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What I didn’t know then

I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then

By Andrew W. Coy

I sure wish I had not learned so much over the last five years.  In retrospect, five short years ago seems almost like Mayberry.  Here are some important things that I didn’t know five years ago or now.

  • There actually is a Deep State, and those who constitute it really do not honor the election results or the will of the people.
  • There really appear to be lawless elements within the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, and NSA who are not accountable for their crimes and are thus above the law.
  • The fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, really is unaccountable to the “unwashed masses.”
  • Many of our top military command, along with many in the military-industrial complex, don’t always hate wars.  There’s a lot of money and many promotions to be made during a time of war.  The last four years saw no new wars and even troops coming home.  For some, that is bad for business.
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm are no longer works of fiction, but prophecies.
  • George Orwell was righter than Nostradamus.
  • The news media centers of New York City and Washington, D.C. are not neutral arbitrators of the truth; rather, they uncomfortably resemble TASS and Pravda from the Soviet Union days.
  • The old robber barons like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan are starting to look a whole lot better compared to the new robber barons like Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Bezos.
  • The United States Supreme Court would actually refuse to hear a legitimate case because it was frightened of violence.
  • The left insists on conflating and equating evangelical Christians with White supremacists.  This should terrify the Christian community.
  • Words such as mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother, and sister are now not words of love and respect, but considered politically incorrect verbiage in Congress.
  • Censorship, the cancel culture, and becoming a nonperson come from the left, not the right.
  • The left, not the right, actually is going to try to deny citizens’ rights afforded to all in the Bill of Rights.
  • Violence from the left is regarded as free speech and noble, while violence from the right is classified as sedition and felonious by powerful institutions.
  • It really is not Republicans vs. Democrats, but globalists vs. nationalists.
  • The new McCarthyism, blacklists, history re-writers, and re-education camps are coming from the left, not the right.
  • Fences and barriers are a good thing for our nation’s capital but somehow a bad thing for our nation’s borders.
  • Our Founding Fathers of yesteryear would be called “domestic terrorists” by some today.
  • Presidential elections really can be stolen by corrupting just a handful of precincts in just a handful of states.
  • Calling into question the validity of the 2016 presidential election is patriotic, while calling into question the validity of the 2020 presidential election is treasonous.

The good old days of just five short years ago sure do make us nostalgic for Mayberry.  Trouble is, we now must decide, how are we to respond with what we now know?  Sigh.


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An American Nation

Joe Biden’s Concept of an American Nation

By Jeffrey Folks

Like millions of others, I listened to President Trump’s Farewell Address with a mix of admiration and sorrow.  The president’s great accomplishments are impossible to refute — the creation of a booming economy, record tax cuts for ordinary Americans, restoring our military, securing our borders, cutting regulations, and two vaccines in record time.  No president has accomplished as much even in eight years, to say nothing of four.

The most important part of the president’s address, however, had to do with the preservation of belief in America as a nation.  We are united, the president said, “by our common conviction that America is the greatest nation in all of history.”  Those are words we will not hear from President Biden, nor anything else about American exceptionalism.  President Trump stressed that under his administration, “we reclaimed our sovereignty” with respect to the United Nations, NATO, and various international agreements.  His “greatest legacy” was to “put the American people back in charge of our country.”  The danger is that Biden will reverse this democratic populism, along with so much else that President Trump has accomplished.  As the president wrote, “The key to national greatest lies in sustaining and instilling our shared national identity.”

I fear that Biden and those he has chosen for his Cabinet have no idea of a “shared national identity” other than their ideal of “diversity.”  Diversity, however, cannot be a source of “shared” identity — if anything, it is a means of eradicating the shared values, traditions, and heroes that President Trump spoke of.

More to the point, Biden’s conception of America not only “gets in the way” of national sovereignty, but actively opposes it.  Biden is a globalist whose loyalty is to transnational organizations like the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the World Trade Organization, and other global institutions and non-profits.  He will seek to undermine national sovereignty because he believes in world governance, not in governance by nation-states.

These views are shared by Antony Blinken, Biden’s choice for secretary of state.  In an interview with Walter Russell Mead (July 9, 2020), Blinken spoke of finding “new ways to cooperate among nations.”  “There are now all sorts of groups and individuals,” Blinken stated, with “veto authority” over “the decisions of traditional sources of authority and decision making, like a national government[.]”  As is common among globalists, Blinken speaks of transferring American sovereignty to international alliances and institutions.  Blinken’s approach to China, for example, would seem to rule out unilateral action: “We need to rally our allies and partners,” he says, not go it on our own.

One action that Blinken believes would “rally our allies” is a return to the Iran JCPOA agreement.  That agreement, Blinken thinks, would restrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions by “jointly” confronting “Iran’s actions and provocations.”  So Blinken thinks a group of nations asking nicely will cause Iran to end its nuclear weapons program?  Is this the manner in which Blinken intends to defend our nation?

America did not wait to check with our allies before entering WWII on Dec. 8, 1941, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the men and women who swerved in WWII served as Americans in defense of America as a sovereign nation — not as soldiers in an international force, regardless of coordination with our allies.  Our military strategy was not subject to “veto authority” by foreign nations, non-profits, or global institutions, and our soldiers were not subject to prosecution in international courts.

A nation cannot succeed if it is subject to the “veto” of international institutions, or if its people are divided into groups at odds with one another.  This is especially the case in wartime, but even during peacetime, the nation’s economy and status will suffer, and its ability to defend itself will decline.  A young person who believes in the priority of his hyphenated identity will not rush out to defend the nation in time of war.

