Circuit Breaker on Election Night?

A Circuit Breaker on Election Night?

By William Sullivan

According to the media, Trump and his deplorables are doing a great disservice to the nation by demanding assurances about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election.  After all, Joe Biden has been all but inaugurated by news personalities and the Democratic Party, and the social media censors have assured us that there’s no evidence of any wrongdoing, so it’s obviously just a waste of time and energy to mull the outlandish possibility that Americans are the victims of what Biden described (either carelessly or carefully) as the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Funny thing, though: The public doesn’t seem to agree that the idea of a stolen election is so fringy.  At the risk of lending credence to that archaic and thoroughly discredited barometer of public opinion known as polling, a new survey shows that not only nearly half of Americans think the election was stolen from Trump, but nearly 30 percent of Democrat voters think the election was stolen from Trump.

That’s an incredible number.  Consider that roughly the same percentage of Democrats believe that their own party may have stolen the 2020 election as the percentage of Democrats who are supportive of late-term abortion.  Democrats guilty of having the former suspicion are reviled as members of a fringe cabal of evil conspiracy theorists, while supporters of the latter atrocity write the Democratic Party platform on abortion and earn media applause.  Curious how that works.

The question looms: just how does it come to be that three quarters of Republican and nearly one third of Democrat voters all believe that the election was stolen from Trump?

The reason why so many voters, and even Democrat voters, might believe that this election was stolen is really quite simple.  It’s that, much to the media’s chagrin, we Americans still have eyes to see the obvious signs of election fraud that exist.

Election night in 2020 was different from anything that I, or anyone else, has ever seen, and there are numerous indicators suggesting that the election was stolen from Trump.  The media’s continued pretending that there aren’t can only serve to fuel the public’s skepticism about the results and our apprehension about the integrity of future elections.

Americans all witnessed the obvious anti-Trump slant in election reporting by the media and pollsters in the weeks leading up to the election, all pointing to a Biden blowout.  We saw the same in 2016, so there was nothing new in that.  Few were buying it this time around, though, and we watched the Vegas odds flip from Donald Trump being a slight underdog early in the day to being an 8-to-1 favorite just a few hours after polls closed on Election Night.

It was as evident to anyone watching as it was to the gamblers in Vegas that Trump was on the path to victory.  Then everything changed when Arizona was bafflingly called for Biden by Fox News, and news anchors began telling viewers they shouldn’t expect any more reported results for the night in the several states where Trump was surging and that it might take days to sort those results out.  All the feverish interest in the results that we’d seen all evening was suddenly gone.

What happened?

At the New York Stock Exchange, trading is halted when the market dips below specified levels during a single trading day.  A seven-percent daily drop in the S&P 500, for example, triggers a 15-minute trading halt.  Another 15-minute halt would occur at a 13-percent daily drop in the index, and trading would end for the day altogether with a 20-percent drop.  These are known as market circuit breakers, and they’re designed to halt calamitous market trends.

Such a mechanism should obviously not apply to elections, unless those administrating the elections feel that too significant a trend in one direction would be calamitous.  Yet, for many, this appears to be the most logical explanation for what happened on Election Night.  When Trump looked to be only hours away from securing his victory, a circuit breaker was triggered in those swing states where Trump was surging.

We Americans awoke to an entirely different reality when reporting resumed.  Trump had suddenly become an underdog.  Massive, Biden-heavy ballot dumps and improbable statistical anomalies appeared, particularly in and around cities like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta, which are all run by corrupt Democratic machines.  This aided Biden in recovering from a deficit of hundreds of thousands of votes in those swing states where Trump had only won by tens of thousands of votes only four years ago, and in spite of Trump earning more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history — with the lone exception, we are told to believe, of a doddering, plagiarizing, gropy, unquestionably corrupt swamp creature who hid in the basement throughout the election and has difficulty stringing a sentence together, even when a teleprompter is directing him.

We all saw the unprecedented energy around Trump’s campaign in 2020, which earned him 10 million new voters since 2016, including a greater share of all ethnic minorities and women.  And we also saw the equally unprecedented lethargy of Biden campaign events, which couldn’t draw more than flies and a few news cameras.  Are we to believe that that guy got more votes than Obama in 2008, and more than Trump in 2020?

