Joe Biden’s crazy rant

In a crazy rant, Joe Biden tells reporters what kinds of questions they can ask

By Monica Showalter

Is Joe Biden losing it?

Falling in the polls in Iowa, looking at that indirect political backlight on his son Hunter’s sleazy Ukrainian business dealings as Democrats desperatedly scramble to make a new scandal about Trump, he’s now reduced to yelling at reporters.

Jabbing and pointing at a dweeby harmless-looking reporter, and slurring his speech, Joe aggressively hollered:

‘…You should be asking [Trump] the question: Why is he on the phone with a foreign leader, trying to intimidate a foreign leader? (pauses for wild finger waving) …if that’s what happened, that’s (inaudible) what happened. You should be looking at Trump! Trump’s doing this because I beat him like a drum! And he’s using an abuse of power, and every element of a presidency to try to do something to smear me! Everybody looked at this, and everybody who’s looked at it said there’s nothing there! Ask the right questions! (reporter tries to get a word in edgewise, fails) Here’s what I know: That Trump deserves to be investigated…”

Reporters aren’t the most sympathetic characters out there, given their past sucky-uppiness to the Obama administration, and their willing to making themselves Democratic operatives with bylines, but oh, goodness, look what happens when one of them doesn’t suck up.

Now he’s telling them what kinds of questions they’re allowed to ask. Which is doing it wrong, and quite likely to annoy the press.

David Martosko, the Daily Mail’s big Washington guy, first noticed that aspect of Biden’s meltdown, even as most press attention went to Biden’s demand that the press spotlight be directed to Trump.

Martosko’s not a guy any leftist buffoon pol wants to get too interested in him. But now Joe’s got Martosko’s attention, so one can probably count on some more attention from Martosko to the man’s tantrums.

Apparently, Joe’s so used to the press sucking up from his Obama days he can’t help himself now that he’s not drawing the same adoring treatment. He goes into meltdown when one of them wanders off the plantation, telling them what kinds of questions they’re allowed to ask. Not a way to win the hearts of the media the way Obama did. One can expect he might actually get some bad coverage now, something any savvy politician would know, but not Joe.

Brittle little feller, no? Something tells me this guy isn’t waving, he’s drowning.


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Joe Biden loses his lead

Joe Biden loses his lead, just in time for Iowa

By Monica Showalter

Joe Biden’s been losing momentum for a while, and in early-state Iowa, his numbers finally crossed with second-place contender, Elizabeth Warren.

According to the Des Moines Register:

Elizabeth Warren has surged in Iowa, narrowly overtaking Joe Biden and distancing herself from fellow progressive Bernie Sanders, the latest Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows.

Warren, the U.S. senator from Massachusetts, now holds a 2-percentage-point lead, with 22% of likely Democratic caucusgoers saying she is their first choice for president. It is the first time she has led in the Register’s poll.

Former Vice President Biden, who had led each of the Register’s three previous 2020 cycle polls, follows her at 20%. Sanders, the U.S. senator from Vermont, has fallen to third place with 11%.

No other candidate reaches double digits.

“This is the first major shakeup” in what had been a fairly steady race, said J. Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co., which conducted the poll. “It’s the first time we’ve had someone other than Joe Biden at the top of the leader board.”

The Register’s poll was taken from Sept. 14-18, reflecting the views of 602 likely Democratic caucus-goers who are the key people to watch. Fox News has more here.

Not mentioned in the report, its beginning followed by one day the third debate of the Democrats, which featured Biden flailing around and having some problems with his teeth, Warren looking pretty good by default for not being asked that many questions, Bernie Sanders shouting himself hoarse like an angry old man at the television set, Harris being the same old Harris (which is why she remains stuck at that 6% mark) and Buttigieg annoying people with his sanctimony. Julian Castro, as we noted, collapsed to a miserable 1%, with then-non-participant Tulsi Gabbard commanding twice his lead (the Democrats punished her for taking out Harris in debate two by keeping her out). And not only did Castro drop to the bottom of he barrel, his negatives skyrocketed threefold to 36%, and that’s among lefties alone.

Many pundits did think Warren won the debate, which would probably explain the bulk of the crossover, given that the Register points out that most likely Democratic caucus goers are still kind of mushy on who they support for president, with many switching their orientation to who can beat Trump rather than who has the best platform from their lefty points of view. If Warren came off just not looking like a fool and the others did, it would explain a shift to Warren.