Nor will a young person filled with resentment possess the faith in the future that makes possible the sacrifice it takes to educate himself and to strive for excellence in his profession.  His energies will be sapped by the resentment he feels toward others at school and in the workplace.  His attitude will be one of defeatism, and defeatism is not the attitude that sparks entrepreneurial greatness or even modest success.  Defeatism is a parasite that saps the lifeblood out of an organism, and out of a nation as well.

What President Trump warned us of is the continuance of a nation divided against itself.  Certainly, he should know better than anyone, for he was the victim of a ceaseless and cynical campaign to divide the country and undermine faith in its elected leader.  If we continue down the course we are on — the fostering of ever more grievances and resentments — we will lose sight entirely of that ideal of America as “one Nation under God, indivisible, and with liberty and justice for all.”  We will not even be able to conceive of the idea of a “nation” as a polity devoted to higher ideals that apply to all citizens indiscriminately.  We will automatically do as progressives are teaching us to do: consider ourselves members of separate groups existing within no nation at all and seeking advantage and reparations at the expense of other groups.

President Biden has done nothing to indicate he opposes this destruction of the idea of America as a nation.  While he gives lip service to “unity,” what he means by unity is the silencing of the opposition’s ability to criticize his policies — policies intended to foster ever greater hyphenated identity.  That is the point of his intention to sign an executive order granting permanent residence to 20 million illegals now living in the U.S., and to allow millions more to enter unchallenged.  That is the point of an executive order opening travel to the U.S. from states associated with Muslim terrorism.  That is also the point of the expansion of economic opportunities that exclude whites on the basis of race, or that exclude opportunities to white males, as did his selection criterion for his vice president.

The more that government policies are based on hyphenated identity, the more we will lose sight of the idea of America as one people.  Once that idea is lost entirely, it will be impossible to restore, and our country — one can no longer at that point say “nation” — will devolve into what amounts to a prolonged war of acrimony, political fraud, violent protest, and vicious rhetoric such as we saw in 2020.  At that point, with many groups contending for supremacy, one can no longer speak of the American nation.  It was that, the idea of America as a truly united nation with each citizen loyal to it, that President Trump strove to preserve for four years and beseeched us to preserve after his leaving office.


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Pipefitters Union Gets Shafted

Pipefitters Union Gets Shafted With Biden’s Keystone Pipeline Cancellation

(AP Photo/Nati Harnik, File)
Promises made, promises broken. It’s not like we weren’t all warned.

Biden has only been in office for 24 hours and he’s doing little to rescue America. His new fracking ban has caused gas prices to skyrocket, and he is well on his way to tanking what is left of the American economy.

Full story:

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Biden’s order about ‘transgender’ athletes

Biden’s order about ‘transgender’ athletes is a great thing

By Andrea Widburg

H.L. Mencken famously said that “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” The Biden-era version of this statement is that “Wokeness is the theory that the self-styled elite know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” Joe Biden is mostly hurting ordinary Americans by destroying jobs and increasing race hatred. But he’s managed to sign one executive order that will ruin life for many of his supporters, and that’s the one about so-called “transgender” athletes. This one’s going to ream the middle- and upper-middle classes who voted for him.

One of the very first executive orders Biden signed is one on “preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.” As I discuss this, keep in mind that the so-called “transgender” crowd – that is, people with severe body dysmorphia who think their actual sex is the opposite of their biological sex – are an infinitely small percentage of the total American population, despite their preeminence on the Democrat side of politics. As written, the order mandates that mentally ill boys and men who think they’re women must be allowed onto girls and women’s sports teams – as well as getting into their locker rooms.

Let me immediately acknowledge that this is going to be hard on athletic girls and women who are conservatives. I am deeply sorry for them.

But think about this: American colleges and universities are a Democrat rite of passage. While normal people are learning to cringe when looking at these leftist nursery schools and loony bins for adults, in Democrat houses, academia is the holy grail.

Starting when they’re two, these kids are groomed for college. That’s what their entire childhood is about. And for many of these Democrat families, college is not affordable. Poorer kids get scholarships, grants, and discounts; richer kids have the wherewithal to pay for it. But for the leftist middle class, the alternatives to draining the family bank account are burdensome loans or . . . athletic scholarships.

I know a lot of talented young female athletes who got into college on these athletic scholarships, only one of whom came from a conservative family. The rest are leftists whose daughters play sports and get liberal arts, or climate studies, social justice degrees. These young women are going to find that they’re getting edged out of athletic scholarships in favor of young men who run and swim faster, jump higher, and kick further than the girls do. Even lousy boys beat good women at sports. Bye-bye, scholarships.

And given the competition for places in college and the expense, I’m willing to bet that enterprising young men and their families might discover the virtues of gender fluidity when it comes to scholarships. The great thing about modern gender fluidity is that you don’t need to have surgery and you don’t even need to give up women. You can just claim to be a lesbian.

And in that regard, I will tell you a true story. A woman I know met up with her father after her mother died. To her surprise, her father was kitted out in women’s clothes. He announced that he was transgender and would soon be having the surgery. She saw her father a year later and was surprised to see that he was back in men’s clothes and clearly hadn’t been sliced, diced, and doused with hormones. He explained that he had realized that he wasn’t just a woman in a man’s body. He was a lesbian in a man’s body – and had better success with women when he looked like a man.

He is not unique. It’s not uncommon for people to announce that they are transgender while continuing with the opposite sex partners they had before their gender epiphanies.

