Sleazebag Chris Cuomo

The Morning Briefing: Corrupt CNN Won’t Really Get Rid of Sleazebag Chris Cuomo

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Never bring a knife to a food fight. Seriously, what were you thinking?

How is everyone doing? I realize that I don’t ask that often enough. It can’t all be about me.

If I say and write it enough, maybe one day I will actually believe that.

There have been many words written by me about my dislike of all things CNN, a once-proud news organization (REALLY!) that has been flushed so far down the toilet of liberal bias hackery that it makes MSNBC look responsible. The network that became famous for its reporting from the Gulf War spent four years engaged in a partisan diaper-filling while Donald Trump was in office.

Heck, there are still days when it appears as if they don’t know that he isn’t anymore.

One of CNN’s biggest hacks not named Don Lemon is Chris Cuomo, the younger brother of the former governor of New York, Andrew “Kill All the Elderly” Cuomo. Little Brother is now experiencing his own fall from grace, all because he tried to save Big Brother from his.

Matt wrote about it for us:

Chris Cuomo has been suspended indefinitely as a result of the fallout from the latest revelations from the New York attorney general’s investigation of his brother, disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Despite repeatedly claiming he was not helping his brother, text messages released by the New York attorney general’s office showed Cuomo was in regular contact with Melissa DeRosa, the governor’s top aide, assisting with his brother’s response to the allegations and exploiting his media connections to dig up dirt on Andrew’s accusers.

If ever a family deserved to be unemployed, it’s this one. The thing is, however, that Chris isn’t without a job, he’s merely been suspended. Yes, an indefinite suspension isn’t good, but we’re talking about CNN here. This is the network that let Jeffrey Toobin back on the air after he had a little quality time with his exposed shvantz on a Zoom call with his buddies at The New Yorker.

Put mildly, they don’t seem to embarrass easily. Some may argue that this is different because Cuomo violated journalistic and ethical standards. Saying that CNN cares one whit about journalism and ethics is like saying Cher worries about the perils of cosmetic surgery.

Just look at the official statement from the network:

“When Chris admitted to us that he had offered advice to his brother’s staff, he broke our rules and we acknowledged that publicly. But we also appreciated the unique position he was in and understood his need to put family first and job second,” the spokesperson continued. “However, these documents point to a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew. As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation.”

As Matt wrote, there isn’t a lot to evaluate. If CNN had any standards at all, Cuomo would have been escorted from the building by security last night.

The mere fact that Cuomo had his brother on his show frequently when he was governor was always a problematic blurring of ethical lines. Cuomo has always referred to himself as a journalist. A serious journalist would have recognized that the optics alone were worth avoiding. Almost every person in conservative media pointed out that the Brothers Cuomo shtick on CNN was a sleazefest, especially once the pandemic started and Andrew Cuomo’s star was rising because idiot Democrats actually thought he was handling things well.

That little bit about Cuomo’s “need to put family first and job second” is all you really need to know about how unserious CNN is regarding this situation. That left the door open for Cuomo’s eventual return.

Maybe the network will do the right thing for once and kick Li’l Fredo to the curb. It doesn’t have to though. It is basically a well-subsidized liberal narrative machine that is ultimately funded by AT&T, a company that makes almost $200 billion a year. That’s why it doesn’t matter that its ratings are constantly staring up at the competition. It’s such a shameless organization that the execs there might bring back Cuomo and his brother to co-host a show after an appropriate time-out.

I kid, but…


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Don’t Let Them Scare Your Freedoms Away

Don’t Let Them Scare Your Freedoms Away

By Paul Krause

Another new day, another new variant of the coronavirus, another new scare campaign by the tyrannical medical establishment and their media lackeys (the South African doctor who discovered the variant says the symptoms are mild). This hasn’t stopped a new fear campaign and overreaction by many governments, though there is irony in that many who openly endorse murdering unborn babies are suddenly enthused with such zeal to protect human life in combating COVID. The problem with the new fear campaign over the omicron variant is the further degradation of liberty and Constitutional rights already manifesting because of it.

As the new Cold War with China ratchets up, the Western world has dealt the cards against themselves. The trumpet of freedom and liberty cannot be sounded without charges of hypocrisy and hollowness as we witness the supposedly free democratic world, especially in places like Australia and New Zealand (not to mention the United Kingdom and Europe), engage in the some of the most vicious and tyrannical lockdowns in the world. These lockdowns, restructuring of government power and control over businesses and individuals, aim at one thing: the remaking of our relationship to the state.