Apparently, for almost half of Americans, our own eyes and simple logic suggest not.

There’s no mystery as to why people have serious questions about what we saw go down on Election Night.  Are we seriously expected to accept that Trump gave up a lead of tens or hundreds of thousands of votes in states like Michigan (which lives under perpetual, soul-sucking, and Democrat-induced COVID lockdowns) or Wisconsin (which has been ravaged by left-wing riots that were stoked and allowed to proliferate by Democratic leadership) or Pennsylvania (in which hundreds of thousands of families subsist on an energy industry that Biden has pledged to destroy), all under cover of darkness and absent ample bipartisan oversight, without substantial proof that fraud didn’t take place?

There needs to be a truthful and believable explanation as to how and why this coordinated circuit breaker was triggered on Election Night, if not to reverse the trajectory of the election that all Americans were witnessing.  Americans have never seen anything like it, or the countless irregularities that followed.  An engaged citizenry should demand answers for all of this.  And an honest, functioning media would certainly demand accountability for it, rather than suggesting that anyone questioning it is somehow a threat to our democracy.

After all, if the scenario were reversed, does any among us think Democrats would be demanding anything less than answers and accountability?


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Rep. Devin Nunes on the Election

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It will be BIBLICAL”

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Abundant, Clean, and Safe

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Biden Begs Americans for Money

Biden Begs Americans for Money Because GSA Hasn’t Recognized Him as President-Elect, Gets Roundly Rejected

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
The media has declared Joe Biden “president-elect.”

Biden is running with it despite his own promise on September 29 to not declare victory until the election was “independently certified.” Apparently his word doesn’t mean much to him.

Toward that end, he’s tried to help that illusion along with physical background pieces behind him in each interview declaring the “Office of the President-Elect” despite the fact that he isn’t the President-Elect yet and despite the fact there is no such “office.”

But now Biden, who faced corruption questions during the campaign, is now trying to make money and grift off Trump’s refusal to accept the media declaration that he, Biden, won.

Check this out.

Here’s the deal: Because President Trump refuses to concede and is delaying the transition, we have to fund it ourselves and need your help.

If you’re able, chip in to help fund the Biden-Harris transition.

Is he kidding?

First, he hasn’t been declared the president-elect officially. So Emily Murphy, the person in charge of the transition over at the GSA, is acting properly in not declaring him so when the question is still being contested. Al Gore contested into December, 37 days, and no one in the media had any issue with it.

By the way, as the Democratic candidate, he was already given an office in Washington before the election to work on the question of a transition, should he win. Mitt Romney was the first person to benefit from the Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act of 2010 that provided for such things, so presumably Biden did as well. While the GSA hasn’t recognized him as President-Elect presumably he’s still able to use that office to interview people in if he has to interview anyone. Once declared president-elect, the GSA would cut money for salaries for staff and such. So apparently he’s trying to move straight to that stage and have them fund his staff despite the fact the election is being contested.

But the responses to his request were actually pretty funny, especially those from the left. They were not at all happy with Joe. They were disturbed that Biden, who hasn’t done anything in 47 years in D.C., dared to ask them for money and was not pushing the GSA himself, that he was asking people for money in the middle of a pandemic while people were out of work, rather than litigating the question to force the GSA to comply. Although obviously, there’s no requirement that the GSA recognize Biden when he hasn’t been certified or voted in by the Electoral College so if he did try to litigate it, he would lose.

This is what you bought, Biden voters.


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Thomas Sowell on the worst American President

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80 million votes’

Sidney Powell: Absent software fraud, Trump ‘had at least 80 million votes’

By Andrea Widburg

Sidney Powell, attorney extraordinaire, appeared on Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Reports on Tuesday to explain what happened on Election Day and tell why she believes that Trump almost certainly got more votes than any president in American history.  Because Greg Kelly asks the intelligent, clarifying questions that we wish all journalists would ask, her appearance on his show is one of the best explanations of what happened with the Dominion voting software.