I’ll say what I always on this subject. I’m deeply sorry for people suffering from body dysmorphia and will always treat them with respect (provided that they return the respect). However, a society that buys into people’s delusions is a society in trouble. In this case, that trouble will strongly affect the very same political classes who support this retreat from reality. In other words, leftists are about to see their daughters and their bank accounts get hit good and hard by their wokeness.


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Biden is making enemies

Biden is making enemies of America’s allies

By Andrea Widburg

One of the unsung wonders of the Trump administration is the congenial relationships he developed with nations around the world. It’s not a coincidence that he did not start any new wars even as he never gave an inch when it came to American honor, integrity, and money. Things are going to be different with Biden, though. Even before being inaugurated, Biden had managed to put the U.S. at odds with Canada, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Despite Biden coming from the same hard-left side of the political spectrum as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Canadians are already mad at Old Joe. The source of the anger is Biden’s commitment to destroying America’s economy and turning America back to a premodern time in fealty to the climate changistas.

To that end, Biden announced that he was shutting down the Keystone Oil Pipeline. This announcement is very bad for both the American and the Canadian economy:

President-elect Joe Biden’s announcement that he will shut down a oil pipeline that has created thousands of jobs and safely increased domestic energy production may be popular with environmental activists, but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the province that is home to the project are vowing to fight back.

Trudeau has supported the $9 billion project despite protests, arguing it will help reduce reliance on foreign oil imports and create jobs. Alberta, which has pitched in $1.1 billion on the pipeline, is also miffed.

Canada is our closest regional ally and Biden’s already gotten the relationship off on the wrong foot. It’s not just Canada, of course.

Even the New York Times has had to admit that Mexico’s socialist president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (“AMLO”), is worried about the incoming Biden administration, which will breathe over his shoulder and make Mexico a highway for illegal immigrants from all over Latin America. The Times article, after a paragraph of disgraceful slanders against Trump vis-à-vis his Mexico policies, acknowledges something it can’t understand:

Mexico’s president is a big fan.

So profound is his appreciation that when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador finally got on the phone for the first time with President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. last month, he made a point of praising the departing president.

“I must mention that we do have a very good relationship with the now president of your country, Mr. Donald Trump,” Mr. López Obrador said, according to two people with knowledge of the call, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters. “Regardless of any other considerations, he respects our sovereignty.”

Concerned that Mr. Biden might be more inclined to meddle in Mexican affairs, Mr. López Obrador has spent the last several weeks preemptively poking the incoming administration in the eye.

I don’t normally recommend reading anything in the Times, but I have to admit that this article is a pure delight as it explains how hostile AMLO is to the new administration. So, Biden has a problem with our second closest regional ally.

But wait, there’s even more: Because the Biden administration first announced an open border policy and then panicked when Latin Americans took those pronouncements seriously, Guatemala has reason to be miffed as well:

PRESIDENT-elect Joe Biden’s aide has urged a Honduran migrant caravan not to come to the United States border to escape violence as “they won’t be let in right now.”

A senior Biden transition official, who has not been named, urged migrants to delay seeking asylum in the United States as the incoming president takes office.

“The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight,” the official told NBC News.

The warning was to any migrants hoping to cross the US border within the first few weeks of the Biden administration.


The announcement to migrants comes as violence erupted as a Honduran migrant caravan heading for the US clashed with security forces when it entered Guatemala.

It is estimated up to 8,000 US-bound migrants have crossed the border since Friday as advocates have called on Biden to honor his “commitments” to asylum seekers.

Trump understood the wisdom behind the expression “good fences make good neighbors.” With Biden, Latin American nations are learning that chaotic, ill-conceived policies make for violent border confrontations across the region.

Despite the intense leftist hatred leveled against Trump, when it came to foreign policy, Trump had the Midas touch, turning those relationships into gold. His priorities – protect America, help our allies, stand strong against our enemies – were powerful and predictable.

Judging by Biden’s preliminary forays into regional foreign policy, it appears that his inverted policies (punish America, abandon our allies, bow to our enemies), will lead to an inverted Midas touch. Thus, everything Biden touches will turn to bull pucky.


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Donald J. Trump:

Donald J. Trump: On the Threshold of Greatness

By Daniel Davies

Despite the many ways in which he’s reviled today, I believe that history will record Trump as one of America’s greatest presidents. Looking at America’s most admired presidents, I was able to identify the four criteria needed to earn that accolade:

  • First and foremost, the president led the country through a life and death struggle.
  • Second, the president suffered intense defamation, attack, pernicious plots, and even demonization both domestic and foreign but prevailed.
  • Third, the president defended and supported our Republic’s foundational documents and institutions: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, including all Amendments, especially the Bill of Rights.
  • Fourth, he supported American liberty, prosperity, and social welfare. All the greats promoted the actualization of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights during their presidencies.

Four presidents have met all those criteria: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. One president, Donald Trump, is on the threshold of meeting those criteria. His place is reserved at Mt. Rushmore and history will tell if he is successful. If he is not successful, our nation may perish in the face of the life and death struggle we are now in.

Donald Trump entered the office of the president in 2016 facing a life and death struggle. The previous administration had eviscerated the US military, created an unhealthy alliance with Iran, taken a stand against Israel, failed to take the ISIS caliphate seriously, and presided over a weakening NATO alliance in which member states failed to contribute to the mutual defense. In addition, both Iran and North Korea openly developed nuclear weapons and North Korea threatened an attack on the USA. The United States economy, still not recovered from the recession triggered by the 9/11/2001 attacks, suffered from unequal trade agreements and suffocating government regulations. Race war threatened to break out in a hyper divided nation. The USA also maintained a co-dependent relationship with China, enabling its campaign of total war against the USA in their quest to become the world’s only superpower.