What the totalitarians who have weaponized the coronavirus fail to acknowledge is that they have politicized the virus, not conservatives, libertarians, and the few remaining civil liberals who are concerned with the aggressive and militant overreach of the federal government and medical institutions.

The new totalitarians assert those of us who wish to keep the flame of liberty and the human spirit alive of politicizing the virus. Shame is their calling card. The claim that liberty-loving and defending individuals have weaponized the virus for political purposes doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Those critical of government overreach want to preserve and restore the constitutional liberties and way of life pre-pandemic. It has nothing to do with the coronavirus and everything to do with the basic structure of political society. We have been fighting to maintain the spirit of liberty against the new Bolsheviks before COVID, we remain defending the spirit of liberty against the new Bolsheviks during COVID and, God willing, will continue to fight them after COVID.

Moreover, liberty lost is hard to regain. This is a truism that all liberty-loving people know. Let us look at those “conspiracies” that turned out to be true.

Concern over the precedent set by national lockdowns were brushed aside as the talk of radicals. “Flatten the curve,” the proponents of the lockdown said. “Reopen in two weeks,” the proponents of the lockdown said. “Lockdowns won’t happen again,” the proponents of the lockdown claimed. “Everything will go back to normal,” they claimed.

Turns out, many places have reentered lockdowns. Not only have they reentered lockdowns, the new lockdowns are more draconian than the first. And no critically thinking individual genuinely believes that when there is relaxation of lockdowns—if there is—begins, that the world we will return to was the same as before in terms of rights and liberties. Governments the world over have revealed their belief that they own you and can, and should, have control over your life and actions.

Concern over creating a second-class of citizens because of vaccine mandates were cast aside as silly talk, the talk of conspiracy theorists and other nutjobs. Yet we see in Democrat cities and states precisely that. The vaccinated are granted greater rights and privileges than the unvaccinated.

Unvaccinated individuals, by contrast, are not only shamed, they are also being completely ostracized in society. Businesses penalize or fire them. You might even become a prisoner in your own home or apartment, as is happening in places like Austria. Some people might even self-impose their own imprisonment at the indirect advice of government, media, and health officials.

Concern about the abrogation of basic freedoms and rights we formerly took for granted—the human right to free protest, free worship of religion, and free speech have—revealed the totalitarian impulse weaponized by the totalitarians inside our country and around the world.

We proclaim the dignity of free speech, freedom of assembly, and free worship of God, yet throughout the Western World and in various states in the U.S., the war against free speech, free assembly, and freedom of religion is getting even more aggressive than before. Agents of the state bully church-going congregants and anyone protesting tyrannical government policies. Say, or type, something that enrages the medical guardians and their digital mobs, kiss your account goodbye.

For those who have raised issues about the totalitarian power plays by governments and politicians during this now never-ending pandemic, the fight remains the same. Don’t let governments discard their own constitutional restraints in the name of public health and safety (the easiest veil for totalitarians to use in their tyrannical lusts in free societies because human nature instinctively wants to be safe). Don’t let the media and their strongarm tactics scare you into submission. Don’t willingly rollover and handover your God-given rights and liberties to faceless bureaucrats and scientists.

What infuriated the totalitarians trying to use COVID as their means to remake society was the fighting back by the people and by a few courageous mayors and governors. Now, with this variant of COVID emerging, they will once again beat the drum of fear to try and scare us into submission and claim that those few politicians who stand up for liberty and don’t bow to the altar of medical tyranny are reckless, uncaring, brutes. Don’t let them scare and shame you into surrendering your liberties.

Totalitarianism doesn’t sleep. The new medical communism and fascism that is being pushed by public health experts and their ilk will not rest until they have absolute control over you. We cannot let our guard down even if they will retort to all the usual insults and shaming. We who cherish liberty do not wish any of our fellow citizens to die from the coronavirus. But we also don’t wish for that other lifeblood of existence, our rights and liberties, to die as well. And as the past year and half has proved, we should worry about the erasure of our political and civil liberties just as we do our personal health.


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Have a Happy Thanksgiving

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Joe Biden snubs Kamala at soup kitchen

Thanksgiving cheer: Joe Biden snubs Kamala at soup kitchen dish-out

By Monica Showalter

For most of us, the thanksgiving holiday is a time for fellowship, gatherings, good cheer, feasting, gratitude, and charity.