But something else started wafting around that gets my attention – emerging news about Joe Biden’s corrupt pocket-lining and nepotistic cronyism via his troubled son, Hunter.

On Sept. 19, one day after the Iowa poll was concluded, news broke from the Washington Post about the so-called whistleblower who was upset at President Trump’s phone call about a then-unnamed foreign leader. A couple days later, it emerged that the disputed phone call was with the president of Ukraine, over Biden’s son’s suspicious business dealings, his ties to his dad, and his gigantic payday, something the Trump administration was apparently encouraging the Ukrainians to investigate.

These precise details didn’t leak out exactly when the poll was done, but the New York Times, in its rundown of the matter, noted that the leaks were wafting around at least a week earlier. Could the politically engaged Iowa caucus-goers have heard them? It’s kind of possible.

Why would I think that matters? Because it was precisely news of this kind of collusion and corruption that shifted Donald Trump’s poll numbers with Hillary Clinton’s in the final days to the 2016 general election. It’s my sense that then-FBI director James Comey’s exoneration of Clinton, not his investigation itself, was what signaled to voters that some kind of fix was in, given the magnitude of Clinton’s ‘extremely careless’ security violations, given that a Navy small fry got jailtime for a far less serious violation.

Now there’s this news of Joe Biden coordinating with his kid Hunter over giant sums of money coming from Ukraine and Biden’s yelling that Trump is the bad guy, same as Hillary yelled that Comey was the bad guy, yet the original sin remains the bigger story.

It may not be responsible for the entire voting crossover in Iowa as reported by the poll, but it’s hard to not think this kind of raw corruption at a minimum might just keep the momentum moving downward for Biden and upward for Warren. It’s a really appalling story of pocket-lining and corruption, and Warren, by contrast is running on a supposed anti-corruption platform, exactly the right weapon to use to take out old Joe at his vulnerable point.

I think a bridge has been crossed with this Biden scandal and now Warren is consolidating her lead. It certainly would explain why Biden was going crazy to a reporter in this Twitter video clip, telling the reporter what he’s allowed to ask. Democrats are likely just as hungry for an end to the swamp life as Republicans are, though Republicans reached that Rubicon first in 2016. For that reason, it’s well worth watching how Biden behaves in this Ukraine scandal, given that in all likelihood, it’s the big dragon most likely to take him down.


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The Best CNN Takedown Video

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Soros and the ‘whistleblower’

Soros and the ‘whistleblower’ non-scandal

By Thomas Lifson

Oh boy, hold onto your hats. The latest propaganda campaign to discredit President Trump has Soros roots, according to someone in the know that I trust.

Victoria Toensing is not given to empty charges (or empty threats).

The extremely knowledgeable and well-connected DC superlawyer took to Twitter yesterday to let us know that the fine hand of Soros is at work and the she knows what is going on and will enlighten us in due time:

There is a conspiracy theory that has occurred to a number of conservatives: that this is really an operation meant to drive Biden out of the race because his corruption in Ukraine would torpedo him if he becomes the Democrat nominee. The theory is that only by first seeming to implicate Trump would the media leap onto the subject of Ukraine. Once the story is on the table, it will backfire, as Biden’s corruption becomes undeniable.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (croppped)


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Rudy Giuliani EXPOSES Biden and Clinton’s Horrifying Truth in Ukraine

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Agent provocateur ?

Did FBI and CIA have an agent provocateur who tried to entrap the Trump Organization in a Russia deal?

By Thomas Lifson

Judicial Watch is hot on the trail of a potentially explosive revelation: that an agent who had previously worked for the FBI and CIA  as an informant —  recruited by Andrew Weissmann in 1998! — actively tried to set up a business deal between the Trump Organization and Russian interests, in order to implicate Trump with “collusion.”  In a press release, JW lays out the background of its new FOIA lawsuit seeking:

…all records of communications, including FBI 302 interview reports and offer agreements between former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office and Felix Sater, a former Trump organization official who was recently confirmed to be an informant for the FBI and CIA. Sater reportedly pushed a Russian real estate deal in 2016 while working at the Trump organization.

