New York Times’ Rod Rosenstein Story

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Kevin Hassett full Sept. 21 interview

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Time to call out Democrats

Time to call out Democrats for the liars they are

By Tom Trinko

Amazingly some conservative/ Republican sources are acting as though Christine Blasey Ford isn’t either delusional or lying through her teeth.

If the Democrats and the left had a history of being honest, believing that there might be a shred of truth in Blasey Ford’s statements would be understandable, but given the simple fact that Democrat politicians, left-wing commentators, and the entire fake news media do nothing but lie, it’s insane for anyone to treat Blasey Ford better than the Democrats are treating the woman who is accusing Keith Ellison.

We all know that Anita Hill was a liar because the fact that she followed Judge Clarence Thomas when he moved to a new job shows that she wasn’t that offended by anything he did.  The Democrats have learned their lesson, so Christine Blasey Ford is someone who apparently only met Kavanaugh once and who doesn’t remember any details about the event that could be used to discredit her charge.

Anyone who thinks that the Democrats won’t produce a woman who will claim that whoever Trump nominates tried to rape them is clinically insane.  And if Trump nominates a woman they’ll find some other fake charge, like she belongs to a “cult”, to smear her.

It’s time to call out publicly and repeatedly the massive lies of the Democrats and their propaganda arm, the fake news media.  Republicans should take a lesson from Trump; don’t pretend that modern Democrat politicians are decent, honest men who disagree, rather call them out for being the racist liars that they are.

  • Democrats lie about caring about blacks. Democrats do nothing to end the slaughter of blacks in Democratic-run cities.
  • Democrats lie about global warming. The climate models are all wrong because data shows the earth warming 2.7 times slower than the rate that the climate models claim.
  • Democrats lie about Trump colluding with the Russians.  They knew from the beginning that the Steele dossier was a bunch of unverified gossip from Russian sources.
  • Democrats lie about abortion. Science tells us that the unborn are human beings but Democrats lie about that all the time.
  • Democrats lie about the transgendered. Democrats just want to empower this insanity even though people who have sex-change surgery are much more likely to commit suicide than sane people.
  • Democrats lie about gays. Democrats tell us that the gay lifestyle is great and in the next breathe tell us that we must spend billions on curing AIDS.
  • Democrats lie about what Trump says.  Trump condemns fake news media and the media says that he’s condemning the idea of a free press. Trump says that some illegals are criminals and the Democrats say he said all illegals are criminals. 
  • Democrats lie about welfare. They continue to push the same old failing welfare programs long after it’s clear they’ve failed.
  • Democrats lie about caring about women.  All of the monsters who have been outed by the #MeToo movement have been Democrats.

It’s time for every Republican to declare that it’s a sad day that we can’t trust a woman who claiming to have been assaulted because of the nonstop lying by Democrats on every issue under the sun.  We need to shout from the rooftops that the clearly political staging of Blasey Ford’s claim undermines the public’s trust in women who were in fact assaulted and as such Democrats are working hard to undermine women.

We will not win if we continue to act as though modern Democrats and their fake news media propaganda are good people. Because if we don’t stand up and shout out the truth the average American won’t realize the mendacity of the Democrat politicians.

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There’s Nothing to Investigate

Ford vs. Kavanaugh: There’s Nothing to Investigate

By Tom Trinko

The fact that Christine Blasey Ford is refusing to testify before Congress makes it clear that even she doesn’t think she’s credible.

But wait, you say: she’s willing to testify after an FBI investigation.

The problem with that is that there is nothing to investigate.  Christine Blasey Ford’s claims don’t involve rape; that’s just her opinion of what was going on.  She wasn’t even undressed; her clothes weren’t ripped; and once she got off the bed, the alleged rapist just let her walk away and eventually leave the house without any further problem.  That’s the worst-case scenario, assuming she’s not lying.  That sure sounds more like a drunk kid clumsily hitting on a girl who he thought was interested than a kid intent on raping a girl.  It’s bad, to be sure, but it’s not “destroy a person’s life decades later” bad.