But then there’s the Biden White House, where Joe and Kamala put on a public show at a soup kitchen demonstrating they can’t stand each other.

According to the New York Post:

President Biden seemed to snub Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday as they helped prepare meals at a DC soup kitchen during their first public appearance together in more than a week.

Biden made no attempt to demonstrate any fondness for his VP in front of the cameras after Harris allies slammed Biden to CNN last week for giving her tough jobs, such as handling the border crisis, and accused the West Wing of giving her less support than white members of the administration.

When asked by a reporter what he was grateful for, Biden put an arm around DC Central Kitchen chef Dawain Arrington — who was standing to the president’s left with Harris at Biden’s right — and said, “The people I’m standing next to are what I’m thankful for. He got up. He was knocked down, but he got up.”

Moments earlier, first lady Jill Biden directed Harris to a spot next to her husband, but the president didn’t appear to greet his second-in-command.

So Joe can’t stand to put on a nice face with Kamala even in public.

Notice that Jill is ordering Kamala around in the scenario, too, not exactly a sign of respect for Harris’s office.

“Come on, Kamala!” Jill Biden said, pointing the vice president to a tray of green beans that the VP was put in charge of scooping.

“I’m here!” Harris responded gleefully as she approached.

Press pool microphones didn’t capture any words between Biden and Harris and the president seemed to ignore the veep and return immediately to his conversation with Arrington as he placed turkey on trays.

At one point, Biden could be heard telling the chef about a time when facilities were “segregated by law.”

Kamala was obviously play-acting, but you know she couldn’t have liked it. Jill’s imperious behavior clearly shows who has the upper hand on the hash-slinging front for the cameras.

Jill is known to harbor a grudge against Kamala, following the 2020 Democrat presidential debate where Harris effectively called Biden a racist over the school busing issue. Jill’s meanness, ordering Kamala to dish green beans like some recalcitrant help, like Scarlett showing exasperation with Prissy, while Jill herself dished yams, hubby Doug ladled gravy, and Joe slung turkey, pretty well paints the scene. It follows from some bad press from the Kamala camp, which once again called Joe Biden racist, this time for dumping the migrant-surge portfolio in her lap, as if she couldn’t possibly solve it by re-establishing President Trump’s migrant protection protocols as well as by ordering the rebuilding of the wall. She blamed Joe instead.

After that, Joe left this miserable soup-kitchen scene, as well as all the Americans who are paying more for thanksgiving, and jetted off with Jill to some billionaire’s mansion on Nantucket to feast in style.

Sound like a nice thanksgiving over at the Biden White House? Don’t think so. Imagine the steaming that followed from that one.

Normal people put on nice faces and remember to be charitable for thanksgiving — especially in public. Not these guys. Joe can’t even stand to look at Kamala at a feelgood public event with the cameras on.

Happy Thanksgiving, Democrats.


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Joe Biden coddles another terrorist group

Joe Biden coddles another terrorist group — and Florida’s Democrats are screaming

By Monica Showalter

As if dealing with the Taliban as a ‘partner’ and taking the Houthis off the terrorist watch list weren’t enough, Joe Biden has decided to succor another terrorist group: FARC.

Most people don’t remember them but these were the vile Marxist narcoterrorists who terrorized Colombia for 60 years and then got off scot-free based on a ‘peace deal’ from a lousy Colombian president whose hankering for a Nobel prize was so strong he literally ignored a popular referendum rejecting such a deal. They had good reason: In FARC’s war on that country, 200,000 people were killed and two million were displaced as refugees in their own country. Want to know where shantytowns come from? Yes, the displaced. Millions more fled the country, leaving it a bleak, impoverished landscape. FARC’s depravities …


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Happy Veterans Day

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Manchin Could Delay Biden’s Build Back Better Bill

Report: Sen. Joe Manchin Could Delay Biden’s Build Back Better Bill Until Next Year

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 01: Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) makes a statement in the Senate TV Studio on Capitol Hill on November 1, 2021 in Washington, DC. Manchin spoke about his approach during Democratic negotiations on the Biden administration's legislative agenda. (Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images)
Pete Marovich/Getty Images

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) may decide to delay President Joe Biden’s $1.75 trillion Build Back Better agenda until next year, according to a report by Axios released on Wednesday.

The increasing rate of inflation likely contributes to Manchin’s reported desire to push the massive spending bill onto 2022’s legislative calendar.