Sater reportedly “began working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1998, after he was caught in a stock-fraud scheme.” It was Andrew Weissmann who, as supervising assistant U.S. attorney, signed the agreement that brought Sater on as a government informant. Federal prosecutors wrote a letter to Sater’s sentencing judge on August 27, 2009, in an effort to get him a lighter sentence: “Sater’s cooperation was of a depth and breadth rarely seen.”

Sater also was reportedly a CIA informant in the mid-2000s for the CIA during his undercover work with Russian military and intelligence officers.

So, Andrew Weissmann, the real head of the Mueller probe and partisan supporter of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy so enthusiastic that he was at her “victory celebration” as the polls closed in 2016, a ruthless prosecutor with a checkered ethics track record, already had an asset in place in the Trump Organization by the time the Special Counsel was appointed and the team assembled.  And that informant provided a lot of information to Weissmann’s team:

The Mueller report mentions Sater more than 100 times but fails to mention that he was an active undercover informant for the FBI/CIA for more than two decades. In 2017, Sater was the subject of two interviews conducted under a proffer agreement with Mueller’s office according to page 69, footnote 304 of Mueller’s report on his Russian collusion investigation.

And, according to JW’s investigator Micah Morrison:

Beginning in late 2015, Sater repeatedly tried to arrange for [Trump attorney Michael] Cohen and candidate Trump, as representatives of the Trump Organization, to travel to Russia to meet with Russian government officials and possible financing partners.

Though his proposal appears to have been rejected by the Trump campaign, Sater persisted. “Into the spring of 2016,” the Mueller Report notes, “Sater and Cohen continued to discuss a trip to Moscow.” Sater emails Cohen that he is trying to arrange a meeting between “the 2 big guys,” Putin and Trump.

Sater’s re-emergence “suggests the possibility of a more sinister counter-narrative: that someone may have been trying to lure Trump into a trap—a politically damaging entanglement with Moscow money,” Morrison wrote.

Those discussions between the Trump Organization and Russian interests are the basis of much of the impeachment-mongering of the Democrats. If it turns out that those discussions were pushed by an agent of Andrew Weissmann well into 2016, then it certainly looks like a case of entrapment, pushed by a federal prosecutor devoted to the Democrats’ leading candidate for president.

You can donate to Judicial Watch here.


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Biden Tops Democrat Presidential Field in New York

Poll: Joe Biden Tops Democrat Presidential Field in New York

Vice President Joe Biden has a smile for supporters after he addressed a grassroots rally, Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)
AP Photo/Jim Mone
Hannah Bleau,91

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) is leading the field in New York’s Democrat primary, according to a Siena College poll conducted days before the third Democrat presidential primary debate in Houston, Texas.

The Siena College poll surveyed 798 New York voters September 8-12, 2019, with 22 percent choosing Biden as their candidate of choice. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), however, fell close behind, just five points behind with 17 percent support. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) came in third place with 15 percent support.

The second tier of candidates fell far behind, with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) garnering just four percent support from New Yorkers. A California Emerson College poll released this week showed Harris continuing to struggle in her home state as well, earning six percent support in California.

As for the New York poll, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) saw three percent support, but no other candidate – including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) – garnered more than one percent support. The margin of error is +/- 4.1 percent:

More via Syracuse:

The Siena poll found Biden is the front-runner across most categories of Democratic voters in the state. He leads in New York City and Upstate New York, among men and women, with white and black voters, and with voters older than age 35.

Warren, a Massachusetts senator, is the front-runner in New York City’s suburbs and among Latino voters, according to the poll.

Sanders, the 78-year-old independent senator from Vermont, is the favored candidate among New York Democrats under age 35.

Most New York Democrat voters – 37 percent – said that Biden had the best chance of defeating President Trump in 2020. Warren and Sanders did not come close, with 13 percent saying Warren could win and 11 percent saying the same of Sanders.

The state’s presidential primary is not until April 28, and the Democrat field is likely to vastly change over the next few months. Because of that, New York’s Democrat voter preferences are likely to change. Siena College pollster Steve Greenberg added that one-third of New York’s Democrat voters are unsure of whom they will back in the polls.

“Although Biden, Warren and Sanders are leading the pack among New York Democrats, more than one-third of those Democrats – more than support frontrunner Joe Biden – are still undecided,” Greenberg said, according to Spectrum News.