According to Powell, “Dominion has a long history of rigging elections.  That’s what it was created to do to begin with.”  Powell told about her whistleblower, a former high-ranking Venezuelan military officer who worked with Hugo Chávez when developers in Venezuela first created the software.  The whistleblower has signed an affidavit stating that the whole purpose behind the software’s creation was to rig elections.

The software worked as promised, according to Powell.  “It was created … so Hugo Chávez would never lose another election, and he did not after that software was created.  He won every single election.”  Once the software proved its use, says Powell, Venezuela exported it.  “They exported it to Argentina and other countries in South America, and then they brought it here.”

Powell hammered home a point we’ve tried to make at American Thinker, which is that the software constitutes foreign interference in American elections.  To understand the point Powell makes, you need to know that, in September 2018, Trump issued an “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.”

In the order, Trump states that “the proliferation of digital devices and internet-based communications has created significant vulnerabilities and magnified the scope and intensity of the threat of foreign interference[.]”  Therefore, he declared a national emergency to justify his order.  The order mandates that the national security apparatus must investigate potential foreign interference within 45 days of an election and imposes harsh monetary sanctions on any foreign entity found to be involved in the interference.

Powell asserts that, because of Dominion’s origins, as well as its Canadian headquarters, “[i]t’s a foreign company no matter how you look at it, so they’ve already violated the president’s order against foreign interference in our elections.  Our votes were actually eventually counted in Barcelona, Spain or Frankfurt, Germany on foreign servers.”  Indeed, she says, “the corruption is actually worldwide.  It is going to upset countless numbers of elections across the country and around the world.”

For Biden, Dominion’s comforting presence in the election explains why he didn’t bother to campaign.  He knew he had the election in the bag.  Incidentally — and this is I speaking, not Powell — Dominion’s role in the election also exonerates Trump from charges that he campaigned wrong because one person or another will say if he’d just campaigned the correct way (more polite, less polite, more Hunter Biden, less Hunter Biden, more Wuhan virus lockdowns, etc.), he could have beaten the margin of fraud.

In fact, there was no way that Trump could beat the margin of fraud.  The traditional pre-election fraud was just icing on the cake.  The real election manipulation occurred at someone’s desktop (as this older Bloomberg article explains about Latin American election fraud), with the person clicking away to ensure that Biden always ended the day with the greatest number of votes.

Powell explains specifically how Democrats rigged the vote for Biden.  What she’s laying out also explains why statisticians, when looking at votes counts in the swing states, are finding crazy anomalies after 3 A.M., which is when those states temporarily stopped counting as they tried to figure out how to fight Trump’s massive lead.

“The will of the people in this country,” Powell told Kelly, “was that Donald Trump won in a landslide.  If we can get to the bottom of it, and I am determined to do that, I think we’ll find he had at least 80 million votes.  The only reason the glitches happened in the system was because he was so far ahead, had so many more votes than they had calculated in advance, their algorithms wouldn’t perform the functions they’d originally performed or were said to perform.  They couldn’t make up the vote count [because] he had gotten so many hundreds of thousands more than they planned.  So that’s why they had to stop the counting and come up with a way to backfill the votes or destroy votes for Trump while they fabricated votes for Biden.”

In a just world, Trump’s victory will be assured — and Sidney Powell, an American Amazon, is determined to make sure that justice is served.


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Lawyers for President Donald Trump’s campaign

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The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs

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The great theft

The great theft

By Jared Peterson

My gut says the small functionaries won’t save us.  They’re cowed, buyable, frightened, careerist, outright corrupt, small-minded.  The Republic will not be rescued from this putsch by state legislators, election officials, or trial court judges

No matter how much evidence of unprecedented, mass fraud the president’s fighting lawyer, Ms. Powell, assembles, revealing third-world levels of corrupted vote-counting aided by late night mass illegal ballot dumps…

Attorney Powell must get her case soon, with the proof she has, to a lower court that has the guts to allow her to make a powerful showing of direct and statistical evidence of mass fraud.  Then, when even that court rules that it lacks authority to render the extraordinary relief sought, go directly to the only institution in America with the weight, gravitas, and credibility to effectively intervene in this crisis with its full historic power: the United States Supreme Court.