According to Axios, “Red-hot inflation data validates the instinct of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) to punt President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda until next year — potentially killing a quick deal on the $1.75 trillion package, people familiar with the matter tell Axios.”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported prices increased 0.9 percent in October, which brought the annual inflation rate to 6.2 percent.


“By all accounts, the threat posed by record inflation to the American people is not “transitory” and is instead getting worse,” Manchin said Wednesday. “From the grocery store to the gas pump, Americans know the inflation tax is real and DC can no longer ignore the economic pain Americans feel every day.

Manchin has consistently expressed hesitancy surrounding the president’s social spending package because of its potential impact on the economy and our national debt.

The Build Back Better Act was recently cut in size from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion, largely in part due to Manchin’s refusal to support the initial amount.

US President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi depart following a meeting with the Democratic caucus at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, on October 28, 2021. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Progressive Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez worried that severing the social spending bill from the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that passed Congress last week would give away leverage on dictating the social agenda to centrists like Manchin.

Manchin sits on the Senate Committee on Appropriations and is vice-chair of the Senate Democrat’s Policy and Communications Committee.


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John Durham’s Latest Indictment

John Durham’s Latest Indictment Reveals Part of Story Behind ‘Pee Tape’

Vladimir Putin globe (Denis Balibouse / Pool / AFP / Getty)
Denis Balibouse / Pool / AFP / Getty

Special Counsel John Durham revealed part of the story behind the infamous “pee tape” allegation on Thursday, deep in his indictment against Russian-born, U.S.-based researched Igor Danchenko, a primary source for Christopher Steele’s “dossier.”

The “dossier” was used as the basis for claims that then-candidate Donald Trump had engaged in “Russia collusion.” And its most salacious accusation — which many Democrats believed — was that Trump had hired prostitutes on a visit to Moscow to urinate on a bed in the presidential suite of a hotel where he had been told that President Barack Obama had once slept.

The search for the “pee tape” consumed the media; impeachment investigator Daniel S. Goldman once claimed, falsely, it existed.


But Durham’s investigation turned up the back story.

The indictment relates that in June 2016, a person referred to as “PR Executive-1” — now confirmed to be communications executive and Clinton associate Charles Dolan Jr. — and “Organizer-1” visited Russia to plan an October 2016 conference, where they would meet with senior Russian officials and even visit the Kremlin itself. Dolan stayed at the Moscow hotel in question; Danchenko was in Moscow but did not stay at the same hotel.

The indictment relates (paragraph numbers removed):

Certain of the information in the June 20,2016 Company Report [i.e. the Steele “dossier”] reflected facts that PR Executive-1 and Organizer-1 also learned during the June 2016 Planning Trip to Moscow.

For example, and as alleged above, during the June 2016 Planning Trip, both PR Executive-1 and Organizer-1 stayed at the Moscow Hotel. While at the Moscow Hotel, PR Executive-1 and Organizer-1 (i) received a tour of the Moscow Hotel’s Presidential Suite (ii) met with the general manager (“General Manager-1”) and other staff of the Moscow Hotel, and (iii) attended meetings – to include with DANCHENKO – at various Russian government ministries. Further, PR Executive-1 had lunch with DANCHENKO during the June 2016 Planning Trip.

According to Organizer-1, during the aforementioned tour of the Presidential Suite, a Moscow Hotel staff member told the participants, including PR Executive-1, that Trump had stayed in the Presidential Suite. According to both Organizer-1 and PR Executive-1, the staff member did not mention any sexual or salacious activity.

A story of “salacious activity” nevertheless made it into Steele’s “dossier,” via Danchenko.

The rest of the indictment reveals Dolan’s extensive Russian contacts, and Danchenko’s use of those sources, at least one of whom openly hoped Hillary Clinton would win the election.

The “dossier” was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, via opposition research firm Fusion GPS, as arranged by “democracy” lawyer Marc Elias.


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Why Do They Want to Vaccinate Children?

Why Do They Want to Vaccinate Children?

By Vasko Kohlmayer

“FDA advisory panel OKs Pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11,” announced a recent NBC News headline.

How could a panel that is supposedly composed of rational clear-headed scientists make such an inexplicable recommendation?

Consider the following facts.

According to a presentation by Fiona Havers, who works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and who is a member of the agency’s COVID-19 Response Team, “[D]uring the 12-month period October 2, 2020 through October 3, 2021, there were 66 COVID-19 associated deaths in children 5-11.”

Yes, you read it right. In the last twelve months there were only 66 Covid-related deaths in the 5 to 11 demographic in the whole of the United States of America.