“We’re still more than four months until Iowa and New Hampshire Democrats vote, and seven months until New York Democrats weigh in on the Democratic presidential nomination,” he added.


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Real Russian attacks against FBI

Real Russian attacks against FBI, as FBI was trying to pin something fake on Trump?

By Monica Showalter

Yahoo! News has an in-depth exposé of a serious and coordinated Russian intelligence effort to penetrate the FBI’s internal communications system.  The breaches were so bad that the bureau lost connection to many of its vital sources.

The operation, which targeted FBI communications, hampered the bureau’s ability to track Russian spies on U.S. soil at a time of increasing tension with Moscow, forced the FBI and CIA to cease contact with some of their Russian assets, and prompted tighter security procedures at key U.S. national security facilities in the Washington area and elsewhere, according to former U.S. officials. It even raised concerns among some U.S. officials about a Russian mole within the U.S. intelligence community.

That’s pretty disastrous for a leading intelligence agency.  It takes years, and tremendous luck, to develop such sources, because these are people who take life-or-death risks to communicate.  The Russians knew way more than they were supposed to know.

Breitbart News has an excellent analysis arguing that the opening had been created by the Obama administration’s flawed Russian “reset.”

But I have another take.

Even as this news would have made its way to James Comey and Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, those guys, based on what’s known from the news, were far more focused on Getting Trump.  They didn’t seem to be as focused on the real Russian spying going on; they preferred to muck around in U.S. politics, using their unearned political power for their own personal purposes instead.  No doubt, the curious Russians were watching this whole thing closely, and they could see they were dealing with politically obsessed idiots, probably moving more boldly as a result.

At a time when the FBI needed to be dealing with only serious, verified Russian intelligence, agents were instead dealing, by choice, with fake stuff, and fake stuff they knew to be fake, such as the Steele dossier.  It fit what they wanted, though, because they used it for political surveillance and investigational purposes anyway.  They set up dishonest FISA warrants to spy on Trump officials, after setting up evidence as a pretext.  They spied on Carter Page, a guy who had cooperated with the FBI on an authentic spy case a few years earlier, and, using an undoubtedly expensive American sparrow operation, they bagged George Papadopoulos, a Middle East and energy policy expert, for the same fake stuff after an apparent setup by another apparent Western intelligence asset from Malta, named Josef Mifsud, who has since disappeared.

They unmasked hundreds of Americans, happily spying on people the law said they were not supposed to spy on, again, not for intelligence purposes, but for political purposes.

They focused on young social climber Maria Butina as a spy, which may have been valid, but there are some significant arguments out there that it wasn’t and she was not a real spy.

They dismissed Hillary Clinton’s illegal and unsecured private server…all while knowing that this big-league spying from the Russians was going on and the Russians were going to benefit.  And apparently, Comey, too, was using fake email addresses, same as Hillary — we know a bunch of them in the Obama administration were doing it, opening themselves up to Russian surveillance — all in the interest of avoiding accountability from those God-awful American citizens, who had access to the Freedom of Information Act.  They effectively prioritized that over protecting America, just as they knew that the Russians were getting very, very aggressive.

People like Comey and McCabe knew about this stuff.  Yet they focused on Getting Trump, and by the time the special counsel was appointed, they had spent millions to do it.

It’s since been in the news that the U.S. extracted a top Russian asset close to Putin into the States, a man who would have known that the whole Steele dossier stuff was fake, too.  One can only hope investigators will eventually get to know what he has to say about this whole sorry contrast in priorities.

What can be concluded is that not only have intelligence capabilities been damaged by the politicized and phony spying against Trump, but such damage has come at a time when real spying from Russia has damaged U.S. capabilities, too.  That leaves the FBI as a largely useless agency as far as counterintelligence goes.  The bureau will work hard to get to the bottom of who might have betrayed it on the real Russian spying.  Pity these people don’t seem to be as eager to clean house on the smog hampering their operations from the politicized spying.  That’s as damaging as the real security breaches.


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Who Will Do the Grabbing?

Liberals Want to Grab Guns…but Who Will Do the Grabbing?