A manifestly corrupt, third-world electoral theft

It is now clear, on the overpowering circumstantial and statistical evidence alone, that President Trump carried all the states in doubt by clear, probably decisive margins.  It is highly probable that fraud deprived him of Minnesota and New Hampshire as well.  Neither loss makes any sense, given his narrow loss of these states in 2016, and even the corrupt polls this year had those races extremely tight.  We are to believe that he lost both by much wider margins this year, while gaining 10 million votes nationally and after the Minneapolis riots?  Utterly, facially incredible.  The president may well have carried Virginia as well.

Only the United States Supreme Court can break the now openly fascist American media’s choke hold on information.  They can ignore much.  But they cannot ignore the Supreme Court.

We are all witnesses to the greatest attempted crime against our republic and the rule of law in America’s history.


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Jihadists Are Rooting for a Biden Presidency

Jihadists Are Rooting for a Biden Presidency

By Eileen F. Toplansky

It should be of grave concern that America’s avowed enemies are cheering on the possibility of a Biden presidency.  Thus, “Iraq’s pro-Tehran factions have welcomed Joe Biden’s election as US president[.]”  That such politicians who have called the U.S. “evil” and shout the phrase “death to America” would be pleased by a possible Biden win speaks volumes. 

Vijeta Uniyal explains:

The Iranian regime is equally upbeat in its statements about a possible Biden-Harris administration, hoping to revive the Obama-era appeasement policies.  If the mainstream media and the Biden-Harris camp have their way, the Tehran and pro-Iran terrorist groups may have a good reason to rejoice.  A Democrat-led administration will likely undo President Donald Trump’s legacy on Iran, lifting economic sanctions and ending the campaign of maximum pressure against the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism and its Islamist proxies across the Middle East.

In addition, the fact that the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood  wishes Mr. Biden well should send clarion bells ringing.

According to Khaled Abu Toameh:

Some Arabs say they are worried when they see the Muslim Brotherhood celebrating the results of the US presidential election.  These Arabs fear that the Muslim Brotherhood, backed by Qatar and Turkey, is preparing to make a comeback under a potential Biden administration.  The message Arabs are sending to the new US administration is: Do not repeat the mistakes of former President Barack Obama, whose administration sided with then Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood member.  The Arabs also want to remind a potentially new US administration that the Islamists and their supporters are inveterate liars who care only about their own interests.


At the Arab Weekly site, one learns “that Pro-Muslim Brotherhood activists and media professionals in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and the Gulf states did not hide their prayers for a Biden victory.”

It was as if Biden was the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate and not the candidate of the American Democrats.

Let that sink in!

The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies “are hoping for US pressure to be exerted on Cairo to release Brotherhood leaders convicted in court cases related to terrorism and conspiracy against Egypt’s security, as well as for pressure on the Arab quartet countries to lift their boycott of Qatar and restore relations with it.”

In fact:

From the outset, the Muslim Brother[hood] did not hide their bias towards Biden.  They presented him as a supporter of Islam and Muslims, highlighting the fact that he cites the Prophet’s hadiths, and is a fierce opponent of Islamophobia. American Islamic associations, such as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which are associated with  the Muslim Brotherhood … promoted Biden’s candidacy among Americans and participated in his election campaign at state and national levels.

In truth, the Muslim Brotherhood is hoping that under a President Biden, the U.S. would remove the group from the list of terrorist organizations.

Yet “no US administration can afford to dismiss the warning bells sounded by Arabs in the wake of the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempt to present itself as a peaceful group that seeks to bring freedom and democracy to the Arab world.”

Here in America, anti-Semite activist Linda Sarsour has made her preference for Biden quite clear.

I want [Biden] to defeat Trump so we can mobilize our movements to hold him accountable and push him to do and be better.  We can’t do that with Trump.

In fact, “[t]his year, 110 Muslim candidates were on general-election ballots across 24 states and Washington, D.C.  Two representatives — Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — are Muslim,” and their hatred for Trump is on daily display.

Many Muslim Americans want Biden to change refugee limits to allow more migrants into the United States — the country that is allegedly racist and anti-Muslim.

So while they rail against the United States, one must wonder why they want to settle more Muslims here.