To give you a sense of perspective, children in that age bracket are three hundred percent more likely to be murdered (207 deaths) and thirty percent more likely to die of flu and pneumonia (84 deaths) than they are to die of Covid.

To give another point of comparison, according to the CDC in 2019, “608 child passengers age 12 and younger died in motor vehicle crashes.”

Please contemplate this point well. Children under 12 years of age are nearly 1000 percent more likely to be killed in a vehicular mishap than to die of Covid-19.

One more piece of reference data. According to Statista, there were 20 deaths and a hundred injuries due to lighting strikes in the United States in 2019. Thus, your child is nearly 200 percent more likely to be struck by lightning than to be felled by Covid.

But even this does not tell the full story, because not all of those unfortunate 66 children who died with Covid died of Covid. Most of them had serious underlying conditions, which according to Fiona Havers, included:

“… obesity, chronic metabolic disease, feeding tube dependence, cardiovascular disease, neurologic disorders, chronic lung disease, blood disorders, immunosuppressed conditions, and ’other’ conditions.’”

Thus, most – if not all – of the children in the 5-11 age bracket who died while being Covid positive suffered from serious, life-threatening co-morbidities.

To state the situation in a different way, it is virtually unheard of for an active, healthy child to die of Covid-19. For all practical purposes, the chance of your healthy child’s dying of this disease is zero.

Even the scare-mongering New York Times had to concede that to healthy children “the danger of severe Covid is so low as to be difficult to quantify.” In other words, the risk is essentially non-existent.

The obvious question is this: Why are we going to mass vaccinate healthy children against Covid-19 given that they face virtually no serious risk from this particular disease?

The only valid medical reason for vaccination of this age cohort would be to stop the spread of infection.

This, however, cannot be the case, because it is now widely known that the Covid vaccines do not prevent infection.

This was publicly affirmed some three months ago by none other than CDC director Rochelle Walensky. Speaking of the vaccines in her CNN interview on August 5 with Wolf Blitzer, Walensky said:

“What they can’t do anymore is to prevent transmission.”

The combination of extremely low Covid risk to the young, and the vaccines’ inability to prevent transmission, makes vaccinating children a non sequitur from the point of view of public health.

Not only there is no real benefit of doing so, but there are also considerable risks associated with this procedure. It is well known that the Covid vaccines have not been properly subjected to trials and tested. It normally takes between 6 and 10 years to develop and test a vaccine that can be declared safe and effective for mass implementation. The Covid shots have been around for less than 18 months, which makes it impossible to know what their long-term side effects may be.

Meanwhile in the short term, we have every reason to be deeply concerned about these inadequately tested pharmaceuticals. According to an analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database (VAERS), between December 2020 and October 15 of this year, there have been records of more than seventeen thousand deaths and over eight hundred thousand adverse reactions in connection with the vaccines.

This, however, does not give a true picture as it represents only a small fraction of the actual cases. According to a Harvard study only about one percent of vaccine injuries get logged in the VAERS database. Do the math.

This being said, it does not mean there is a causal connection in every reported case between the vaccine and the bad health event. Nevertheless, in a substantial portion of reported cases such a connection does exist. Keeping in mind the findings of the Harvard study should give you an idea of how deep our safety concerns should be.

And yet despite all this, members of the FDA advisory panel still thought that injecting children who are at virtually at zero risk of serious Covid with these inadequately tested substances is a good idea.

To say that this is reckless and irresponsible would be an understatement.

Why would they do such a thing?

Money is the main reason. The effort to inject your children likely is primarily driven by a desire to further increase the already immense profits of the pharmaceutical giants that produce these vaccines.

The dictum “follow the money” applies well here. A recent US News headline should give you a good idea of what is involved here: “Pfizer Expects 2021, 2022 COVID-19 Vaccine Sales to Total at Least $65 Billion.” Pfizer’s Covid vaccine stands to become the most profitable pharmaceutical product in history.

You can easily see through their game when you look at who sits at the advisory panel that issued the recommendation. According to a report by Zero Hedge:

“[T]he meeting roster shows that numerous members of the committee and temporary voting members have worked for Pfizer or have major connections to Pfizer. Members include a former vice president of Pfizer Vaccines, a recent Pfizer consultant, a recent Pfizer research grant recipient, a man who mentored a current top Pfizer vaccine executive, a man who runs a center that gives out Pfizer vaccines, the chair of a Pfizer data group, a guy who was proudly photographed taking a Pfizer vaccine, and numerous people who are already on the record supporting Coronavirus vaccines for children. Meanwhile, recent FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is on Pfizer’s board of directors.”