As serious as all those challenges were, the most serious challenge came from within the USA (the second criterion). The previous administration colluded with the DOJ, CIA, FBI, and the federal court system. In addition, corporate media colluded with the administration. The previous administration’s executives entered into corrupt relationships with China, Russia, and Ukraine in return for money.

Despite the constant attack from domestic forces, especially the deep state media, deep state politicians, deep state executive branch departments which falsely accused Trump of racist policies, immorality, graft, collusion with Russia, fascist policies, poor health, and insanity, President Trump presided over the most successful presidency in history, thereby meeting the third and fourth criteria. He

  • defused the North Korean and Iranian nuclear threats,
  • completely defeated the ISIS caliphate,
  • concluded the wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan,
  • renegotiated trade agreements,
  • strengthened NATO,
  • brought energy independence to the USA,
  • presided over the strongest economic recovery in history, especially for minorities,
  • husbanded historic stock market highs,
  • freed businesses from strangling regulations,
  • advanced religious liberty,
  • protected freedom of speech,
  • thwarted illegal immigration,
  • rebuilt the military,
  • kept the promise to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,
  • brokered peace treaties between Israel and former enemies,
  • protected the rights of the unborn,
  • protected Second Amendment rights,
  • advanced health insurance reforms, and
  • reformed the VA hospital system.

President Trump nearly single-handedly brought the USA back as the world leader. We were prosperous, at peace, and growing in national unity. All in the face of the most vicious and hostile attacks domestic and foreign.

Donald Trump’s election caught the ruling party by surprise. They had counted on manipulating the 2016 election to maintain control of the government. When that failed, the Deep State launched an all-out effort to remove Donald Trump from office by any means possible. The Deep State (including the CIA, DOJ, FBI, Congress, media including social media, and state governments loyal to the administration) colluded to remove Donald Trump from office through impeachment. When those efforts failed, the Deep State, led by the previous administration behind the scenes, ramped up its program to steal the election of 2020.

In January 2020, both the first and second metrics reappeared (great national crisis; extreme attacks against the president). China unleashed a weapons-grade, biologically engineered virus on the world, the so-called COVID-19 virus. President Trump took quick action to thwart the attack by banning Chinese from traveling to the USA, providing care for the sick, and developing preventatives as well as vaccines. The Deep State immediately seized the opportunity to use the pandemic to consolidate control of the government (federal and state) and to damage President Trump politically.

The pandemic worked perfectly into their plan to steal the election from President Trump. They learned from the campaign of 2016 that they could not defeat President Trump in a fair election because most Americans rejected the Deep State’s anti-American values.

The Deep State’s plans to rig the election got aid from billions of dollars from social media giants and anti-American agents. They manipulated state governments through courts to permit unmonitored mail-in ballots, bypassing the state legislatures in key swing states. Through that and other types of fraud, the Deep State engineered a stolen election.

On January 6, 2021, when Congress convened to accept the electors’ votes for president and vice president, between 500,000 to 1 million Americans assembled in Washington D.C. to protest the stolen election and oppose Congress’s acceptance of electors. Despite overwhelming proof of election fraud, the swing states ramrodded through electors supporting the Deep State’s candidates. State and federal courts refused to review the evidence to delegitimize the election. Members of both political parties voted to accept the sham electors. The people who gave President Trump a landslide victory felt betrayed.

The Deep State, working hand in glove with domestic terrorists, co-opted a huge, peaceful protest into a small assault on the Capitol buildings. The Deep State media (included social media), through prearranged statements, immediately characterized the protest as an “insurrection” that President Trump engineered. The media censored any view to the opposite and sought to shut down all free speech.

This is a life and death threat to the Republic unlike the life and death threats faced by other great presidents. This is an attack on American institutions and values from within and without. If President Trump can save the country from this attack, he will take his place in Mr. Rushmore. I believe that he will.


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Start planning to win again

It’s time for Republicans to start planning to win again

By Josh Kantrow

I am growing tired of the self-flagellation among Republicans since the events on Capitol Hill on January 6. If Democrats, the establishment, and the media had accepted Mr. Trump’s victory in 2016 instead of waging a 4-year campaign of obstruction and harassment, our country would not be nearly as divided.

Once Biden is sworn in, I hope Republicans are prepared to fight hard, lawfully, and peacefully to block what will be the most radically progressive agenda this country has ever seen. For example, as the Wall Street Journal reported,

[L]ast week House Democrats reintroduced as H.R.1 a voting and campaign-finance bill that would grease the Democratic voting machine nationwide and restrict political opposition. They also introduced a bill to provide statehood for the District of Columbia that would guarantee Democrats two new Senate seats.

Democrats also plan to seek to eliminate the electoral college and pack the Supreme Court.  As such, the Democrats will do everything they can to change the rules of the game to make taking back the House, Senate, and presidency much harder.

Republicans should start now to line up challengers to vulnerable centrist Democratic House members and Senators so that those members have to think long and hard about every vote they take that advances the progressive agenda. Republicans only need to flip a few seats to take both chambers in two years, an entirely achievable task.

Keep in mind that the Republican Party was written off in 1964 after Goldwater’s landslide defeat, again in 1976 after Watergate, and as recently as 2008. Each time they swiftly achieved power again and came back stronger.