Could it be the implementation of hijrah?  Hijrah is immigration by jihadists who seek to populate and dominate new lands.  They have absolutely no intention of assimilating peacefully in a new host nation.  In fact, they scorn the host nation’s traditions and legal systems.  Rather, hijrah is a means to “colonize and then transform non-Muslim target societies since the ultimate goal is global submission to sharia law.”

Let us unpack what the Muslim Brotherhood means when it speaks of a world living “in dignity under the principles of freedom, justice, democracy and respect for human rights.”

For the Muslim Brotherhood and its adherents, “doing ‘good’ has never meant practicing the … Western Golden Rule for the sake of mankind or recognizing and legitimizing the other, but only domestically, doing good within the Islamic community.”

The pinnacle of that ‘good’ in political terms is to promote Islam as the only religion and to work for the advancement of Islamic interests.  Therefore, it is important for Western public opinion to understand that when Muslims declare in praise of peace, tranquility, and cooperation it is not for mutual peaceful relationships with the infidels, in a pluralistic world, according to Western conceptions, but only for the Islamic interests, advancement, and achievements.  There is no recognition and no acceptance of the other’s legitimate existence.

How does hijrah advance this?   Each stage works to promote the idea of an Islamic global caliphate.   Muslims must keep their Islamic identity and must not integrate and assimilate in their host societies.  Mosques are central features of life, and clerics serve as the “main political component in the process of the phased strategy resulting in the occupation of the infidel’s land.”

Another component that serves as a “political declaration of supremacy concerns street prayers which have nothing to do with practicing the religion but serve as a political agitation against the outer society.”  Yet they “have enough places of prayers, and mosques abound.  But closing the main streets with masses is totally political, to introduce the Islamic call.”

To Western thinking “Muslim activities … appear to be reasonable and logical among the host society’s mind, as if they are part of the culture and religion to be cherished in a pluralistic liberal society.”  But “the infidels do not understand  the meaning and aims of the Islamic standings … and fall to the hazards Islam poses.  The infidels’ ignorance and the gaps of cultures increase the Muslims’ demands and actually empower them.”

That Biden has stated that he wishes that schools would teach more about the Islamic faith is music to those whose ultimate aim is Islamic domination.  Biden is either unaware of the true reality of Islamic ideas of supremacy or on board with them.  As a tool for the totalitarian left, he is the perfect point man.  As Jim Simpson points out in The Red-Green Axis 2.0: An Existential Threat to America and the World, the international Marxists (think BLM) and Islamic alliance continue to grow more potent because of their “inspired mass migration to erase American constitutional liberty.”  In a word: hijrah.

The result is disastrous for America and a win for the jihadists.  No wonder they are rooting for Biden.


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Details about the election fraud

Sidney Powell gives details about the election fraud Kraken

By Andrea Widburg

A few days ago, Sidney Powell said that the Trump team would release the Kraken (a mythical giant squid that shatters sailing ships) against the election results that claim Biden won. On Sunday, Powell spelled out what this Trump Kraken looks like – and she vouches for its existence. Based on the details she imparted, the Biden dinghy (for it’s certainly not a ship of state) isn’t just going to take on water; it’s going to a long-deserved rendezvous with Davy Jones’s locker.

Powell, who has been working to save General Flynn from the morass his first attorneys, who were compromised, led him into, is now part of President Trump’s post-election team. On Friday, she appeared on the Lou Dobbs show and memorably said, “I’m going to release the Kraken.”

The problem is that we Trump supporters have been hearing many promises to expose election fraud. And yes, there has been a lot of fraud shown: In myriad jurisdictions, people are testifying about absentee-ballot dumps, banned poll watchers, cemetery votes, etc. But there’s always been the worry that these actions, while true, may not convince a judge (or nine justices) to overturn the election.

Then word started leaking out that statistics could prove that the enormous Biden surges after the polls shut down were statistical impossibilities. American Thinker authors have written about some of those problems before, so I won’t rehash them. If you’re curious, you can find some examples here, here, here, here, and here, all of which are written in easy-to-understand English, rather than statistician or programmer English. Nevertheless, it was not entirely clear that the Trump team understood the immensity of what happened.