As if this were not bad enough, the acting chair of the board that made the recommendation was one Arnold S. Monto who was a paid Pfizer consultant up until 2018.

Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines and a true and honest scientist, called this “a staggering conflict of interest.”

It also shows us how brazen these people are, since they did this in open view. This is part of a larger pattern whereby nearly all regulatory agencies of the US government have fallen into the hands of those they are supposed to oversee. The name for this process is regulatory capture. As a result, we can no longer have trust in government bodies tasked with protecting the safety and well-being of the population.

To endanger the health of children in the absence of a medical justification and for the sake of profit is a travesty of unspeakable proportions.


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Gain of Function Research

Rand Paul: Gain of Function ‘Very Dangerous Research’ — What if Next Virus Has ‘15% Mortality or 50% Mortality?’


Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) highlighted the danger of gain of function research after it was revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s division of the National Institutes of Health partially funded cruel experiments on dogs.

Paul warned that gain of function is “very, very dangerous research” and wondered what would happen if future leaked viruses had a “15% or 50% mortality” rate.

“Dr. Fauci still says it wasn’t gain of function because we did not know in advance this was going to happen,” Paul advised. “So, they are doing experiments by combining unknown viruses with viruses that cause pandemics, and they don’t know what they’re going to get, and so Dr. Fauci says, ‘Well, that’s OK. It’s not really gain of function unless gain of function occurs.’ But it’s like, really? We’re going to let them experiment with pandemic-causing viruses and unknown viruses? This is very, very dangerous research.”

He continued, “I’ve been calling for an investigation in two full committees for over six months now. Not one Democrat has allowed one hearing to develop. And this is important because what if the next virus that comes out of a lab has 15% mortality or 50% mortality? Two of the viruses they are experimenting with actually do have that kind of mortality, and the NIH has been funding this kind of research, and it should stop.”


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Marjorie Taylor Greene takes on the RINO elites

Marjorie Taylor Greene takes on the RINO elites

By David Zukerman

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) speaks frankly and on the record.  At the end of Rep. Greene’s phoner to me (honoring a commitment given me the day before by Nick Dyer, her press secretary), she said she was “shocked and disgusted” that Rep. Liz Cheney had not been “kicked out” of the House Republican conference.  Rep. Greene added that she sees it as a “sign of weakness” that “they” (Rep. Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger) have not been ousted from the Republican conference.

I spoke with the congresswoman as part of my quest for a reaction from House Republicans to the Cheney fundraiser reportedly organized in Dallas by former president George W. Bush.  As it turned out, Greene was the only House Republican who would speak to me about the fundraiser, seen by the Dallas Morning News as an “anti-Trump” gathering.

While the media provided some fanfare when the Cheney event was announced, September 22, the lack of immediate news reports on the fundraiser makes one wonder if the secrecy tradition of Yale’s Skull and Bones — Pres. Bush is a member — was applied to this anti-Trump event.  For example, the invitation said the location of the fundraiser would be given when the invitee returned it, with, presumably, the admission charge of either $5,800, or $2,900, or $1,000 (a photo op going with the two higher-priced donations).  (Perhaps Karl Rove, who has a weekly Wall Street Journal column and was a co-host, will tell his readers about the fundraiser, provided, of course, that he wasn’t sworn to secrecy.)

Asked about the role of Bush in the Cheney event, Greene told me that Bush has aligned himself with Democrats, including former presidents Clinton and Obama.  He is “not conservative” and has “abandoned the [Republican] party.”  Greene indicated that the anti-Trump people “don’t realize what the party is,” adding, “They do really support Democrats; they clearly like Democrats more than Republicans.”

Congresswoman Green sees Republican elitists and Democrat elitists as “all the same people.”  “The reason they hate Trump,” she told me, is “because he exposed all of them.  The American people see through it.”

Rep. Greene (also known as “MTG”), in indirect criticism of the Pelosi panel on “Jan. 6,” said President Trump “had nothing to do with the riot.”  I pointed out that the New York Times prior to January 6 called Pres. Trump a grave threat to American democracy.  Congresswoman Greene said the left hopes that if it issues enough lies, the American people will believe them.  She is confident, however, that Americans will see through the left’s lies and remarked that all it takes are “people of courage” to confront the left.