I remain optimistic that after a few months (weeks?) of what is coming from the Hard Left, including their obsession with identity politics and critical race theory, the public will soon see that the Democrats are every bit if not more divided than Republicans. As the Democrats overplay their hand, the country should be eager to turn over Congress to Republicans in 2022. Republicans could also take the White House in 2024 if they put forward accomplished centrist diverse challengers, with profiles similar to candidates they ran in 2020 who helped them come close to flipping the House of Representatives.


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Washington, D.C.?

What’s going on in Washington, D.C.?

By Terry Paulding

The last time I checked, this was the USA. A free country. A country where, when mobs of thugs were destroying Minneapolis, Portland, Kenosha, and other cities, the media reacted in horror at the suggestion that a few National Guard troops might help return calm for the residents trying to live peacefully in their homes, do business as much as possible in the circumstances, and stay afloat during a pandemic. As Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler said when offered federal troops to quell the violence, “This is not the America we want.” The very idea is repugnant!

Now, I am seeing pictures of Washington DC preparing to inaugurate Biden to the Presidency, while 25,000 armed troops are parading around, dividing the city into zones, barricading it, and walling it. Guns bristling from Coast Guard ships in the Potomac. It’s chilling!

I also saw pictures of a mass of armed SWAT guarding Governor Newsom’s home in Sacramento. Against what, exactly?

What don’t I know here? I feel just a tad queasy, worried because this response is so far out of character for our country, and so over-the-top compared to anything that has happened — the incursion into the Capitol was small beer compared to the riots in many other cities all last summer. There’s also been virtually no coverage of who was involved in the January 6th events, other than seeing some BLM/Antifa types that were indeed involved freed without bail.

Oh, and Ashli Babbitt died, and we saw a cufflink-clad arm that held out a gun and shot her in the throat. Because, you know, giving us information that’s accurate about what and who, all of whom have no doubt been identified because of CCTV, won’t fit the narrative of the evil, violent right-wing insurrection the Democrats so carefully constructed, perhaps as an excuse to mass troops at a wartime level in our Capital.

Imagine this: Imagine Trump being inaugurated and arming the city as is currently being done. Imagine how very loudly the media would be screaming about it. How Democrat congresspeople would be freaking out and railing against him. Yet when this is being done for Biden, all we hear is a resounding silence!

Perhaps it’s because I sat uncomfortably through the movie 1984 last night, the grim set-piece with John Hurt and Richard Burton. Perhaps because I’m just a normal, white-bread conservative (well, I actually prefer a good sourdough made without any dough conditioners, thank you), but I’m hearing big klaxon alarm bells in my head right now. I have a premonition of harm coming to this country on Wednesday, of loss of life from trigger-happy, nervous troops that are themselves, perhaps, unclear as to their purpose, or who is in charge.

So, I’m asking you who are closer to the fray, please ask some questions! Ease my mind! Do some real reporting. Don’t leave it to construction workers walking to their job, taking video, and posting it.


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Joe Biden

Joe Biden is going to show us what he’s made of

By John Green

On the campaign trail, we conservatives frequently ridiculed Joe Biden.  We thought he was showing signs of dementia.  Truth be told, he was operating at a much higher intellectual level than we proles do. We simply didn’t recognize his genius.  I’m still trying to figure out what a “lying dog faced pony soldier” is.  That one’s so far over my head I fear I’ll never understand its meaning.  We are about to see the real Joe Biden, as he brings his intellect to bear on our most chronic problems.

The Trump administration was all about short term gratification, with no thought to future consequences.  Donald Trump gave us enhanced prosperity, increased liberty, and improved national security.  This was short-sighted and selfish.  While the rest of us were drunk on these immediate rewards, Joe knew that a little sacrifice today could yield immeasurable rewards in the future.

The rationale for many of the initiatives that Joe will pursue may not seem obvious at first.  That’s because he must be playing the political equivalent of 3D chess, which is simply beyond our comprehension… right?  He has a plan, and each step will move us closer to the inevitable goal.

He will indulge the left’s fetish with climate change by rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, restricting energy exploration, and banning fracking.  Energy costs will skyrocket, driving up the cost of transportation, utilities, and all manufactured products.  Every American’s buying power will be reduced and spending on leisure pursuits will no longer be an option for middle- and lower-income families.

Forgiveness of student loans, profligate spending, and the expansion of government assistance will drive a necessary rise in the national debt.  The value of the dollar will be driven down with further erosion of everyone’s buying power.

Trade deals with China will cause rising unemployment and stagnant wages.  Fortunately, it will also enrich our ruling class, thus providing them the necessary resources to weather this storm.

“Medicare for all” will give total control of our healthcare to the government.  For the first time ever, absolute equality will be achieved in our health care system.  If a treatment is unaffordable to our government, it will be denied to everyone – rich or poor.

Police forces will be defunded and private gun ownership severely curtailed.  Crime will necessarily rise, but it will provide redistribution of wealth to the less fortunate among us.

Hate speech will be criminalized and dissenting views will be censored.  This will ring in an era of love, peace, and harmony for all Americans.  Failure to participate in this new, gentler, society will not be tolerated.  Re-education camps may be required to help Americans transition with as little trauma as possible.

These are the sacrifices that will be asked of the American people in the short term.  But the payoff will be huge.  Our most intractable problem will be solved.  Illegal immigration will be eliminated – permanently!  By turning American into a despotic, impoverished hellhole, we’ll never again have to worry about people sneaking across our border.  It worked for Cuba.  There’s no reason to believe it will not work here as well.

Unfortunately, Mexico may see an influx of illegal aliens over the next several years.  Perhaps they can get us to buy them a wall.


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Pretend President?