Forget that for a moment.  Let’s assume that everything she’s said is true.  What could the FBI investigate?

The bureau would have to find every house in the area where there had been a party for teens over a period of several years and see if anyone remembered anything.  Remember: not only doesn’t Christine Blasey Ford remember the house that this amazingly traumatic event occurred in, but she’s not even sure what year it was.

But what could any of those people remember?  If Christine Blasey Ford isn’t lying, there are only three possible witnesses: herself, Kavanaugh, and Judge.  According to Christine Blasey Ford’s account, whoever else – the number seems to be changing with time – was in the house would have no way of knowing if something had happened, since the stereo was too loud for anyone not in the room to hear her screams.

What Christine Blasey Ford is asking for is for the FBI to spend literally years tracking down every party anyone at Kavanaugh’s or her high school went to over a span of several years decades ago.  Then, having found nothing more than what we already know today – there are only three people who can be witnesses, according to Christine Blasey Ford, and we already know who they are – then and only then might Christine Blasey Ford be willing to testify.

Every sane person realizes that decades after an event such as what Christine Blasey Ford describes, the only evidence is the witnesses’ testimony.  We can’t do a rape kit when there was no rape.  We can’t check for DNA when there was no sex.  We can’t check phone records when there were no cell phones.

Whether it’s now or after an FBI investigation, it all boils down to the witnesses identified by Christine Blasey Ford.  Kavanaugh has never been accused of such behavior before in his life and says it didn’t happen.  Judge says it didn’t happen.  And Christine Blasey Ford didn’t even mention it to anyone for decades.  When she did mention it, her claim was contradicted by the notes her therapist took.  Which is more likely: he didn’t understand what she was saying, or she desperately needs to change her story to attack Kavanaugh?

What Christine Blasey Ford and her Democrat enablers are asking is that we should allow her charges to go forward without her actually having to expose herself to perjury charges until after a years-long FBI investigation.

The FBI looked at her claim and said there was nothing to investigate.  Either the Democrats have to say the FBI is incompetent, which will really undermine their war on Trump, or they have to accept that there is nothing to investigate.

It’s clear that the Democrats are just trying to delay the vote so they can keep the Court as a tool to make up the laws that Democrats can’t get passed through the democratic process.

It’s time to end this farce.  In every valid #MeToo case, the perpetrators harassed several women, and they harassed in the present, not just decades ago.  All the Democrats have is one politically active leftist woman who can’t even remember where the alleged assault occurred.  She has a lot of incentive to lie and, until she is forced to testify under oath, no reason to tell the truth if it doesn’t support her attack on Kavanaugh.

For those people who say we must believe the “victim,” we can only point to the many cases where women have lied about being assaulted.  Take the stripper in the Duke Lacrosse case, the college student in the Rolling Stone story, and Nikki Yovino.  While leftists think we should just presume that every non-leftist man is guilty based on the uncorroborated claims of one woman, that’s not how justice works.  Women aren’t always honest, and men aren’t always rapists.

Everything about Christine Blasey Ford’s actions – wanting to be able to accuse Kavanaugh anonymously, refusing to testify, not remembering the facts necessary to check her claims, waiting until after the last minute to come forward – is fundamentally different from the other #MeToo cases we’ve seen.  Further, Kavanaugh is completely different from the perpetrators in other #MeToo cases.  Women say he’s a gentleman.  No other accusations have surfaced since he was in high school.  There is no pattern of harassment – only the word of one politically active woman who hates his adherence to the Constitution.

Ignoring for the moment the double standard that let Ted Kennedy to murder a woman and stay in politics but demands that Kavanaugh be cast into darkness based on the uncorroborated, denied, and full of problems claims of one woman, if Kavanaugh isn’t appointed because of this, no conservative will ever be appointed again, because there will always be a leftist woman willing to lie so that she can make sure Americans can keep killing their unborn babies.

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Armed Invasion

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September 19, 2018
No way any conservative should stay home in November
By Silvio Canto, Jr.


Once in a while, we hear some on our side say voting does not matter. Why vote Republican? they say. What difference does it make?