The story on the Cheney fundraiser in the Dallas Morning News wrote of an “irreparable chasm” between former president Bush and former president Trump.  My conversation with Congresswoman Greene left me with the impression that she sees the Bushies as being on the wrong side of history.


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NYC Police Union Vows to Sue Bill de Blasio

NYC Police Union Vows to Sue Bill de Blasio over Vaccine Mandate

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during a news conference at the Rikers Island correctional facility, Monday, Sept. 27, 2021, in New York. De Blasio visited Rikers Island after promising to observe the conditions at the beleaguered city jail complex. (AP Photo/Jeenah Moon)
AP Photo/Jeenah Moon

New York City’s Police Benevolent Association (PBA) is vowing to take legal action against Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) over his administration mandating the coronavirus vaccine for all city workers.

The Democrat mayor announced a vaccine mandate for city workers on Wednesday. Workers have until Friday, October 29, to show proof of receiving at least one dose. According to the governor’s office, employees who fail to show proof will be placed on unpaid leave until they do so. 

Overall, the mandate extends to 160,500 city workers, including NYPD officers as well as FDNY firefighters. 

FILE - In this Oct. 5, 2020, file photo, New York Police Department officers in masks stand during a service at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York to honor 46 colleagues who have died due to COVID-19 related illness. New York City will require police officers, firefighters and other municipal workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be placed on unpaid leave, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, giving an ultimatum to public employees who’ve refused and ensuring a fight with some of the unions representing them. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

In this Oct. 5, 2020, file photo, New York Police Department officers in masks stand during a service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

“There is no greater privilege than serving the people of New York City, and that privilege comes with a responsibility to keep yourself and your community safe,” the Democrat mayor said in a statement. 

“We have led the way against COVID-19 – from fighting for the right to vaccinate frontline workers, to providing nation-leading incentives, to creating the Key to NYC mandate,” he continued, bragging of the city’s vaccine passport program, which forces private businesses to discriminate against the unvaccinated. 

“As we continue our recovery for all of us, city workers have been a daily inspiration. Now is the time for them to show their city the path out of this pandemic once and for all,” he added. 

Already, some city workers are pushing back. The PBA, which represents over 50,000 active and retired police officers, is vowing to take legal action. 

Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York President Pat Lynch and representatives from other NYPD and law enforcement unions holds a news conference at the Icahn Stadium parking lot on June 9, 2020 to address the "current anti-law enforcement environment." in New York. (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP) (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)

Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York President Pat Lynch and representatives from other NYPD and law enforcement unions holds a news conference at the Icahn Stadium parking lot on June 9, 2020 to address the “current anti-law enforcement environment.” in New York. (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)

“From the beginning of the de Blasio administration’s haphazard vaccine rollout, we have fought to make every member who chooses it, while also protecting their right to make that personal medical decision in consultation with their own doctor,” PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said in a statement. 

“Now that the city has moved to unilaterally impose a mandate, we will proceed with legal action to protect our members’ rights,” he added:


The governor’s office says it will begin “impact bargaining with affected unions immediately.”

Mayor de Blasio’s announcement comes roughly two weeks after telling reporters that he prefers to “respect people’s intelligence” before forcing them to get vaccinated. The response came after a reporter asked de Blasio why he had yet to issue a vaccine mandate for city workers, including NYPD and FDNY.

“I think everyone out there is mature adults. I’d like to respect people’s intelligence,” de Blasio said. “We have, I think, pretty meticulously over the course of the pandemic tried to figure out what made sense to do, when, and make sure we had all the pieces in place.”

“I do believe you sequence things in different ways. And there are still issues we have to understand better and resolve. It’s not always a matter of just push a button. You have to get things right,” he added.


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Spending Trillions ‘Not Helpful’

White House: Focus on Joe Biden Spending Trillions ‘Not Helpful’

Harris and U.S. President Joe Biden applaud during an event in the Rose Garden of the White House on July 26, 2021 in Washington, DC. The event was to mark the 31st anniversary of the ADA being signed into law. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

The White House continues struggling to move beyond the fact President Joe Biden wants to spend trillions of dollars during a period of high economic inflation.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday in an interview with Pod Save America that the focus on the level of Biden’s proposed “Build Back Better” spending was “not helpful.”

“There’s no question that this has become a focus around numbers is not helpful, we can’t entirely control that, we obviously want to talk about the substantive issues.”

Psaki acknowledged it was difficult for White House officials as they continued negotiating with Democrat senators to sign off on a multi-trillion spending deal.