What Do We Do with a Pretend President?

By Donald N. Finley

I was struck by David Atwood’s “The Right will Neither Forgive nor Forget.”  It struck close to home because I’m a boycotter.  It takes a lot to get me to such a point, but if someone goes through the effort to do so, it sets in hard and deep.

I’ve never been an NFL fan.  I played baseball.  But I knew I was in the minority, so I watched the Super Bowl every year and tried to be somewhat conversant in the game highlights I’d watch on the news.  Many of my friends were rabid fans and would have weekend get-togethers to watch a game.  This was throughout most of my adulthood and working career in the Air Force.  Then Colin Kaepernick came along and disrespected my flag, and the NFL let him get away with it.  And then a clothing brand built an advertising campaign around him, paying him to disrespect my flag.  I no longer watch the Super Bowl, or the game highlights, and I never buy that brand of clothing.  There’s also a pizza chain, an American auto maker, and one food company I boycott.  That was it.  Until now.

Atwood’s characterizations of the latest Democrat shenanigans brought back a thought I had long ago forgotten.  “All politics is local.”  Tip O’Neill said that.  To college-aged me, that meant that what happens in Washington, D.C. should not have much impact on my life.  Local politics was far more important.  But then I entered the military, and what happened in Washington, D.C. touched my life every day.  Over the years, my military life and family life merged so much that I lost that thought.  I didn’t make the connection when gas prices skyrocketed, when a friend was thrilled to get an 8% mortgage, when almost everyone I knew lost nearly 50% of his home’s values, or I drove by abandoned houses in my neighborhood on my way to work.

My political coming of age was in the Clinton years, and I was surrounded by men and women who loathed him, so much so that Air Force leadership issued a memo emphasizing our prohibition from criticizing the commander in chief.  He was in the news daily for some scandal or moral failing, and he abused the military, which impacted me and my family.  Bush was better, but my time away from home was worse.  Obama was a nightmare, and to this day, I will not display my retirement certificate because it has Obama’s signature.  As each president touched my life in an increasingly more invasive and personal way, I didn’t separate the personal from the professional until I read Atwood.

Going to a child’s high school sporting event is a one-game deal, often played over and over again, but win or lose, it doesn’t normally impact your life, affect your family, or change your core beliefs.  Presidential contests have become more and more life-impacting events.  For conservatives, national elections are about moral character, tradition, adherence to the Constitution, and allegiance to the founders.  Conservatives know that not all of our history is pretty, but we revere it because it collectively made us who we are.  Liberals have no respect for history, blame it on all their current grievances, and vow to enact so much change as to fundamentally alter who we are.  Rather than debate the merits of their beliefs and policies, they name-call, insult, and assassinate character through lies and exaggerations, then enact damaging policies with even worse unintended consequences.

The last four years for liberals have been one long temper tantrum.  I mean that in the most childish context imaginable.  A famous liberal campaign donor, an outsider somewhat morally compromised, promising to enact strict conservative policies, defeated the liberals’ thoroughly corrupt, establishment first-female-president opportunity.  It wasn’t just that he won; it was that he wasn’t supposed to win; he never had a chance; had they just known, they could have prevented it.

That’s what they did this time.  While Trump kept his promises and built the biggest following since the Beatles, the liberals whined and worked in the shadows to steal any chance he had of being re-elected.  And they did it in our faces, blatantly, openly, proudly — with another thoroughly corrupt, establishment, unappealing oldest-and-most-senile-candidate-ever, who couldn’t attract a dozen people to a rally but could manage to draw more votes than Obama the Great.  It was the stuff of novels, boring movies, and conspiracy theorists.  It was crazy, absurd, impossible, you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up kind of stuff, and it was all real.

Mr. Atwood concludes there must be a discussion about free and fair elections, which he notes the Democrats don’t seem to be interested in.  After all, they still reference “baseless allegations” in slandering Trump.  They believe they’ve found a good thing in free and unfair cheating, and they won’t give it up voluntarily.  But they’ve misjudged Trump-supporters.  I know I’m not alone as a boycotter.  I believe there are nearly 80 million others out there who, like me, will never donate to, support, or vote for a Democrat again as long as they live.

The Pretend President may ask for unity, but it’s not at all different from a thief asking his victims to agree to let him keep what he’s already taken.  He can’t have the Oval Office and unity; they don’t go together without the legitimacy of rightfully sitting in the president’s chair.  When the criminal calls the victim a liar, and the victim’s allegations of what the criminal knows he did as baseless — and the criminal plays himself as the victim of baseless allegations from a “sore loser” — he has quadrupled down on dishonesty, corruption, hypocrisy, and illegitimacy.  The chair is vacant to me; there is no voice coming from that office.  There is no longer a possible remedy; we are past making it right.  There could be forgiveness and acceptance for acknowledgment and repentance, but neither of those has occurred.  That leaves only condemnation and boycott.

As for unity…we 80 million Trump supporters have plenty of that.


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Journo affiliated with NBC, NPR inside U.S. Capitol

Video reportedly shows journo affiliated with NBC, NPR inside U.S. Capitol filming with arrested leftist


Video of the incursion into the U.S. Capitol Building during a riot earlier this month appears to show a journalist affiliated with NBC and NPR with another man who’s been charged in the incident.

“I’ll give you your hug now. You were right. We did it! You were right, we did it!” says a woman identified as photojournalist Jade Sacker to a man who is taking video of the incursion.

“Dude, I was trying to tell you. I couldn’t say much,” the man — believed by some to be left-wing agitator John Sullivan — says in response.