Over the last two weeks, we saw in the U.S. Senate “exhibit A” of why the Democrats cannot be allowed to take over the Congress. Also, we watch Miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fumble and gibber while trying to explain how we are going to pay for universal health care.

Why vote Republican? The answer is that the Democrats are out of their minds, to put it politely.

This is our “ghost of the future” moment.

I agree with Investor’s Business Daily:

Democrats are warning conservatives, and those who would appoint them, that they will do anything to derail their nominations. That includes flagrant attempts at character assassination – even if that requires throwing out unverifiable allegations from the distant past at the 11th hour.

At this point, the only real question that needs an answer is whether Republicans will reward Democrats for their craven attempts to scare highly qualified conservatives away from public service.

We had a view of the future last week, and it includes Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris, screamers yelling obscenities, and other forms of total madness.

Not totally happy with the GOP? I am not thrilled, either, but it is only thing standing between sanity and what we are watching in the U.S. Senate.

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You don’t have a case

‘I’m sorry, but you don’t have a case’

By William Dodd

The quote is by Debra Katz, a Washington lawyer specializing in sexual harassment cases.  Katz gained notoriety in the ’90s by attempting to dismiss the validity of the Paula Jones sexual harassment case against Bill Clinton.  According to court transcripts, Jones claimed that in 1991, then-governor Clinton, after inviting Jones to his hotel room, had “put his hand on her leg, started sliding it toward her pelvic area, and bent down to attempt to kiss her on the neck, all without her consent.”  Jones alleges that Clinton then dropped his pants and exposed himself to her and asked her to kiss his exposed self.

In trying to legally diminish the Jones case, Katz made several public statements in 1998 regarding the interpretation of valid sexual harassment incidents.  Katz’s comments were all in the context of “even if Jones’s allegations are true.”

  • In March of 1998: “Paula Jones’ suit is very, very, very weak.  She’s alleged one incident that took place in a hotel room that, by her own testimony, lasted 10 to 12 minutes.”
  • In April 1998: “[This was] clearly a one-time incident that took place in 10 to 12 minutes, she was not forced to have sex, she left on her own volition” and thus not enough to create a valid sexual harassment claim.
  • Later in 1998: “If a woman came to me with a similar fact pattern, I would probably tell her that I’m sorry, it’s unfair, but you don’t have a case.”

Christine Blasey Ford, who has come forward as an accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, is not alleging that Kavanaugh did anything close to what Bill Clinton is alleged to have done with Paula Jones.  It seems that Debra Katz, with her interpretation of sexual harassment, would be the perfect lawyer for Judge Kavanaugh to engage and have in the foxhole with him to fade the Blasey Ford allegations.  Katz is experienced and adept at spinning her clients’ cases in the media and downplaying the validity of sexual harassment allegations.

But wait: it turns out that Katz will not be available to help Judge Kavanaugh.  She is a big Democratic Party donor.  The Washington Post has just reported that she has already been engaged by Christine Blasey Ford to represent her with her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

The Katz flip on the interpretation of valid sexual harassment incidents could go down as one of the great instances of legal hypocrisy in recent years.  Unfortunately for balance in our judicial system, it seems more and more that legal hypocrisy is a disease of lawyers primarily representing those with Democratic Party leanings.  Even though attorney Katz is unwilling to be honest with her client, hopefully leading senators on both sides of the aisle will have the political integrity and fortitude to say to Christine Blasey Ford: “I’m sorry, but you don’t have a case.”

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Why The Media is Panicking

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Liberal Students Asked About Booming Economy

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Venezuela’s Maduro

Venezuela’s Maduro Instagrammed on his big steak pig-out

By Monica Showalter

Amazing everyone, and not in a good way, Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro has been Instagrammed pigging out on a big prime steak dinner by a Turkish celebrity chef famous for serving $275 meat plates at the Miami version of his restaurant empire.  Maduro was Instagrammed dining from Istanbul.

