North Korea telling the people how much better their lives are than the poor fools in South

Korea, the media in the Soviet Union telling the people how great their lives are, the media in China explaining why forced abortions are a good thing, or the MSM saying that someone who once had lunch with Trump also talked to a Russian and that’s treason the song remains the same; the party we support is good, you should listen to what your betters tell you to do, don’t try and resist the establishment.

American Democracy can’t survive a lack of truth, a lack of facts.

Hillary voters were convinced that up was down and left was right by the MSM. Here are some of the fake facts that exist in the alternate reality that the MSM has created:

1) Violence by antifa is okay since it’s only directed against Nazis. Yet antifa forced Portland to shut down its parade because Republicans would be in it.

2) It’s okay for Hillary to use a private email server; there are no laws about preserving government documents

3) Trump is mentally unstable.

4) The Russians changed the vote counts.

5) Gays make up 25% of the population; the real number is 2%.

6) Benghazi was the result of an American movie maker.

7) The Clinton foundation is charitable.

8) All white people are evil unless they’re Democrat politicians.

9) The economy was great under Obama; never mind that the black unemployment rate was twice the white rate.

10) World leaders respected Hillary; they liked her because she could be bought and she didn’t put American interest first

11) People are causing the earth to warm so that in 100 years we’ll all die

12) People can change their sex through plastic surgery and wishing really hard

13) Men should be able to use women’s restrooms because they’re not really men

Because most Americans are honest they don’t think that the MSM would lie to them so blatantly. After all that’s only something that fascist stooges do.

But that’s precisely why what Trump is doing is so important. He’s using the bully pulpit to get the word out to that vast chunk of America which is too busy working and living life to tune into the real free press, Fox and a number of radio/internet sources.

Without Trump pointing out the lies a large fraction of the historical Democrat base — union workers, Catholics, etc. — will continue to do what they think is right but which, if they knew the truth, they’d never support.

The Democrats admit this. Remember that their claim for election hacking is based on the release of internal DNC emails. But what was in those DNC emails that turned voters away from Hillary?

The first thing was that the DNC had conspired to shut Bernie out of the race. That inspired a lot of Bernie fans to vote for Trump, go third party, or just not vote for president. A clear case of the Democrats admitting that truth is bad for their brand.

The second thing was that the DNC was covertly trying to change the theology of the Catholic Church which it viewed as backwards. That did not sit well with a lot of Catholics. It’s one thing to push for abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. but it’s another to create a false-flag group whose purpose was to change the 2000-year-old teaching of the Church. Once again, the Democrats objection to the voters having the truth shows just how necessary it is for Democrat success for the MSM to bury the truth far from the light of day.

People want Trump to drain the swamp, which is why they support his attacks on the MSM. The first step in clearing any swamp is surveying it in the light of day. But the MSM propaganda is like fog that obscures just what is, and isn’t, swamp.

Hence the first step in getting all Americans on board to returning power to the people — and taking it from fatcat politicians and unelected judges and bureaucrats — is to provide the truth to the American people; something that can’t happen as long as the MSM is trusted.

Make sure you have examples of MSM lies and distortions so you can explain to your friends why they should check their “facts”. It’s not that you’re saying your friends are bad people; rather they’re victims who have been lied to. Sadly in America today people are heavily into victimhood so once they learn that they’ve been lied to they’ll be strongly motivated to seek the truth.


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