By Christopher Skeet

I don’t think I’m alone when I say it’s frustrating having the same conversation over and over and over again.  I’m frustrated trying to explain the difference between a semi-automatic and a “military-style assault” weapon, parrying asinine retorts of how our Founding Fathers “only had muskets,” and being told by strangers what weapons I “don’t need.”  I’m frustrated with citing statistical evidence showing that the vast majority of gun violence in America is the result of suicides and of criminals who have obtained their guns illegally.  I’m frustrated with trying to justify my personal choices to people who are completely ignorant about guns and who are completely unwilling to learn.

I’m frustrated because it’s an exercise in futility.  They return the very next day to push their very same debunked talking points that I’ve spent the last conversation refuting.  Deploying factual evidence works only when dealing with people for whom factual evidence is valued, acknowledged, and conceded.  When they simply ignore it and continue to talk over you, there is no benefit in trying to make them see reason.  It is like talking to a brick wall.

If reducing gun violence were an honest aim of the Left, leftists would follow the evidence where it leads.  But leftists oppose gun ownership not out of any heartfelt reaction to mass shootings (though they routinely go through the necessary public genuflections).  They don’t care about dead students, dead Walmart shoppers, dead worshipers, dead police, or dead black Americans.  They don’t care about getting help for the mentally ill.  They care about the consolidation of political power into a centralized totalitarian entity, which they arrogantly assume they possess the competence to administer. 

Lawmakers such as state senator Julie Morrison (D-Ill.) have smugly threatened mass confiscation, and others such as Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) have suggested prosecution and prison time for noncompliance with mandatory buyback programs.  During the September 12 debate, the floundering Robert Francis O’Rourke (D-Nowhere) gazed up from his water bong to yelp, “Hell, yes, we are going to take your AR-15!”

Scary words, to be sure.  But these threats raise the question of who exactly they plan on sending out to do the actual confiscating.  Do something! they scream from the podiums and across the Twittersphere, with no intention of ever actually doing that “something” themselves.  The bell-collared audience who noisily bleated their approval for O’Rourke’s rhetorical feed bucket?  They’re not going to “do something,” either, other than demand someone else do it.

That’s the job of the police, they say?  Good luck with that.  Out of the 250 million adults living in the United States, approximately one third of them own one or more guns.  That’s over 80 million doors for police to bust down in unconstitutional searches and seizures (these would be clear violations of the Fourth Amendment, but we wouldn’t even be having this discussion if the Bill of Rights were something the Left even pretended to respect). 

Like combat soldiers, police can refuse orders they deem immoral or unconstitutional.  Polls continuously show (here, here, and here) that police overwhelmingly support the right of law-abiding citizens to own semi-automatic rifles, including AR-15s.  So how successful will be the efforts of the anti-police Left to convince the very same officers they hate to bust into American homes to steal guns the police think they have a right to own?  The growing trend of elected sheriffs and officials creating Second Amendment sanctuaries by publicly opting to not enforce unconstitutional gun laws should give pause to leftists who feel that America’s police will do their dirty work for them.

Even if a hypothetical Presidente O’Rourke were able to cajole every American police officer to act as his own personal Stasi, such a force would still be inadequate for the task of disarming millions of gun-owners.  This reality is amplified by the fact that about three quarters of gun-owners say gun ownership is essential to their freedom, giving a sense of just how much non-compliance such an effort would encounter.

Nor should they count on the members of a woke population to voluntarily disarm themselves.  The much touted New Zealand buyback program has confiscated under 10% of known banned weapons.  Mandatory registration laws in deep blue Connecticut, New York, and California have garnered compliance rates of 15%, 4%, and 3%, respectively.  This is not even for confiscation, but for registration only.  How well do they think buyback programs will fare in Texas or Ohio?

Nope.  If they want guns confiscated, they’ll have to do it themselves.

Their hesitation isn’t from lack of logistical capability.  The one skill in which the Left exudes competence is the capacity to organize people.  Leftists organized volunteers to act as human shields for Saddam’s oil fields in 2003.  They organize the Occupy squatter cities and the state capitol rotunda takeovers.  They organize speaker shout-downs, the campus shutdowns, and the Antifa blackshirts who terrorize our streets.  They organize the mobs who pull down statues, who chase conservatives out of restaurants, and who threaten the homes of Tucker Carlson and Mitch McConnell.  If they’re so insistent on disarming the populace, they have the means and enmity to attempt it.  What they lack, unsurprisingly, is courage to match their convictions.