On Sunday morning, however, Sidney Powell appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show and revealed that the Trump team understands exactly what happened. The statistical analyses are right on the money, and Powell claims she has detailed evidence about who committed election fraud and how they did it. According to her, the evidence is ready to be shown before the certification date, and it may mandate an entirely new election – only one without fraud.

The culprits are Dominion Voting Systems, which makes election software, and Smartmatic, which makes the voting machines on which the software runs. Neither company is American, so our elections are being run through Europe, not America.

You’ve already heard a lot about problems with Dominion. It’s so unreliable that Texas refused to certify it, and there may be evidence that one of Dominion’s vice presidents is a Trump hater and Antifa supporter.

Meanwhile, over at Smartmatic, which three Venezuelan engineers created, there are all sorts of questionable connections. First, the company is incredibly cagey about its overseas ownership – and it may still be tied to Venezuela (that would be Maduro’s Venezuela). In 2014, Smartmatic became a subsidiary of SGO Corp. Ltd., a London-based holding company, with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown as chairman of the board. Brown, who came up through the British Labour Party’s ranks, has close ties to George Soros.

There are also questions about Peter Neffenger, Chairman of the Board at Smartmatic. He’s a retired admiral who worked as the head of the TSA under Obama. Since the election, Neffenger has joined the Biden transition team! Yes, the man from the company whose computers were at the heart of fraud allegations in the allegation is helping Biden move into the White House.

Powell alleges that these companies designed the software and machinery specifically to support voter fraud, that they’re in league with corrupt American politicians, and that they switched hundreds of thousands, even millions, of votes away from Trump in the various contested states (and, one assumes, in others as well). Moreover, Powell says she has first-hand testimony about the fraud and that there’s a veritable “fire hose” of corroborative evidence coming in.

The most crucial line in the entire interview (I think) is what Powell said what Bartiromo asked if she could prove any of this: “I never say anything I can’t prove.”

Here’s the interview and you’ll want to watch every word:

Additionally, after the interview, Powell tweeted that Trump has given her team the go-ahead to expose the fraud:


Do you hear the sound of Biden and Co. running for the lifeboats? I’d like to think that I do.


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It’s a Coup.

It’s a Coup. Just Say It!

By Jay Valentine

Political science types have a word for every happening.  One is the Overton Window.  Like lots of these terms, it is not too scientific, but it well describes things observed every day.

For instance, the idea that an eight-year-old boy decides to be a girl, because he feels like it, and is then medicated with hormone therapy to look as close to a girl as science enables was once a preposterous idea.  Then it was possible, then probable, and now, voilà!  A boy is now a girl, and if you use the wrong pronoun, you lose your job!

Meet the Overton Window: that period of time when something seemingly quite impossible becomes mainstream.

This is a game two can play.


Say it: “This is not just election fraud, it is a coup.”

Say it, and it will start to sink in.  As it does, at least for you, your Overton Window opens up.  The impossibility that the election of the president of the United States of America can be overthrown by preprogrammed, organized election fraud — that a likely landslide was turned into a loss — happened.  You saw it.

That window is about to open up for our nation.

What’s a coup feel like?

We are all accustomed to seeing tanks around a white palace and palm trees.  Lots of them.  The streets are quiet and the means of communication controlled by the new junta types.  There are corpulent generals with white uniforms and lots of medals.  That seems to be our picture.

This week may be the first time a sophisticated modern society had a coup.  There, I said it again.  Not so startling after you read it a couple of times.

A modern-day coup, where Big Media, Big Tech, a political party, and likely the intelligence agencies gather to change vote counts, both electronically and physically, has much the same result without the tanks and fat generals in white uniforms.  The first result is that everyone, or about everyone knows it was a coup.  They don’t use that word as it does have an edge to it. 

Some stay silent in collaboration.  Some do not want to be singled out.  Some protest.  Many benefit.  Most just acquiesce.

We’ll see.

Coups sound really cool to the people who instigate them — in this case, those noted above.  They justify it in their end-justifies-the-means minds and move on.

It works in third-world countries because for them, there is no tomorrow.  The armed forces just mandate compliance, and life moves on.

In a sophisticated society like ours, that is a little stickier.  Let’s go there.