This makes quite an impression, as he bears responsibility for a nation where the locals are forced to dine on spoiled meat, zoo animals, rats, and family pets, if they can get anything at all, and who otherwise fight with machetes over garbage scraps to avoid starvation.  Millions have fled from hunger alone.  Thirty percent of Venezuela’s population makes do on one meal a day, and the average weight loss for every Venezuelan in Maduro’s socialist hellhole is now 24 pounds per person, up from last year’s 19.  There are people in the country who look like this, which I can’t even joke about.

Incredibly, it’s not the first time Maduro’s done it.

Maduro does have a reputation for pig-stupidity, and the fact that the Instagrammed video was taken down by the chef, Nusret Gökçe, known as Salt Bae, who happens to have a record as an odious leftist defender of dictators, suggests recognition of a mistake made.

But the fact that it’s happened before, as the second video shows, with Maduro reaching into his presidential desk on live television to take a chomp off an empanada he kept there, suggests that maybe more is going on.

As I noted here in my earlier AT piece about that:

Maduro, a former bus driver, is colossally stupid and may have been doing just what came naturally to his uncouth self in taking the bite out of the empanada, having no sense of propriety or sense of the office he holds.  But the message sent to Venezuelans is clear enough: the elites eat.  The poor don’t.

It’s starting to look less like stupidity now and more as though he’s flaunting it.  Ask Marie Antoinette or the Ceaușescus how well that worked out.

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It’s good to be a Socialist King

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Deep State

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A constitutional crisis

Why the Russia hoax is a constitutional crisis

By Thomas Lifson

Mark Wauck, retired FBI agent and AT contributor, has written an important essay on the true dimensions of the Russia hoax, on his blog Meaning in History. Building on Andrew McCarthy’s close analysis of the redacted FISA warrants two days ago. I will take the liberty of quoting his argument, but urge those interested to read the whole thing:

McCarthy gets to the heart of the matter–the first of many important points he makes–right up front:

Page has never been charged with any crime, much less with espionage. That is a salient fact because to get a FISA warrant on an American citizen, the FBI is required to show that the citizen’s activities on behalf of a foreign power violate federal criminal law. The FBI and Justice Department went to the FISA court four times over nine months, from October 2016 through June 2017, claiming to have grounds that Page was involved in heinous clandestine activity. Why isn’t he in handcuffs?

I believe it is because they never had a case. All they appear to have had were the 2013 attempt by Russian spies to recruit Page as an asset, and the Steele dossier.

Now here’s what I want to make clear. The original FISA order, when the target is a US Person (USPER) such as Carter Page, lasts for 90 days. A FISA order can be renewed, but the renewal is NOTgranted on an “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again” basis. To get an extension on a FISA–and let me say here that I completely agree with McCarthy that the initial FISA was pure BS–the FBI has to either:

1) make a reasonable showing that it is making progress in its investigation as a result of its use of FISA, i.e., it is moving forward with additional evidence gained through FISA that tends to confirm the presentation of the case that was made in the initial application, or

2) in the absence of such progress, the FBI must make a reasonable showing that the extension is likely to produce progress.

No extension should be granted unless one or the other condition is met; if not, the FISA should be shut down. Yet in this case three extensions were granted–despite the fact, as McCarthy convincingly shows, that there is absolutely no reason to suppose that either condition was ever met. We’ll know for sure if/when President Trump finally declassifies these documents, but any fair reader of the redacted versions will be forced to McCarthy’s conclusion: The FBI never had a case.

Prescinding from the corruption involved in the initial application, the fact that there were three extensions requested and granted is astounding–it should truly shock any normally aware citizen. That the top levels of both the FBI and DoJ should approve the extension requests, having nothing to show for their previous supposed investigative efforts, and that four separate Federal judges should approve such threadbare–not to say facially deficient and therefore bad faith–applications in a case that is so consequential for our Constitutional order strains credulity. And yet that, barring truly shocking new revelations that contradict all that we’ve learn thus far, is exactly what happened.

In light of this I would go beyond [Scott] Johnson’s characterization [in Powerline here]of this as “scandal”–the only suitable word, not to be lightly used, is “crisis.” And it’s a continuing crisis. The reaction of both Democrats as well as NeverTrump Republicans in the House and Senate has been bad enough, but the lackadaisical, dilatory, response of DoJ in the face of such scandal has simply been shameful.