I say “attempt.”  Most gun-owners realize that gaggles of welterweight pajama boys vacillating aimlessly between the 14th and 37th genders aren’t going to don the tactical helmets and pick up the battering rams any time soon, even if they physically could.  Robert Francis O’Rourke certainly isn’t going to put down his sippy cup to lead the charge.  Yes, they’re all very tough when dozens of them, while masked, are able to beat unarmed reporters or harass 9/11 widows, knowing full well their city’s law enforcement has been ordered by their socialist mayor not to intervene.  But as for breaking into unfamiliar houses to steal from heavily armed and highly motivated citizens?  The day they try is the day they learn what actual “resistance” looks like.

Do something?  We agree.  Do something.


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Draft report on alleged FISA abuses

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Democrats and ‘red flag’ laws

Democrats frown on targeting gang databases with ‘red flag’ laws

House Democrats this week advanced a new measure to encourage states to pass “red flag” laws, known as extreme risk protection orders, that authorize removing guns and ammunition from dangerous individuals.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee amended the measure during a Wednesday mark-up to authorize the federal government to issue extreme risk protection orders in some instances, but they rejected an amendment that would have red-flagged anyone who law enforcement lists as a gang member.

“The majority of violent crime, including gun violence, in the United States is linked to gangs,” Rep. Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican who sponsored the amendment, said Wednesday. “My amendment is quite simple. It would allow the issuance of a red flag order against anyone whose name appears in a gang database if there was probable cause to include that individual in the database.”

Democrats objected, with reasons that sounded very familiar to Republicans.

GOP lawmakers have staunchly opposed “No Fly, No Buy” proposals Democrats have tried to pass in the House in recent years because the lists flag the wrong people.

Like the no-fly lists, which have erroneously flagged many innocent individual as terrorists (including the late Sen. Ted Kennedy), the gang databases are often inaccurate, Democrats said.

“You know, California had these databases, and they finally stopped when they discovered that they had 3-year-olds on the databases as gang members,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California said. “I mean, so some of these are reliable, a lot of them are not.”

Buck pointed out his amendment requires law enforcement to limit red-flagging to only those with probable cause to be included on the list, which is a stricter criteria.

Democrats kept objecting, arguing someone could be misidentified as gang members simply for writing “13” on a piece of paper and having it wrongly identified as an MS-13 gang sign.

“Maybe you are just doodling because it is the 13th of June,” Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler of New York said.

Buck said police have to meet a much higher threshold to list someone as a gang member.

“This is a situation where the police officers are trained, and there are very identifiable signs, and it isn’t just one sign,” Buck told Nadler.

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, of California, offered to support the amendment if Buck agreed to include those listed “individuals affiliated with white nationalism.”

Buck agreed, but said the language should include “any type of supremacy.”

“Let’s add Costa Nostra to this,” Buck added.

The amendment ultimately failed 11-21, but not before the top Republican on the panel, Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia, called out Democrats for their hypocrisy.

Democrats in 2016 staged a “sit-in” on the House floor, refusing to let the GOP majority conduct legislative business, in part because Republicans would not pass “No-Fly, No-Buy” legislation, which would prevent people on the federal no-fly list from purchasing guns.

“It’s amazing to me,” Collins said. “We had a large blow-up on the floor of this House just a couple years ago about the No Fly, No Buy list, which was shown to have issues, but at that point, nobody from the other side brought this is as a concern, and now we are bringing it as a concern,” Collins said.

“If we can’t bring this list up, even with due process put in, then don’t ever bring the No Fly, No Buy list up again.”

“Don’t ever bring it up again because there is no due process on that list.”


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NEW DOJ/State Docs CONFIRM Coup against Trump

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Andrew McCabe

Leaks that Andrew McCabe will face indictment lead to wildly different scenarios for how the case will play out

By Thomas Lifson

The leak to Fox News that the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, Jessie Liu, has recommended going ahead with prosecution of Andrew McCabe for lying to federal investigators appears to be solid.  Inspector General Horowitz had made a criminal referral, and after 17 months of investigation, the case is no doubt solid.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy indicates one defense approach McCabe’s team is likely to use:

McCabe has indicated that, if charged, he would claim that the Justice Department was indicting him because of pressure from the White House. President Trump has been an unrestrained critic of McCabe, accusing him of rampant corruption.