“Right now we’re just in kind of the messy phase where people are doing their peacocks a little, peacock feathers, you know what I mean? she said, referring to senators like Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ).

She urged the leftist audience not to lose hope about the future of Biden’s proposed agenda, even though she admitted recently at a press conference it would not be $3.5 trillion.

“Don’t feel that bad everyone,” she said, adding that “people should not feel glum out there, we’re going to get this done. It’s still going to be historic.”


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Southern Hemisphere is record cold this year

The public can’t be allowed to see that the Southern Hemisphere is record cold this year

By Jack Hellner

I didn’t see the story on the nightly news, or in Democrat talking points that the southern hemisphere just had a six month record cold period. That would be as inconvenient as the over-thirty-year cooling period, where a disastrous ice age was predicted, that proved that there is no correlation between temperatures and CO2, fossil fuels and the number of people on the planet.

The public can’t be allowed to see that.  …

Full story:

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A Ticking Time Bomb

Biden’s Presidency Is a Ticking Time Bomb

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Joe Biden’s massive $4 trillion spending bills are in mortal danger of collapsing under their own weight as the gap between what the radicals want and what less-radical Democrats will vote for widens.

To make matters worse for ordinary Americans, Biden has come down decisively on the side of the radicals, leaving party moderates to wonder where the sanity went.

The $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, already passed by the Senate, is languishing in political purgatory with radical Democrats in the House threatening to kill it unless their $3.5 trillion social safety net bill is approved first. Resentful moderates feel they’ve been lied to by the president and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who promised an up-or-down vote on the bipartisan bill before the end of September.

Here we are a third of the way through October and the House still isn’t ready to consider infrastructure legislation or the safety net bill. Why is that?

Part of the problem is that radicals will be radicals and despite sweet-talking and compromising from Biden, Bernie Sanders and his radical allies have announced they have “compromised enough” and have declared all-out war to get what they want.

Washington Post:

This upcoming stretch may be Biden’s last chance to revive a presidency that has suffered major blows in recent months. Since being rocked by the Afghan withdrawal and the surging delta variant over the summer, Biden’s approval rating has fallen steadily, hitting a low of 38 percent in the latest Quinnipiac poll. Some of the campaign pledges that inspired Biden’s supporters, from voting rights to immigration reform, have fallen by the wayside. A jobs report Friday suggested the economy has been slowed down by the delta variant.

The dust-up between Sanders and moderate West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is illustrative of Biden’s problems. Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin might live on the same planet but that’s about the extent of their similarities. Both men inhabit different realities. Both men talk past each other because neither man understands the language being spoken.

On Wednesday, Manchin reiterated his belief that the bill should not exceed $1.5 trillion, saying he did not believe that “we should turn our society into an entitlement society.” That prompted a blistering response just hours later from Sanders, who continues to back the $3.5 trillion bill.

“Is protecting working families and cutting childhood poverty an entitlement?” Sanders asked at a news conference. After reeling off a list of similar rhetorical questions, he added, “Perhaps most importantly, does Senator Manchin not believe what the scientists are telling us, that we face an existential threat regarding climate change?”

As far as Sanders is concerned, Manchin’s worry about creating an “entitlement society” is bogus. Why wouldn’t everyone want all the free goodies that Sanders and his socialists are offering? You’d have to be nuts to turn it down or oppose it.

Sanders adheres to a deterministic worldview that posits the idea that Manchin’s actions are due to his loyalty to his “class” and that the wealthy as a class oppress the poor in order to increase their own wealth.

Sanders sees Manchin as a class enemy. He is not to be bargained with, only defeated and ground into the dust. This has complicated Biden’s task enormously as he looks to close the yawning chasm between the ideological wings of his party.

“If Biden thinks he’s adopted a middle course that should leave people equally happy, he has misjudged the situation,” said Bill Galston, a former domestic policy official in President Bill Clinton’s administration. “The prevailing view of the centrists is the president has tilted decisively in the other direction. There’s not a lot of joy in Mudville.”

Meanwhile, the radicals are trying to drive the point home that they won’t countenance any more cuts to their safety net proposal. “There is nothing superfluous in the agenda. Every dollar is needed to deliver millions of good-paying jobs, affordable child care and health care, and a clean energy future,” Lindsay Owens, executive director of Groundwork Collaborative, told the Post.

The clock is ticking on Biden’s presidency. And unless the president can find a way to reconcile the two wings of his party, it’s not likely to be saved.


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