“You were right!” Sacker replies, laughing.

Co-host of Moderate Rebels Max Blumenthal reminded that CNN featured Sullivan on their network as an ‘activist’ documenting the Capitol scene.  He also joins the growing chorus claiming that the woman with him during the CNN segment, Jade Sacker, was also with him in the video taken inside the capitol.

“Seated w/Sullivan on CNN is Jade Sacker, a photojournalist who followed him into the Capitol to film his exploits as part of a documentary project. Here she’s heard congratulating him – “We did it!” – and he says, “Is this not gonna be the best film you’ve ever made in yr life?” Blumenthal tweeted along with video that can seen below:

The Justice Department said Thursday Sullivan has been charged with “one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and one count of interfering with law enforcement engaged in the lawful performance of their official duties incident to and during the commission of civil disorder.”

“You just have to watch my channel,” the man with the woman believed to be Sacker says.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaims in response.

“Is this not going to be the best film you ever made in your life?” asks the man.

“Hell yeah!” she says.

“Hell yeah!” the man repeats.

“With your recording, right?” she responds.

“I’ll delete that s**t. But I didn’t record you. It’s just voices,” he says.

A separate clip taken from inside the Capitol Building during the incursion appears to show Sullivan walking ahead of Sacker, who was filming the breach.

Sacker’s website lists her clients including NBC, NPR, Foreign Policy, Buzzfeed News, Huffington Post, and Marriott International, the latter of which just announced it would no longer donate to Republicans who opposed certification of the Electoral College results for President-elect Joe Biden.

It’s not clear why Sacker has not been charged.

Sullivan later posted what appears to be incriminating video evidence to social media following the riot.

Sullivan’s arrest affidavit suggests he may have actually played a role in fomenting the assault or, at least, perpetuating it. It cites a video posted on YouTube featuring Sullivan at the Capitol “telling a crowd, over a microphone, ‘we about to burn this shit down,’ ‘we got to rip Trump out of office … f–king pull him out of that shit … we ain’t waiting until the next election . . . we about to go get that motherf–ker,’” and then “leading the crowd in a chant of, ‘it’s time for a revolution.’”

Sullivan “can be heard in the video saying at various points: ‘There are so many people. Let’s go. This shit is ours! F–k yeah,’ ‘We accomplished this shit. We did this together. F–k yeah! We are all a part of this history,’ and ‘Let’s burn this sh*t down,’” the affidavit continued.

“Later, Sullivan’s video includes footage of individuals climbing a wall to reach the plaza just outside the Capitol Building entrance. … As individuals are climbing the wall, Sullivan can be heard saying, ‘You guys are f–king savage. Let’s go!’” It adds.


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Cancel Us at Your Own Risk

Cancel Us at Your Own Risk

By William L. Gensert

The left has redefined language, what is said and what it means — words now mean what they say they mean, “nothing more and nothing less.” Silence can become “violence.” Actual violence and destruction can sometimes be “mostly peaceful” at other times, “insurrection” or “sedition.”

Control the meaning of things and you control the narrative — control the narrative and you control communication. Through the control of communication, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, they hope to control America and Americans.

That is why Democrats perceive Trump as dangerous; he has used Twitter brilliantly, negating their narrative control. They spent four years trying to destroy him with lies. Yet, our leftist elites were doomed by their incompetence and a misunderstanding of why people elected Trump in the first place.

The Capitol Hill riots terrified the left because they occurred as Democrats were on the threshold of supposed triumph over an insipid electorate they thought too impotent to fight back. They hate Americans and have so little respect for us they made no effort to hide the steal.

To Democrats, the storming of Capitol Hill on January 6th was their worst nightmare, plumbing the depths of their deepest insecurities and fears — it showed them their grip on the reins of power was tenuous at best and illusory at worst.

When they saw those people in the Capitol building, not one Democrat thought to try and engage them. Too afraid, they turned tail and ran from the despised unwashed.

In all things, the left is motivated by hate. The Democratic Party is an organization of hate. Blinded by animosity for America and a visceral loathing for Americans, they saw COVID and the Floyd riots as strokes of luck in their battle to control “We the People.”

Conversely, they saw the Capitol Hill storming as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, a tragedy.

Even more ghastly, they also knew it was not just Trump supporters. Antifa infiltrators, such as the man with the backpack and black hat who bullied the officer and broke the window with the tool hidden in his hand just before Ashli Babbitt was shot, helped turn a mostly peaceful protest into a riot. Afraid of the people and no longer in control of their own paramilitary, they ran.

Yet when their fear dissipated, they realized the riot could be providential.

Here were the “right-wing” riots they had been yearning for these past decades, but which had always eluded them. They created a crisis they would not waste.

Democrats and their partners in media, Big Tech, and Big Finance purged Trump from the public square. Exercising their millenarian instincts to “change the world,” they intend to use emergency powers to declare war on more than half the country.

Yet, they always overreach. They stole an election but seem to have deluded themselves into believing they are winners. They think they can abolish America and we will do nothing. The reason they trumpet Capitol Hill, calling it an insurrection while threatening everyone involved with capital murder, is that they are frightened of the conservative movement.

They believe they run the country, but they are out of touch with anyone but their own base. It is the same with Trump; they want to ruin him because he scares the Schiff out of them, knowing if he runs in 2024, he is the favorite. To stymie his candidacy, they are impeaching Trump again.

And they are determined to make us pay as well. Anyone who disagrees with them on any policy must be destroyed. Anyone who supported Trump must be ostracized and not merely silenced, but also lose jobs and careers.