It’s called putting your accuser on trial.  Even worse, the case almost certainly will be brought in Washington, D.C., where 92%+ of the vote went to Hillary Clinton and where President Trump is highly unpopular.

There are reasons for the Justice Department to be concerned that the president’s public drumbeat would redound to McCabe’s benefit. An indictment would likely lead to a jury trial in Washington, where the president is unpopular.

Ace of Spades is even more worried:

I don’t believe anyone has ever authorized a change of venue based on the fact of very high partisan bias. So liberal politicos will always be tried in liberal areas, and they’ll almost always be acquitted by Susan McDougal–style juries.

And here’s a good question: If our leftwing alleged fellow citizens will no longer do their duty as jurors and render verdicts in cases based on the facts rather than on tribal loyalties, do we really have a country any longer?

But McCarthy and others believe that even a D.C. jury could convict based on the facts already laid out by Horowitz.  Some believe that the case against McCabe is so strong that he will be tempted to cop a plea and implicate higher-ups, such his boss James Comey and Comey’s boss, ex-president Barack Obama, in addition other FBI and DoJ colleagues like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

In my dreams.

I am dead certain that Andrew McCabe does not want to face prison.  A former acting director of the FBI would be prey for violent offenders in a federal pen, though his high-priced lawyers no doubt would demand a “Club Fed” minimum-security prison for a nonviolent offender — the kind of crook that Joe Biden thinks shouldn’t be jailed at all.  A trial of the nation’s former chief law enforcement official would be too compelling for the Trump-hating media to ignore.  But they most likely would portray the case as McCabe presents it — as Trump’s vengeance, and even claim that Trump is clamping down on his media enemies, now that McCabe has taken on the role of CNN commentator.

CNN’s own coverage of the probable indictment contains hints of such an approach:

It is not inconceivable to me that a D.C. jury could let off McCabe with a not-guity verdict, following the practice known as jury nullification.


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Republicans can rebound in Orange County and New Mexico

Good news: Poll signals Republicans can rebound in Orange County and New Mexico

By Monica Showalter

There’s nothing quite as unstable as a rigged, stolen election, and right now, California’s ballot-harvested Orange County might just move to Republican hands in the upcoming election.

According to a new internal poll cited by RealClearPolitics:

The Democratic tidal wave that washed over California last fall turned Orange County blue, but there are hopeful signs for Republicans that the floodwaters are receding.

A new poll shows top GOP recruit Michelle Steel (pictured) tied with first-term Democratic Rep. Harley Rouda, both pulling in 42% of active voters, with 16% undecided.

Just 28% of the voters polled in the survey, released this week to RealClearPolitics, said they want to re-elect Rouda while 42% said they want to give someone else a chance.

The congressman, who defeated 15-term incumbent Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in one of the most closely watched House contests last cycle, has yet to make a firm impression in the district, the figures also show. Forty-two percent of voters in the district say they don’t know who Rouda is or have an unfavorable opinion of him, while just 30% have a favorable opinion.

Same deal with New Mexico.  The leftist congresswoman there, like Rouda, was a dullard.

Both of them evidently understood that acting like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and getting loud and socialist on Twitter, was a great way to get publicity but wouldn’t go over well in their mixed districts.  So they tried to play it safe and now are losing grounds on the boringness factor.  Life’s tough when you can’t sell socialism openly and your party is all about socialism.

It shows just what a dilemma it’s been for Democrats in the ballot-harvested areas of California, as well as New Mexico.

These are representatives who had been losing their elections until ballot-harvesting kicked in, and the votes just kept arriving until Democrats got the result they wanted.  After that, no more counting.  And illegal aliens actually did the harvesting.

Sure, there’s good news in the poll, but the really good news is in the willingness of the Republicans to fight.  Californians face tremendous obstacles to ever getting their will as voters into office now that the far left has taken over at the state level.

The details of the RealClearPolitics story show that candidates are stepping forward and showing a willingness to fight back anyway — against all odds.  The logic, of course, is that if the victory is big enough, they won’t be able to cheat.

They seem to be operating on that and are going at it with vigor, fighting like President Trump.  It probably hasn’t hurt them to have his example, teaching them what works on crooked, corrupt Democrats, and to avoid the namby-pambyism that lost them their favorite Reagan Country county.

One can only hope they fight like heck, given the odds.  This news suggests that they are.


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