Official portrait of Rod Rosenstein, Deputy AG whosppointed and supervises the Mueller investigation, siged the final FISA warrant application

Consider what we have learned to this point. All the evidence points to a conspiracy to prevent the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. Failing this, the continuing conspiracy sought to terminate his presidency, presumably through the impeachment process, or failing that, to hamstring it through innuendo and outright slander. It’s a scandal, and it’s a scandal built on an outright hoax–the Russia Hoax. This conspiracy that I’ve referred to was a conspiracy involved the core institutions of the Executive Branch of government: the Department of Justice–including the FBI–the “Intelligence Community” generally, including the CIA and DNI, and the Department of State. But if all this weren’t appalling enough, this conspiracy against the integrity of our fundamental institutions and our courts–even our electoral processes–extended to enlisting the cooperation of the intelligence agencies of a foreign power–Great Britain (GCHQ and MI6), not Russia!–against our own government.

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More Problems for Socialist Venezuela

In Venezuela, Huge Hike in Minimum Wage Forces 40 Percent of Stores to Close

Numerous people wait in line in front of a grocery store in Caracas, Venezuela, 6 January 2018. (Photo by: Rayner Pena/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decided that the best way to deal with the country’s hyperinflation was to raise the minimum wage.

Sounds harmless, doesn’t it? Who could begrudge poor people a little raise in wages?

Except that inflation in Venezuela is currently running at about 2400 percent a year — 200 percent in August alone. And Maduro increased the minimum wage 3,500 percent while forbidding store owners from raising prices.

Does that sound like a Democratic Party platform or what?

Needless to say, most store owners are about to give up, with 40 percent of the country’s retail outlets closing their doors.

Miami Herald:

The problem is that Venezuelan companies are being forced to sell at prices far below cost just as employee salaries are increasing by 60 times, Uzcátegui said.What’s more, the regime has banned stores from increasing their prices in order to cover the increases in salaries, arguing that it is not necessary.

If they do increase prices, store owners or managers can wind up in prison, Uzcátegui said.

“We have inspections, and they force us to sell at last month’s prices,” she said. “That takes money away from the business because of the hyperinflation, when you can’t even sell at yesterday’s prices because you lose money.”

“And anyone who protests against these measures runs the risk of going to jail, without the right to appeal, without the right to anything, simply because the official whose turn it was to inspect the store just felt like arresting you. He did it, and that’s all,” she said.

No, this scenario isn’t likely to happen here. But the thinking that led to this nightmare in Venezuela is alive and well in the U.S.

The slogan “Fight for 15,” which headlines the drive for a $15 minimum wage, was born in the fevered imaginations of socialists whose knowledge and understanding of basic economics approaches that of a freshman in high school. But they are positively economic geniuses compared to Maduro. Can you imagine a meeting between Maduro and his economic advisers? What do they talk about?

My guess is the advisers approve of every cockamamie idea Maduro comes up with because the alternative is jail — or worse. It’s “La La Land” without the “La” and the Venezuelan people are suffering horribly because of it.

The Organization of American States (OAS) is not ruling out a military intervention in Venezuela if things get much worse.

Associated Press:

“With respect to a military intervention to overthrow Nicolas Maduro’s regime, I don’t think any option should be ruled out,” [OAS Secretary General Luis] Almagro said at a press conference in the Colombian city of Cucuta. “What Nicolas Maduro’s regime is perpetrating are crimes against humanity, the violation of the human rights and the suffering of people that is inducing an exodus. Diplomatic actions should be the first priority but we shouldn’t rule out any action.”

Venezuela’s neighbors will eventually force the issue of intervention as the number of people fleeing the country continues to swell the refugee camps along its borders. The U.S. is rightly keeping a low profile, although, in a crisis, we should be prepared to offer logistical assistance to the OAS — but no more.

That prospect is growing more likely as Venezuela slowly melts down.

Full Story:

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Sec. of State Pompeo

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