Overwhelming evidence has already come out about institutional voter fraud — for example, here and here.

You will see many more math geeks showing that there was massive voter fraud, and you will not see a single deeply researched math person saying their math is wrong.  That’s important.

OK, you met Overton above.  Meet Occam.

Occam’s razor is the name given to a critical thought shortcut, which dates back to the Middle Ages, saying that when you are looking at a really complicated problem, for which there are many causes, the simplest explanation is likely to be the correct one.

Our pal Occam describes how people come to reason through a problem.  Americans, particularly 71 million of them, see all the complicated stuff about voter fraud yet see that it isn’t that complicated at all.  Votes were stolen from Trump by many means.  They read articles like the two above.

Applying critical thought, let’s bring in another old, dead white guy, Bayes.  Bayes was an 18th-century reverend who had a thing or two to say about how people reason.  Bayes’s Theorem measured something like this: if someone knows something with incomplete information, when more information comes in, this happens.  “This” is how new info impacts the person’s conclusion.

Well, folks, let’s just sit down at the poker table with Occam, Overton, and Bayes.  Together they conclude that as more information appears about organized election fraud, people’s conclusions are likely to move from “election anecdotes” to “election fraud” to “WTF, this was a coup!”

Some of us are already there.

Why is this important?

As long as we continue to screw around, acting as though we are dealing with voter fraud rather than an organized coup, we are playing their game — the fat generals in Big Media and the coup-instigators.  When we start calling this event what it is, a coup, we impact everyone’s Overton Window.

Want to have great fun?  Just watch the Chris Wallace and media types go wild when we say “coup.”

When one is in the middle of a historic event, one does not know it.  Seems like just another day.  In hindsight, wow, I was there!  I saw our country fake the vote and put an early dementia patient in the president-elect column.

The question for us all is how this story ends.  We were there.  We were at the axis of history.

What did we do?

It’s a coup.


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What Trump (and we) should do

What Trump (and we) should do

By Frank J. Tipler

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  So wrote Edmund Burke in 1770.  It is true today.

The evidence is overwhelming that Donald Trump won the honest election.  Crooked Joe won the dishonest election.  I’m not going to give a link for this.  Do your own research.  Anyone can quibble over the data in any link I could provide.  If you do your own research, you can believe in your conclusions.

Under the Constitution, no one has been elected President until the Electoral College votes on December 14.  Further, the legislature of each state appoints that state’s electors. In six states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — the fraudulent ballots were intentionally so mixed with the legal ballots that separation is no longer possible.  An honest count of the vote is absolutely impossible.  So the legislatures of each of these states should either appoint their own electors, or at the very least refuse to certify the vote for president in their states.

To certify a fraud is much, much worse than doing nothing. To certify is to actively participate in the fraud.  Biden and his fellow criminals have made it crystal clear that if they take power, they will make sure there will never again be an honest election in the United States.  We, the hard-working, honest men and women of America, will forever be slaves.

If these six states refuse to certify the vote, refuse to appoint electors, then the Constitution requires the House of Representatives elect the president, with each of the fifty states having one vote.

Allowing the next president to be elected by the House of Representatives is the only way to stop the totalitarian fascists who control the Democratic Party from taking power.

Trump should ask the Supreme Court to order the legislatures in the above-mentioned six states to select their own electors, or at least make no selection, since selecting any set of electors based on a fraudulent vote would deny the honest voters their right to vote. Trump should make it very clear to the Supreme Court that if they refuse to act to prevent this fraud, then they themselves would become the very people denounced by Burke:  good men (and women) who would do nothing.

That is what Trump should do.  What should we do?  We should do something!

First we should contribute to Trump’s fund to support legal challenges to the stolen election.  Second, we should contact anyone we know in the six states and ask them to contact their state representatives to ask them to either select their own states’ electors, or at the very least refuse to certify the fraud.  Refuse to participate in evil.

Third, and most importantly, Do not lose hope!  Never give up.  Never surrender.  Do not listen to the lies that Trump has given up.  Do not listen to the lies that stopping this monstrous outrage is impossible.  It is very possible to win.

If we give up, if we do nothing, then surely evil will triumph.


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