January 6th allowed Biden to label all doubt of his electoral conquest, “the big lie.” His solution, of course, is always the left’s solution, a thousand little lies. He says he wants “unity.” But Biden and his ilk define “unity” the same way Barry and his minions defined “bipartisanship.’ Both are offers of grace to political opponents who do as they are told. We have seen this movie before; it did not work for Obama and it will not work for chiliastic Joe.

Biden is a despicable human being, a pederast, corrupt as hell, not too bright, even before the onset of his aphasic dementia. He will show the world exactly who he is, and it is a good bet he will do so sooner rather than later. He must, because just as with the scorpion, it is his nature.

Cancel culture once belonged to the too woke. Now a tool of Left Inc. a motley agglomeration of Democrats, media, Big Tech, and Big Finance, they will wield that weapon with brutality — all while gaining power and amassing enormous wealth.

Democrats once hid who they were. Now, the mask has dropped. They want us to know who they are — they want us to be afraid. They are making lists and checking them twice. They want us to know they are coming for us. And none of our rights are sacrosanct.

Recently, a tall Boston girl (her description) in commenting on one of my Tweets informed me she had reported me to the FBI for the martial content of my articles. I gave her a “like.” She soon deleted her Tweet.

I had wondered why I was getting emails from alt-right sounding sources telling me I should “Fight Back Today.” “Your 2nd Amendment rights allow you to buy a machine gun… click here,” and telling me I could buy an illegal gun (poison gas, grenades, field mortars, and artillery) online, if I would just click on that button in the email. They were bare-bones emails — no heading or advertising. This smacks of “entrapment” to me, but you know the FBI?

I felt like George Papadopoulos or Carter Page, with the authorities trying to set me up but doing it in such a clumsy fashion, that no one would (or should) fall for it. Biden should appoint a man in an eyepatch stroking a cat as director.

They have completely deplatformed Trump, something I predicted previously. I lost over a thousand followers over a two-day span. It is the drip, drip, drip of the trip to nonexistence.

The reason the ayatollah still has his accounts is the Democrats and the ayatollah want the same thing: “Death to America.” And if they must, they will eliminate as many Americans as they need to in the process.

The left is isolated and incompetent. Most Americans do not want what they are selling. So, they will try to use the latest “emergency” to force their policies on the nation while silencing all who object.

To paraphrase Talleyrand, the Democrats, just as the Bourbons, “have forgotten nothing and learned nothing.”

For four years, Trump was able to Tweet, and 50,000 people would show up at an airport… in the rain… during a pandemic, while Biden could not get 10 people at one time in one place.

Trump and his followers are not going away.

Parler will be back — there is too much money involved for them not to be. (It has been reported that they have obtained access to independent servers.) And there are always bootleg coders to make apps that will work on iOS and Android.

The Democrats are playing with fire. It is as if they want “insurrection.” They are foolish. They should look at the electoral map by county. They may control the cities, but the vast landmass that is America is controlled by the people whose rights they seek to abrogate — and there are many more Americans than Democrats.


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Cuomo calls to open up the economy now.

Cuomo calls to open up the economy now. What has changed?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for New York’s economy to reopen following months of strict lockdowns and amid an alarming surge in the number of new COVID-19 cases.

After enforcing stringent lockdowns and coronavirus orders that crippled businesses in New York for months last year, the three-term governor seems to be singing a different tune. Cuomo’s enlightened call to reopen the state just days before fellow Democrat Joe Biden is sworn in as president earned him plenty of criticism on social media.

“We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely,” Cuomo tweeted Monday.

President Trump and other Republicans had spent months calling for the economy to reopen and Cuomo’s lightbulb moment was mocked by Donald Trump Jr. who tweeted, “Brilliant strategist… it’s incredible that no one thought of this months ago!”

In his State of the State address on Monday, Cuomo addressed New York’s $15 billion deficit as he spoke on the need to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“First, we must defeat COVID and beat back the assault as the virus rages in these next few months. It will not be easy. High-performing hospital systems, as well as the diligence of New Yorkers, are the keys to stop the spread,” he said.

“Second, the vaccine will end the COVID crisis. We must vaccinate 70% to 90%, and we must do it safely and fairly. We must also learn the glaring and costly lessons of America’s failed public health system, so we are better prepared for the next time … Third, we must deal with the short-term economic crisis. A record $15 billion state deficit,” Cuomo continued.

Small business owners in New York have been battling the governor’s draconian orders for months, at times flouting restrictions and risking massive fines and even arrests. The co-owner of Mac’s Public House on Staten Island made headlines last month when he was arrested for allegedly refusing to stay shut down. The struggling business and its employees were slapped with thousands of dollars in fines.

Despite the repeated threats to New Yorkers about following the state’s orders, Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio seemed to have trouble adhering themselves. The mayor sparked a heated backlash on New Year’s Eve when he was seen dancing with his wife in a nearly-empty Times Square after he had warned residents to stay home and away from the area.

Several restaurants and bars in upstate New York sued Cuomo over the endless COVID-19 bans and restrictions and the Democrat spent days leading up to the 2020-holiday season warning against travel and even visiting family and friends.

“New York faces increasing COVID cases throughout the state, and we have a long way to go before getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. But we know what causes the spread—social interactions and holiday gatherings are contributors—and we know how to slow it down,” Cuomo said on Monday as the state announced 170 COVID-19-related deaths in one day.

Amid the dire numbers and somber updates, Cuomo’s call to reopen the economy seemed a strange contradiction. Many Twitter users had some theories – and lots of criticism – after his tweet.


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